‘International Shipment Release – Import’ What Does It Mean?

If you are using FedEx delivery services to send a package to another countries, you will be given a tracking number. You may use that code to track your package’s movement until it reaches at its destination.

If you’ve ever shipped an overseas item by FedEx and attempted to monitor it using the tracking ID, you’ve probably heard the words “International shipment release-import” or “Int’l shipment release import.” It’s possible you’re wondering what it means.

The meaning of “International shipment release import” refers to the fact that the package has been cleared by customs and the imported goods have been released into the domestic market for further delivery progress.

international shipment release fedex

When a shipment is transported by either sea or air, customs clearance is required. When all of the proper papers and payments are completed, a shipment can clear customs. When your package clears customs, it is freed and returned to FedEx. FedEx will then be in charge of delivering it to its final destination.

When you monitor your delivery, you will see more words in addition to International shipping release import.

international shipment release import

International Shipment Release – Export signifies that the cargo has been sent from the sender’s country for international delivery. FedEx monitoring does not show this status since most nations do not apply rigorous requirements on exported products.

Import status is the same as the International Shipment Release that you generally see in the FedEx tracking status. Furthermore, “in transit” indicates that the shipment is nearing the end of the delivery procedure and will be delivered shortly.

What Is the Process of FedEx International Shipping?

FedEx international shipments work in the same manner as any other courier service provider.

  • The first step is to receive the package from the sender.
  • The cargo is then delivered to the destination country for customs clearance.
  • Once it has passed through customs, it is given to FedEx of the receiving country to be delivered to the destination address.
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FedEx will send you email updates on the status of your shipment from time to time.

Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take FedEx International Shipment Release- Import to complete?

Customs normally takes 3-5 business days to release your merchandise once it reaches in the nation where you want it delivered.


You now understand why you see ‘International shipment release – import’ on your FedEx tracking status. We have already stated that there is no reason for you to be concerned about this. It simply signifies that your shipment has passed through customs and is on its way to you.

Just be patient, and the status will change as soon as your item arrives at the FedEx sorting center and is no longer in the hands of customs officers.

Do you have any further questions or concerns concerning this topic? Please leave a note below for us; we would be happy to assist.

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