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Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform? Everything You Must Know

Is Gang Beasts cross platform? one might have imagined desperately. Not too long ago. Although the absurd beat them up game from Boneloaf developers is not new, it is possible that you need to be made aware of its existence. Gang Beasts, which debuted in 2014, is, at its core, silly multiplayer entertainment. It could be the pastime that you were not initially seeking. Is multiplayer access to Gang Beasts across multiple platforms possible with friends? Let’s investigate.

What Is Gang Beasts?

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform

Upon initial examination, the game may seem challenging to be ranked among the most discussed online multiplayer games globally. The title almost entirely omits recognizable components such as expansive sandbox environments, intricate skill trees, convoluted plots, and reward crates (painful!). Therefore, why is Gang Beasts currently so popular?

The key may be found in its apparent simplicity: vibrant, translucent characters beating each other up in close-quarters combat to eliminate one another from the numerous dangerous environments. Situated within the fictitious city of Beef City, the game is predicated on players engaging in ludicrous combat sequences devoid of superfluous backstories, competition with one another, or even within the same team. Developer Boneloaf intended for Gang Beasts to be a lighthearted multiplayer experience in which players could partially customize their characters and spend hours fighting their friends.

What Are Beat ‘Em Up Party Games?

What is the essence of the beat them up celebration genre? A party of two or more players is typically required to prevail in melee combat, where the focus is on beating up your opponents. Typically, the objectives are to eliminate other players from the map by either beating them while incapacitated or ejecting them while also completing secondary objectives. Consider previous Capcom titles, including Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, and Final Fight. All were phenomenal beat ’em-up games that dominated 1990s arcades. This is elevated in Gang Beasts by its gameplay, which provides the player with campy, fundamental fun and an extensive selection of supported controllers.

What Are The Cross Platform Advantages?

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform

The term “cross platform” or “cross platform play” pertains to the functionality that enables a game to be played on various platforms, including but not limited to PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. Users of games with cross platform functionality can connect with others engaged in gameplay on different platforms. For instance, cross play functionality enables PC players to compete with friends using an Xbox One or a PS4.

Even so, cross platform functionality remains uncommon in the gaming industry. Only a few significant publishers provide cross play functionality for their signature games. Some examples of cross platform games include Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Rocket League. Since players are also exposed to the communities on other platforms, cross platforms provide players with a large population of players to compete with. In addition, it eliminates the need for your friends to purchase an additional device to participate in enjoyable activities with you.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform?

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform

At this time, Gang Beasts is compatible with the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Apple Mac OS, and Linux. Additionally, it is in Early Access on the Oculus Rift at this time. However, the cross platform functionality of the game has yet to be completely implemented. Recent developments indicate that in the coming months, efforts are being made to make the game cross play compatible, as announced by the developers. Nonetheless, this does not imply that cross play will be possible across all platforms. In particular, about Microsoft and Sony, bringing this functionality to games today requires a lot of business acrobatics on the part of the publishers. However, fans anticipating playing the game with friends on an alternative platform may soon hear positive news.

PC/Xbox One

When it was announced in June 2021 that Gang Beasts would feature cross play functionality between the Xbox Store and the Microsoft Store beginning on July 1, 2021, the game eventually displayed its first evidence of improvement about cross play. Notably, this feature was exclusive to the Microsoft Store edition of the game, not the Steam version. Therefore, the Microsoft Store is your only option for PC players to cross play with their Xbox friends.

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Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One

Previously, the game did not support cross compatibility between Xbox One and the Series X/S. However, that all changed with the announcement in June 2021. Players on Xbox devices from both generations can now collaborate while playing Gang Beasts. Since both consoles are operating the same version of the game on the same platform, it seems self-evident that cross play should be supported. However, such is the state of affairs today that even activating this functionality took some time.

PS4/Xbox One

Unfortunately, cross play between these two devices is not currently possible. For games like Gang Beasts, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation are among the most suitable systems, enabling controller support and comfortable sofa gaming. However, PlayStation and Xbox users currently have to make do with gameplay within their respective communities. Over time, publishers that provide cross play functionality between devices from various manufacturers may introduce favorable developments.


Additionally, neither the PC nor PS4 versions of the game are cross play compatible at this time. Providing cross platform support for consoles and personal computers is challenging for publishers and developers, not just because of the systems’ distinct architectures. PS frequently requires game developers and publishers to pay a substantial charge to enable cross play on their platforms. This additional expense may be prohibitive for an independent studio such as Boneloaf. As a result, cross platform play between PC and PS4 has yet to occur.


No distinct PlayStation 5 version of the game exists. The PS4 version can be played on the Sony next-generation console without any complications. In contrast, players on the PS4 cannot engage in cross platform gameplay with those on the PS5. When even consoles on the same platform don’t provide cross play functionality, it’s aggravating for the player base. Consequently, the player base shrinks, forcing some fans to stop playing the game.

Will Gang Beasts Ever Be Cross Platform On All Devices?

No official announcement regarding Gang Beasts’ universal cross functionality has been made today. There is little hope for any change soon due to the inherent differences in the architectures of the various platforms and the financial barriers that prohibit the option of cross play. Introducing ubiquitous cross play might not significantly benefit a game like Gang Beasts. Players can continue to enjoy the lighthearted multiplayer game on the same platform.

How Is Cross Platform Different From Multi-Platform?

Frequent confusion frequently arises regarding these two concepts. A cross platform game can be played on multiple devices; a multiplatform game is accessible across multiple platforms. Whether or not they’re cross play compatible, most games available today have PC and console editions.

There are, however, notable exceptions to this rule, namely console-exclusive games available exclusively on the PlayStation or Xbox platform. Uncharted series, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and The Last of Us are console-defining exclusives for the PlayStation platform. As an alternative, Xbox features various titles, including those in the Forza Motorsport and Halo series, Forza Horizon, and Forza Motorsport. It is noteworthy to mention that PC players also have access to the Xbox titles. Additionally, PlayStation titles such as Death Stranding, God of War, and Horizon: Zero Dawn have begun to make their way to PC players.

Wrapping Up: Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform

Gang Beasts is priced at approximately $9 at local and online retailers. Because the developers had no restrictions on publishing monetized or unmonetized gameplay content based on the game, the game quickly gained popularity among Twitch fans. The game has a bright future due to its distinctive combination of innovative combat gameplay and boundless potential for humorous situations.

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