The Effective Use of Gimkit in the Classroom

Gimkit is an educational platform that turns quizzing into a game to enhance student involvement in the learning process. This tool allows students to operate it on their personal devices, aiming to make the educational experience feel both intuitive and enjoyable.

The creation of this platform originated from an ex-student who developed a passion for education via a gaming-style system, making its evolution rather seamless. Consequently, the app is tailored for student users, ensuring they will find it user-friendly and it has been crafted to foster a real enthusiasm for continuous engagement and repeated learning sessions.

Gimkit application beneficial for your teaching environment as well as other settings? Continue reading to discover everything that is essential to understand regarding the use of Gimkit in education.

What Exactly is Gimkit?

Gimkit This digital trivia game employs a Q&A format to facilitate learning for students. It is compatible with a wide range of devices, allowing students to conveniently access it on their personal smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

This system is designed to be simple and user-friendly, developed and kept up-to-date by students. Therefore, it is quite suitable for students in kindergarten through 12th grade, featuring controls that are naturally easy to understand.

From the image presented, it is evident that the inquiries are straightforward, accompanied by a selection of answers in colorful boxes for enhanced visibility. Learners have the opportunity to propose their questions, which the instructor has the discretion to include in the ongoing game.

This provides games for the entire class, either in real-time or for students to play on their own, allowing it to serve as both an educational resource in the classroom and an aid for at-home assignments. An incentive program is included to maintain student interest, encouraging repeated use of the tool.

Whats New Regarding Gimkit?

The developers behind this constantly advancing platform have, with the release of the Gimkit Creative update, unveiled five fresh game modes. Additionally, they have incorporated two new varieties of aesthetic enhancements and have also injected a plethora of new Gims. This upgrade has significantly enhanced the engagement and flexibility of the game for both educators and learners.

These improvements have been implemented in response to suggestions from educators and learners, with the aim of delivering specifically requested and necessary features, unlike some platforms that introduce changes that are unnecessary.

Be on the lookout for the upcoming One Way Out game mode, which the creators describe as “their most challenging and complex game mode to date.”

How Does Gimkit Function?

After registering for Gimkit, educators can get started immediately. The sign-up process is straightforward, requiring only an email or a Google account, with the latter option being particularly convenient for schools that already use Google’s ecosystem. This convenience extends to importing class lists. After importing student rosters, teachers can distribute personalized quizzes and conduct quizzes in real-time for the entire class.

Learners can participate in a class activity by either accessing the game through the website or by responding to an email invitation. Alternatively, they can enter using a code which the teacher can distribute through their preferred Learning Management System (LMS). The teacher manages all of these options through a main class account, which also provides the ability to manage the game settings and perform evaluations and data analysis – more details on these features will be discussed later.

Games may be conducted in real-time, where students pose queries that the educator controls and their peers respond to. This method is effective when the quiz is displayed on a central screen and the entire class participates collectively. Students have the option to work together in teams or to challenge each other. Given that the complimentary version limits usage to five students, utilizing a large display or organizing students into groups are suitable alternatives.

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Which Gimkit Features Are The Most Useful?

Gimkit includes a feature called KitCollab which enables students to contribute to creating the quiz alongside the educator prior to the start of the game. This method is especially beneficial when students are divided into teams, as the task of formulating questions that are both challenging and instructive benefits the entire class.

Quiz games, referred to as kits, can be constructed from the ground up or imported from existing sources. Quizlet You can either import the information as a CSV file or select from the platform’s gallery, where you have the option to alter them to suit your needs.

Earning in-game currency is an effective method to maintain student involvement. Students receive this digital money for every correct response they provide. However, making a mistake comes with a price — a deduction in credits. These accumulated credits can then be spent on enhancements that amplify scores and various other improvements.

Numerous possibilities enable learners to leverage their unique abilities and develop their personal profile. Enhancements such as the option for a retry or the chance to earn more for each right response are available.

Over ten games are currently accessible and additional ones are being developed to enhance the engagement of the quiz experiences. Among these are titles such as Humans vs. Zombies, The Floor is Lava, and Trust No One, which is a game with a detective theme.

The interactive sessions are excellent for in-class learning, but the option to assign work that students can complete at their own pace is perfect for at-home assignments. While a submission date can be established, it is up to the students to determine when they will complete the work. Referred to as Assignments, these tasks are graded automatically.

Educators have access to a dashboard where they can monitor students’ advancement, income, and additional informative metrics helpful for determining future areas of focus. An excellent aspect of this system is the separation between students’ performance in a game and their actual academic skills in that particular activity. This is particularly beneficial for students who may have the knowledge but find the gaming aspect challenging.

What is the Cost Of Gimkit?

Gimkit is initially available at no cost, however, each game can only accommodate up to five students.

Gimkit Pro is available for a monthly fee of $9.99 or an annual cost of $59.98. This grants you unlimited entry to all features, as well as the capability to generate tasks (play without real-time interaction) and add both sounds and pictures to your collections.


Greatest Gimkit Tricks and Tips

 KitCollab the class 
Instruct the class to create a quiz with the KitCollab tool, with the twist that each student contributes a question to which they do not know the answer, guaranteeing that all participants will gain new knowledge.

 Pretest the class 
Employ Gimkit for formative evaluation purposes. Design preliminary quizzes to gauge students’ understanding or lack thereof in a topic prior to deciding your teaching strategy for the course.

 Get groups for free 
Circumvent the payment limitation boundaries by enabling students to use a device collaboratively within small teams or by displaying the game on the whiteboard for the whole class to participate together.

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