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Input Signal Out Of Range Error On Windows 11? How To Fix

Did you encounter the “Input Signal Out Of Range” error when connecting your Windows PC to an external display? When you connect a high refresh rate monitor to a low graphics refresh rate device, this error typically appears owing to compatibility issues. This error is brought on by Windows’ inadequate support for high-resolution display resolution.

Hence, the display refresh rate is the number of times per second that a display changes the image it is showing. Higher values indicate a quicker refresh rate. A greater refresh rate can achieve a smoother display and less motion blur. Nevertheless, if the display resolution of your device does not match the external display resolution, you may encounter an error during playing.

You may immediately fix this issue by changing the display resolution on your Windows computer. This article provides several options for fixing the “Input Signal Out Of Range” error on Windows 11.

How To Easily Fix Input Signal Out Of Range Error On Windows 11?

Let’s get started.

Reboot Devices

Before beginning difficult troubleshooting, consider rebooting your Windows computer and the external monitor to reset the connection issues. You can resolve transient errors and glitches by rebooting the devices.

Change Display Resolution Settings

The “Input Signal Out Of Range” error can be fixed in several ways. First, the error can be eliminated by adjusting the display resolution settings to a standard format.

1 – Switch to the “System” tab in the left menu pane of the Settings app. Tap “Display.”

Input Signal Out Of Range

2 – Under the Size and Layout section, tap the “Display Resolution” drop-down and select “Recommended” resolution.

Check whether the issue has been repaired after changing the display resolution. Reconnect the external monitor.

Lower Refresh Rate

Streaming on a high refresh rate display device can give a smoother viewing experience. Hence, streaming games or video content on a device with a high refresh rate will load more frames per second for a flawless viewing experience. But, if you cannot resolve the “Input Signal Out Of Range” error, lowering the refresh rate of your device might assist. So, follow these simple instructions to change your Windows computer’s refresh rate.

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1 – Select “Settings” by tapping the Windows symbol in the Taskbar. Next, select the “System” tab from the menu on the left. Tap “Display.”

2 – Scroll down and tap “Advanced Display.”

Input Signal Out Of Range

3 – Select the external monitor by tapping the “Select a display to view or change its settings” option.

4 – Tap the “Display Adapter Properties for Display1” option under the “Display Information” section.

5 – The Properties window will now display on the screen. Select the “Monitor” tab. From the drop-down selection, select “60 Hertz.”

6 – To save the changes, click the OK and Apply buttons.

7 – You may tap the “Choose a refresh rate” option in the Settings area. For example, to select “60 Hz,” use the drop-down option.

After changing the monitor refresh rate on your Windows PC, reconnect the external monitor and check if the issue still exists.

Update Graphics Driver

Also, an out-of-date graphics card might cause video playing interruptions and errors. Thus, ensure that the most recent drivers are loaded on your device.

1 – Press the Windows + R key combination to launch the Run dialogue box. For example, enter “Devmgmt.msc” and press Enter.

2 – Select “Display Adapters” from the Device Manager window. Right-click on the graphic driver and choose the “Update Driver” option from the context menu. To update the display driver, follow the on-screen instructions.

Reboot your device and check to see whether the issue has been addressed.

The Bottom Line:

Try changing the resolution or refresh rate to a setting that your monitor supports to resolve the issue. Also, consider upgrading the monitor’s driver or connecting the monitor to a new computer to see if the issue remains.

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