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How to Sign Up For Spam Calls and Texts [Quick Guide]

So, you want to play a prank on someone and learn how to spam their phone number? If you’re feeling wicked, sending spam calls or SMS is a great method to irritate someone.

Few things are more irritating than receiving Spam phone calls. When someone answers the phone, nobody wants to hear an automated voice, so if you are plotting a malevolent hoax or exacting vengeance, this is the ideal strategy.

It is worth noting that it is possible to enlist an individual to receive unsolicited phone calls from telemarketing firms, which may induce them to contemplate removing their hair. This article describes the procedure for enrolling an individual in receiving Spam phone calls and texts.


We wish to clarify before we begin that the information in this article is intended solely for educational purposes. The practical implementation of these techniques is not advised. We are not liable for any and all repercussions that may result from your use of them; we cannot be held accountable.

Having resolved that, let us proceed directly to the point of providing telemarketers with someone’s phone number and enrolling them for Spam calls and Texts messages.

How Do Telemarketers Gain Access to Phone Numbers?

Have you ever questioned the source of unsolicited phone calls? This is due to the fact that when we overshare on the internet, we inadvertently and unknowingly provide our phone numbers to telemarketing companies. This includes sharing our numbers on public profiles such as Facebook, open access websites, and forums.

Additionally, telemarketers may obtain your phone number from charitable organizations and credit bureaus that sell it to them. You may inadvertently grant permission for the sharing of your contact information if you approve the terms and conditions of a website without reading the fine print.

There are instances in which circumstances may be outside your sphere of influence, such as large corporations or organizations selling your contact information and personal data to third parties. However, there are a few things that can be done to deliberately lead telemarketers to an individual’s contact information; these are detailed in the following section.

How To Sign Someone Up For Spam Calls?

There are numerous methods for providing telemarketing companies with an individual’s phone number, which requires barely any exertion. This section elaborates on a number of the most effective techniques for enrolling someone in receiving Spam phone calls. Continue reading to learn more.

Sign Up For Spam Calls

1. Implementing Automatic Number Recognition

By dialing 800, 888, or 900, telemarketers can obtain an individual’s phone number in a comparatively straightforward manner. By doing so, the phone number will be ensured to be captured by the Automatic Number Identification system.

After this is achieved, the phone number will be recognized and archived, attracting the interest of an extensive network of digital markers in the vicinity. Subsequently, these markers will relentlessly bombard the phone number with Spam phone calls.

2. Sign Up For Free Trial Offers

One can discover an abundance of online platforms that offer free trials and rewards in exchange for personal information, such as an email address and phone number. In addition, certain promotions offer the opportunity to win high-priced products in exchange for providing your phone number during registration.

This is, as you might have surmised, merely a scheme to obtain your contact information. Although you did not win anything, these websites will contact you to inform you that you still have a chance to win in the future. They will also continue to contact you regarding other offers they may have.

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Online surveys are also included in this category, as the only caveat is that they require the submission of your contact information. One may employ this approach to enroll in various trials, incentives, and surveys by providing the target phone number.

3. Publish An Internet Ad

An alternative method of arranging Spam phone calls for an individual is to publish an online advertisement that utilizes their contact details. As soon as you post an advertisement for a service or product at an absurdly low price on a public platform like Craigslist, individuals will begin inundating your phone with Spam calls concerning the advertisement.

You can post a false advertisement using the target phone number, and the recipient’s inbox will quickly be inundated with calls from random individuals inquiring about the advertised product or service.

Spam Websites For Phone Numbers

Additionally, there are numerous websites where one can register a phone number to receive nuisance calls. The following are the five most prominent websites that can be utilized to enroll an individual in Spam contacts.


Sign Up For Spam Calls

This website, as its name suggests, inundates the phone number of the target with unsolicited phone calls and text messages from various phone numbers. They provide a variety of pre-written messages; however, you may also elect to compose your own. Due to the large number of phone numbers utilized by this website, the target could not effectively block each one. This is another paid website that operates exclusively in the United States and Canada and charges $2.19 for 20 SMS.


This is, as the name suggests, one of the most popular websites for Spam calls. To spam a recipient’s phone, you can make bogus phone calls and send text messages to that number. Furthermore, to ensure your anonymity while making conversations, this website offers an alternative phone number in addition to a user-friendly interface.


Sign Up For Spam Calls

This is among the most secure websites for spamming an individual’s mobile device. You can deliver an abundance of random facts on any subject to a recipient’s phone number via this website. You only need to specify the quantity and category of facts that you desire to transmit. It should be noted that this website requires payment, with a $2.19 fee for 20 SMS. They also operate exclusively in the United States and Canada.


This website is ideal for making an unlimited number of Spam calls to your target; however, your anonymity is compromised because they do not conceal your phone number. Although, you may attempt to make nuisance calls through the site using an alias number.


This website provides an extensive assortment of Spams, such as “endless cat spam” and “fake Craigslist phone prank.” You can also send an abundance of text messages, random images, and text explosives. They are a paid website that operates exclusively in the United States and Canada and charges $2.19 for twenty SMS.


There are a variety of methods to sign up for spam calls. This article discusses many of the most effective ways. However, keep in mind that publishing someone’s phone number online without their consent is a criminal offense. Doxing is a criminal act, particularly when done with malevolent intent.

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