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How to Fix the Instagram Music Not Working 2022

Unfortunately, some users find the Instagram Music Not Working or not available. So how to fix this issue? Here are the solutions.

Initially, the Instagram music sticker was only accessible in several regions. Finally, it was entirely released in 2021 for users worldwide. Nonetheless, some users noticed that Instagram Music Not Working on their smartphones. Imagine going on vacation and uploading all the beautiful aspects of nature without adding music to enhance its intensity.

The article answers concerns such as why can not I add music to Instagram story, Instagram music search not working, or Instagram story music not working on my Android & iOS devices. Then, use the following techniques and tricks to rapidly detect and rectify the mistake.


How Can I Add Music to Instagram Story?

Below are the procedures required to add your favorite music to your Instagram stories.

  • Tap the profile picture icon in the upper-left area of your Instagram feed after opening your account.
  • Add the video or image that needs to be uploaded to your article.
  • Swipe up the screen and tap the ‘Music’ sticker.

  • Enter and modify the music you wish to add to your tale. To complete, click the done button in the upper-right corner.

Now you know how to add music easily. If you continue to experience issues such as Instagram music search not working or Instagram music not working, proceed to the next section of this article to resolve these issues.

How to Fix Instagram Music Not working?

You may be experiencing troubles with Instagram’s music search or your device’s inability to play music. The following solutions can assist you in resolving the error and adding music to your Instagram stories.

FIX 1: Update Instagram App on your Device

It is essential to maintain your apps up-to-date to take advantage of the latest features, bug fixes, and enhancements. Search the Google Play Store or iOS App Store for the Instagram app. Use the App’s Update option to check for pending updates and install them, if any are available.

With their mobile data connections, some customers are unable to get updates. For a better experience, connect to a Wi-Fi network and attempt to upgrade the app to the most recent version.

Once your Instagram app has been updated, check to see if the Instagram music not working 2022 issue has been resolved. If you cannot add music to your Instagram story, try the following workaround.

FIX 2: Logout and Login Again

If the ‘Instagram story music not functioning’ error occurs, log out of your account and back in using your account’s credentials. Follow the instructions below to log out and log back in.

  • Tap the three horizontal lines at your Instagram profile’s upper right.
  • Open the settings menu then go to the Logout option at the end of the action list.

Check to see whether the Instagram music not working reddit issue has been resolved, and you can now add music to your stories. If the problem with Instagram music persists, proceed to the next solution.

FIX 3: Reinstall your Instagram App

Sometimes the problem is transitory and can be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Follow the easy instructions below to remove the current version of your Instagram app and reinstall it.

  • Search for the Instagram app on Apple App Store or Play Store on your Android device.
  • Tap on the Uninstall option to remove the app from your device.
  • Wait until the Uninstall completes and tap on the Install option to reinstall the app.

Log in to your account & check if the Instagram music not working issue is fixed. Try the following fix if the music issue remains.

FIX 4: Change your Account Type to Personal

Are you using the Instagram Business account? The user account type may cause the music issue. You must switch to the personal account format to use the music feature on your Instagram story. You can alter it easily by following the instructions below.

  • Open your Instagram account’s settings.
  • Click on Accounts and locate the “Switch to Personal Account” option beneath it.

  • Click the option to switch your Instagram profile from a business to a personal account.

By moving to a personal account, many users could resolve the issue with Instagram music not working. First, check if the same solution works for your account; proceed to the next option.

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FIX 5: Update Account type to Creator

Instagram Creator Accounts provide additional features. Adopting these accounts has allowed users to preserve the music functionality of their tales. Here’s how to convert your account to a creator account:

  • First, open your Instagram profile’s settings.
  • Expand the account option and select the “Switch to creator account” option.

Check if your device’s Instagram music search issue has been resolved after completing the account switch. If the previous workaround failed to fix the music issue on your account, try the next one.

FIX 6: Fix ‘Currently Unavailable’ Song Error

The song is presently unavailable owing to any of the two possible causes. First, if the artist has withdrawn the song from Instagram music; second, if the song is unavailable in your area, the issue can be resolved by simply putting the song in the image or video’s background. Next, use any third-party app or website to convert audio files to the MP4 format. Then, download and share these MP4 files on your Instagram story.

FIX 7: Use a VPN Tool

If you continue to experience troubles with Instagram Music not working, you can use VPN software. For example, certain Instagram Music content may be restricted to a specific country. In this situation, it’s prudent to use VPN software. It will enable you to connect to international servers and use Instagram Music files of your choosing. You may accomplish this with the assistance of the best VPN for Android available on the internet.

FIX 8: Contact Instagram Support

If none of those solutions helped you fix the Instagram music not working issue on your account, contact the Instagram support team for assistance. First, navigate to the Help option in your Instagram profile by clicking Settings. Next, tap the Report Problem button and follow the instructions to finish the procedure.

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Moreover, an alternate option is to drop an email to [email protected] describing the Instagram music not working error for your account.

The Instagram music not working issue was eventually resolved for some users. However, server troubles or an Instagram bug may have caused the problem. So, be patient while the problem is being resolved.

FAQs: Instagram Music Not Working

For any questions regarding the Instagram Music not working error, please consult the frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Why Is My Instagram Music Not Working?

The outdated app is the most typical cause of Instagram Music, not working errors. Other causes include incorrect account login, flawed app files, unsuitable account settings, etc. All of the remedies to these errors are listed above.

How do I fix the music thing on Instagram?

You must update the app, log out & log in to the app again, reinstall the app, or take the aid of other options listed above.

Why is Instagram music not available to certain accounts in 2022?

There are just two reasons some accounts do not have access to Instagram music: either the option isn’t enabled in your country, or the song is unavailable in your country.

Why is Instagram music not working in my region?

As previously stated, Instagram Music may not working in your region since either the Music option or the song is unavailable in your country.

Why can I not add music to my Instagram stories?

You may be unable to add music to your Instagram stories owing to problems such as an out-of-date app, a failed login, or misconfigured app files. You will find answers to these issues in the sections listed above.

How to fix Instagram story music feature not available issue?

To resolve the issue where the Instagram story music feature is unavailable, you must first update the app, log out & log back in, reinstall the program, use a VPN service, or use one of the other solutions given and detailed above.

Conclusion: Instagram Music Not Working FIXED

We hope the preceding post helps you find the answer to your question. Use the modifications above to post attractive and musical Instagram stories. Please leave your helpful information below if you found the information useful or require further assistance.

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