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How To Install Google Chrome On Ubuntu? Easy Guide

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser on the globe. It is intuitive, secure, and loaded with features to provide the best browsing experience possible. The Firefox web browser is pre-installed on Ubuntu. Firefox has been significantly enhanced recently and is now the superior option, particularly regarding privacy. Nevertheless, should you strongly prefer Google Chrome, I reserve the right not to compel you to switch to Firefox. Google Chrome is not open source, so it will not be available for installation from the Ubuntu Software Center. It will likely recommend installing Chromium, the open-source framework from which Chrome originates. Although chrome-like, Chromium remains distinct from the official Google Chrome. How, then, can you install Google Chrome on Ubuntu? Simply put, it can be obtained by downloading it from their website. That is possible to accomplish in two methods.

  • Install Google Chrome graphically.
  • Install Google Chrome in the command line.

Install Google Chrome On Ubuntu Graphically

I completely comprehend why this may overwhelm someone unfamiliar with Ubuntu and Linux. This is why I will provide detailed screenshots for each step listed here. It is important to note that Google Chrome is incompatible with 32-bit operating systems. You must ensure that the operating system you are using is 64 bits.

  • You must have a functional Internet connection.
  • Navigate to the Google Chrome website at this time.
  • There, you will locate a download link. Select the download link.

Install Chrome On Ubuntu

  • Select Install Chrome
  • When the download icon is clicked, two options for downloading files appear. You must download the .deb file that is compatible with Ubuntu.

Install Chrome On Ubuntu

  • Acquire the DEB file.
  • You should select to save the file to your computer on the following screen rather than accessing it in the software center to initiate the installation process.
  • Failure to do so may result in complications arising from the software center, necessitating a subsequent deb file download. It is preferable to save and download the file directly.

Install Chrome On Ubuntu

  • The DEB file should be saved to your computer.
  • The Downloads folder should contain the downloaded deb file. Putting together deb files is a breeze. Perform a double-click on the deb file within this folder. These deb files are comparable to the executable files found in Windows.

Install Chrome On Ubuntu

  • Double-click the DEB file that was downloaded.
  • You should now see an option for installing Google Chrome open in Ubuntu’s software center. Select “Install” from the menu.

Install Chrome On Ubuntu

  • Select the Install link.

Troubleshoot: Right-click the deb file in Ubuntu 20.04 and select “Open with Software Center.”

Install Chrome On Ubuntu

  • To open and select a deb file with Software Install, right-click on it.
  • Before the installation can start, it will ask for your password. It would be best if you input the password for your account. Completing the Google Chrome installation should require at most minutes. You should now see a remove option, indicating that the software has been successfully installed.

  • Completed Google Chrome installation
  • After Chrome has been installed on Ubuntu, it will be searchable via the menu. To start typing Chrome, press the Windows key.

  • Chrome can be located via the menu.
  • To start using Google Chrome, click this Chrome icon.
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  • Use Google Chrome with Ubuntu

Install Google Chrome In Ubuntu Terminal

The procedure you observed in method 1 is also a terminal executable. You can install Google Chrome using the terminal if you favor the command line over the GUI method. Although it is more difficult than using apt-get install chrome, it is not overly difficult.

  • Grab the DEB file using the wget command to install Google Chrome from the terminal.
  • You can now install Chrome from the downloaded DEB file using dpkg.
sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

Such is it. You can now launch Google Chrome from the menu.

Using Google Chrome On Ubuntu Tips

Having successfully installed Google Chrome on Ubuntu 18.04 or a later version, there are several recommendations that you should be aware of.

Sync Chrome With Google Account

Almost certainly, you are already aware of this. You will be able to synchronize your bookmarks, history, browser plugins, and extensions from other devices that use Google Chrome with the same Google account if you sign in to Chrome with your Google account (Gmail account).

Add Chrome To Favorites

Add Google Chrome to your favorites in the default GNOME version of Ubuntu 18.04 if you use it frequently, so you can access it rapidly from the launcher on the left.

To make it easier to access, add Google Chrome to your favorites.

Update Google Chrome Browser

One advantageous feature of Google Chrome is adding a repository to your sources.list directory.

In other words, Google Chrome will be updated concurrently with the Ubuntu-supplied system updates via the Software Updater. I assume you are familiar with how to maintain your Ubuntu system updated.

Google Chrome is updated in Ubuntu alongside other system updates.

Google Chrome Crash

Should you encounter an error that reads…

“The application Google Chrome has closed unexpectedly”

Avoid panicking. It is safe to use your system. Safe and fully functional, your Chrome browser is. A possible cause for the crash: a transient malfunction that caused an extension or browser tab to malfunction. However, it is not fatal. You can select “Ignore future problems of this program version” if you continue receiving the pop-up when you launch Google Chrome in Ubuntu.

You have the option of whether or not to submit the mishap report. It will be fine if you submit it.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

You are going to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu with ease. Although not listed in the software center, downloading and installing it is identical to how to do so on macOS and Windows. If you prefer, you can also uninstall Google Chrome from Ubuntu; however, you must use the terminal. This tutorial should have helped you to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu and Linux Mint. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding how to Install Chrome On Ubuntu, feel free to post them in the section below.

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