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How To Reset Apple AirPods (Complete Guide)

How To Reset your Apple AirPods: Apple AirPods are Bluetooth wireless headphones. They are currently in their second iteration, i.e., the second generation version. They’ve been quite popular, and while some customers have reported losing one of the pods in a pair, they remain one of the best wireless headphones on the market.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are paired in the same way that any other Bluetooth device is. AirPods, on the other hand, will connect to all of your Apple devices when you switch to them, unlike other Bluetooth devices. Therefore, it is not necessary to unpair AirPods from one device and pair them with another before using them.

Solution – How To Reset Apple AirPods

Apple’s AirPods sometimes have issues connecting to a device to which they have been paired. One of the simplest solutions is to reset the AirPods and pair and reconnect them again. To reset AirPods, you must have their charging case nearby

1- Place both AirPods in their respective cases.

2- Close the lid and hold it shut for 30 seconds (make it a minute if you want to be extra sure).

3- Remove the lid.

4- Open the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to Bluetooth.

5- Tap the I button next to your AirPods.

6- Select the Forget this device option.

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7- Confirm that you wish to forget the device.

8- Press and hold the setup button on the AirPods case until the light on the case flashes white (normally happens in 15 seconds).

9- The AirPods will be reset, and you will be able to pair them with your iPhone once more.

Trouble Connecting AirPods

AirPods often work well with Apple devices and connect effortlessly to non-Apple devices. Well, here are a few things you may try if you’re having difficulties connecting your AirPods after they’ve been paired with your iPhone.

1- Restart your iPhone.

2- If an iOS update is available, install it.

3- Ensure that the AirPods are completely charged or charged to 100 percent.

4- Unpair any additional Bluetooth devices that are connected or paired to your iPhone.

How To Reset Apple AirPods

The Bottom Line:

AirPods are compatible with both Apple and non-Apple devices. However, they perform best when used with Apple’s ecosystem of devices and operating systems. Disconnection issues are frequently caused by having too many Bluetooth devices linked to the same device or by having many Bluetooth devices functioning nearby. If you have more than one pair of Bluetooth headphones connected or paired to your system, delete the other pair and leave only the AirPods. AirPods of all generations is reset in the same way.

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