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How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos? 6 Ways

There are six methods to find and watch the deleted YouTube videos online without the corresponding link. You can now directly explain how to watch YouTube videos that are currently unavailable. YouTube receives more than 300 hours of video uploads per minute. Nearly 5 billion videos are watched every day on the social video-sharing behemoth, which aids in keeping libraries well-stocked. As a result, an extensive quantity of videos are removed from the platform due to a multitude of factors. At times, the responsibility for removal lies with the uploader, while at others, YouTube enforces compliance in accordance with its content policies. It is inconsolable to lose your beloved videos, regardless of the cause.

Can I Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

It is possible to watch deleted YouTube videos. Although there is no official method on YouTube to watch deleted videos, there are a few workarounds that allow you to watch removed videos without the URLs. Prior to proceeding, it is imperative that we delve into the technical aspects that underlie the feasibility.It is common knowledge that once something is published on the Internet, it remains there in perpetuity. Nothing ever truly departs. Multiple copies of content exist in various locations across the Internet.

Some are straightforward instances of plagiarism, whereas others concern the archiving of the Internet. Thousands of BOT crawlers, whose primary objective is to index and archive the entire Internet for various reasons, support the latter. Given the knowledge that we can watch deleted YouTube videos online, the task at hand is to devise a method for doing so. In the subsequent section, we provide a comprehensive list of methods that you can use to watch deleted YouTube videos.

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos? 6 Ways

Using Wayback Machine –

Using the Wayback Machine to watch deleted YouTube videos would be among the simplest methods. It is a digital archive of the Internet that is constantly expanding and contains more than 500 billion documents. However, the video URL is required prior to using the Wayback Machine.

Find The URL Or Link Of The Deleted YouTube Video

The link to the deleted video can be found in your YouTube viewing history or browsing history, your list of preferred videos, or any compilations you have created or subscribed to on YouTube. You’ll be taken to a video that won’t play after tapping the deleted video listing, but you’ll find the link there.

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

Paste URL And Search

Now, paste the URL into the search bar on the Wayback machine. The years and dates that the page was crawled will be presented.

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

Watch Deleted YouTube Video Now

By clicking any of them, an archived page can be accessed. The video-containing YouTube page will almost certainly load and may even begin to play.

How To Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

There are several considerations that warrant attention.

  • TThe video may not be archived; therefore, it will not play.
  • The Wayback machine may not have yet crawled the URL or link.
  • It is not yet sufficiently prevalent for the page to be crawled.

Google, a comprehensive search engine that indexes a sizable amount of internet content, offers an alternative method for finding deleted YouTube videos. Despite the inaccessibility of the videos from the Wayback Machine archives, Google search operators provide a means to refine the query and identify pertinent data pertaining to the deleted videos. By using these video operators, you can improve your search queries and increase the chances of discovering traces or references to the deleted YouTube videos on various web sites and platforms indexed by Google. The search results will exhibit associated keywords across various websites. You may stumble upon the video that has been uploaded to other platforms by chance. It should be noted that the efficacy of Google search operators is contingent upon the presence of any concurrent mentions of the video’s URL or associated information.

Using YouTube Video Finder (Online Tool)

Previously, we discussed the “YouTube Video Finder” Chrome extension, which enabled users to watch deleted YouTube videos. At this time, however, it is inaccessible. Fortunately, an alternative online app, YouTube Video Finder, provides a comparable level of functionality. By using this app as a practical shortcut, users are able to directly search for a deleted video in the Wayback Machine and prominent search engines by inputting its URL. Using the YouTube Video Finder online app is as follows:

  • Perform a URL copy of the deleted video.
  • To find the deleted video, go to the YouTube Video Finder online, paste the URL of the copied video, and then click “Search.”

  • The web-based app will subsequently provide you with a shortcut that guides you directly to the Wayback Machine and facilitates a rapid search for the video via search engines such as Google.
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Other Great Methods To Find Deleted YouTube Videos

There are three additional methods besides WayBack Machine, Google Search, and YouTube Finder that can be used to watch deleted YouTube videos.

Use Internet Archive Websites – and WayBack Machine are two additional internet archive websites that can be used. These platforms crawl and store web content, including YouTube videos, on a regular basis. There is a likelihood that the deleted video in question could be archived on one of these websites.

Explore Other Video Platforms – Occasionally, video producers may choose to re-upload their deleted videos to platforms apart from YouTube. Explore additional video hosting platforms, such as Vimeo and Dailymotion. Conduct a search for pertinent video information on these platforms in an attempt to locate any remaining copies of the deleted video.

Contact the Uploader or Engage with Users – Try getting in touch with the uploader of the video or other users who may have interacted with it directly. Request clarification on the video link or inquire whether alternative methods exist to access the deleted video.

It should be noted that the retrieval of deleted video URLs through these methods cannot be guaranteed, as the videos might have been lost or irreversibly removed. You can increase your chances of discovering deleted video content by attempting these additional methods, though.


You will need to find the link to their original YouTube video if you want to watch deleted YouTube videos. In order to help you find the link, we’ve listed some potential methods below. Take note that it is not always possible to find the link to a deleted YouTube video. Nonetheless, by using these methods, you increase your chances of accessing and watching those deleted YouTube videos (without the link).

Check Browsing History and Liked Videos – Examine your browser’s history and your YouTube account’s Favorite Videos section to get started. There is a possibility that the link is still accessible in your browsing history or liked videos list if you recently watched or liked the video before it was deleted.

use Search Engines – To locate the video, use search engines such as Google or Bing, inputting pertinent keywords or specific details that you may recall. One potential approach is to use distinctive details such as the video’s title, content-related keywords, or other distinctive information to refine the search results and potentially locate the video’s hyperlink.

Explore Social Media Platforms – Conduct a search on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, using the video’s title or relevant keywords. On these platforms, users frequently debate or share videos; therefore, it is possible to find the deleted video or supplementary details, such as the link.

About YouTube Video Finder Chrome Extension

Previously, the Chrome extension known as “YouTube Video Finder” operated by extracting the URL of a deleted YouTube video. By right-clicking on the deleted video and selecting “Find Video” from the context menu of the extension, users could locate the file.

If the archived version of the video is discovered in the Wayback Machine, the extension will open a new tab containing it. Furthermore, a Google search would be initiated in a separate tab using the video’s URL in order to identify additional potential sources or references to the deleted video.

Note: The Chrome extension known as “YouTube Video Finder” is presently unavailable.

Stop YouTube Video From Accidental Deletion

There are several measures you can take to safeguard YouTube videos from accidental deletion. To begin, select the most suitable privacy settings for your videos, which may include unlisted, public, or private, depending on your specific requirements. Additionally, employ YouTube’s Backup and Restore functionality to generate secure backups of the videos and data comprising your channel. Additionally, exercise caution when accessing accounts by enabling two-factor authentication and employing robust passwords. Before making any modifications to videos, ensure that they have been thoroughly reviewed. Additionally, keep local backups of your videos on external storage devices. In conclusion, reduce the likelihood of accidental deletion by educating and training your team on responsible procedures.

Final Thoughts:

Watching deleted YouTube videos has been less successful. Whether it has been crawled, cached, or re-uploaded is wholly dependent on recovery and watching. To prevent the loss of the videos, it is advisable to extract and preserve them. Transferring it to the cloud also has no negative impact.

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