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How To Stop Flash Messages In Android? Best Ways

Traditional text messages have decreased to almost nothing as everyone has switched to instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. People have stopped using traditional SMS, aside from OTPs and transactional messages. Advertisers began sending intrusive flash messages to promote offers because people needed to monitor their SMS inboxes. Undoubtedly irritating, flash SMS blocks the entire screen with a pop-up that requires the user to interact with it to dismiss it. A straightforward solution is available to stop flash messages on any Android device permanently. Enabled by default, most flash messages will originate from your network service provider.

Since the option to disable flash messages is located deep within the settings, only some people know it. Flash messages appear as a pop-up in the middle of the screen with the option to approve or decline them, as opposed to standard notifications that appear at the top and disappear automatically. Those are typically service activation messages, and inadvertently approving them will undoubtedly result in a debit from your network balance. You must disable flash messages on your Android device to eliminate intrusive pop-ups and unintentional service activations. Despite the ease of the process, each network provider will assign a unique name to the service. You need not be concerned, as I will provide a synopsis of the service identifiers associated with all well-known networks that you must deactivate to stop receiving flash messages on your Android phone.

How To Stop Flash Messages In Android? Best Ways

Use the general solution to stop flash SMS on any Android phone. I used a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro with a Vodafone SIM card as part of the tutorial. The instructions for deactivating flash messages will be nearly identical for other network providers like Airtel, Idea, BSNL, etc. The names of the services you must deactivate will be the only difference.

  • Go to the app drawer after unlocking your phone.
  • Launch the SIM toolkit app.
  • Select the flash SMS service.
  • Navigate to Activation.
  • Choose the Deactivate option.
  • To affirm, click OK.

How To Stop Flash Messages In Android

You will receive a promotional flash message from your network provider again if you reactivate or reset your mobile device after deactivating or stopping the service. Minor variations in the wording of the steps mentioned above may be apparent to non-Vodafone customers. For example, the order is Stop/Start rather than Deactivate/Activate on a few networks. The precise service names and corresponding steps for each service provider are provided below to alleviate confusion.

Bharti Airtel

Tap the SIM toolkit app and select the Airtel Now! service to disable flash messages on the Android network. To completely deactivate flash SMS, click Start / Stop and select Stop. You might also receive a text message confirming that the service has been deactivated. Additionally, you can request the deactivation of the service by sending the text message STOP ANOW to 58234.

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Select the SIM toolkit app, pick FLASH!, and then select the Activation option to stop flash SMS on Android with the Vodafone network. To affirm your selection, click Deactivate and then select OK.


The Idea network offers two options to deactivate flash messages, similar to Airtel. On your Android device, open the Idea Power app and tap the Idea Flash service. Deactivate the service by selecting the Activation option and then tapping Deactivate. Dialing *121*46# from the default phone dialer is the alternative method.


To access the BSNL Buzz service, Android users must first open the BSNL Mobile app on their phone. To disable flash SMS on the BSNL mobile, tap Activation, Deactivate, and OK.

Reliance Jio

In the Reliance Jio case, the process is intricate. However, you won’t find a SIM utility app to disable any network services on an Android phone with Jio SIMs. To disable fullscreen pop-up overlay advertisements on Jio, it is advisable to communicate with customer support via the mobile number provided at @JioCare. These advertisements can be disabled for your phone number at the server level. To make sure that none of the Jio apps are to blame for the flash messages, you can also try uninstalling Jio Movies, Jio 4G Voice, MyJio, Jio Music, and all other Jio apps individually.

How To Stop Flash Messages In Android

What About Class 0 Messages?

How To Stop Flash Messages In Android

Even after disabling flash messages, sporadic occurrences of such messages indicate that they are class 0 in nature. The worst aspect of class 0 messages is that they must continue. Traceability of the sender of Class 0 messages is challenging, and blocking them is not feasible. Contact customer support immediately if you are receiving class 0 messages frequently; they may be able to block the traffic at the server end.

Final Thoughts:

Well, you can disable or stop flash messages on your Android mobile device in this manner. The service names of numerous network providers have been comprehensively addressed. In the case of dual SIM mobiles, you must open the SIM toolkit app first, and the remaining steps remain the same. After reading this article, you should be able to stop flash messages on Android devices effortlessly.

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