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Ghost Touch On Android Smartphones? How To Fix

If you’re an Android user, you’ve likely encountered the annoying ghost touch issue on your device. Ghost touch, also known as ghost touch, occurs when your Phone’s screen registers touches or swipes you did not make, causing it to act autonomously. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to use your Phone and can drain your battery and cause apps to open or close erratically. But don’t worry my friend; in this article, I’ll show you some simple steps to fix ghost touch on your Android phone and restore it to normal operation. So let’s get started and restore your Phone to normal.

Ghost Touch On Android Smartphones? How To Fix

Have you ever felt as though a ghost is constantly touching and pressing the screen of your Phone? We’ve got you covered with all the necessary steps to fix this issue. Ghost touch is a prevalent problem that many smartphone users encounter, and it is typically not a software issue. Typically, there is a glaring issue with one of the display’s components, such as a damaged screen or a malfunctioning digitizer. In addition, water damage or dirt underneath the screen can occasionally cause ghost touches. Fixing ghost touch can be difficult because there is no universal solution. Use trial and error to determine the optimal solution for your Phone. Prepare to attempt the following solutions to fix ghost touch on Android smartphones.

Restart Android Smartphone

First, you should attempt if you have a ghost touch issue on your Android phone is to restart it. Frequently restarting the Phone can eliminate background flaws or malfunctions, resulting in a properly functioning device. Click and hold the power icon on your smartphone, and when the Startup menu appears, select Restart. However, if resuming does not work, there are additional solutions you can attempt.

Replace Charger

The ghost touch error is a prevalent issue for Android users, particularly when their Phone is charging. If you’re experiencing the same issue, it’s vital to check your charger’s compatibility and ensure you’re using the one that arrived with your Phone. If your charger is malfunctioning, purchase a new one from the official retailer to avoid damaging your Phone. A defective charger can cause severe damage to your Phone, so you should always replace it if it appears defective.

Clean Smartphone’s Screen Thoroughly

Occasionally, foreign particles such as dirt or dust can accumulate on your Phone’s screen, resulting in a ghost touch. Therefore, it is essential to remove dirt from your Phone’s touchscreen routinely. To fix the issue, consider this straightforward solution. First, use a delicate, damp cloth to clean the screen gently. Then, use a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture. By keeping your Phone’s screen clear, you can avoid ghost touch issues caused by dirt and grime.

Change Screen Protector

People frequently use screen protectors and phone cases to safeguard their smartphones from harm. Screen protectors effectively prevent scratches and fractures, but they can occasionally lead to problems such as ghost touch. This issue can occur if moisture or dirt becomes confined between the screen protector and the Phone’s screen. In this case, the screen protector can be removed to help fix the problem. After removing the screen protector, thoroughly clean your Phone’s screen before replacing it with a higher-quality one. By accomplishing so, you can ensure the protection of your Phone while also preventing ghost touch problems caused by a defective screen protector.

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Keep The OS Of The Smartphone Up To Date

As previously mentioned, ghost touch issues are primarily caused by tangible problems with the Phone’s hardware components; however, outdated software or flaws can also cause this issue. To fix this, you must ensure that the software and apps on your Phone are up to date. Typically, software updates include problem fixes that can rectify software-related issues causing ghost touch. Therefore, routinely update your device and apps to avoid such issues in the future.

  • Open your Phone’s Settings > System > System Updates.

Ghost Touch Android

  • Check your device’s update status and select the “Check for update” button to search for and apply any available updates.

Perform Factory Reset

If your device is already up-to-date but still experiencing ghost touch issues, resetting all your settings to default can help fix any software-related problems. This is because a software bug or a problematic app could be causing the ghost touch issue, and resetting the device to factory settings can help eliminate any underlying software issues. Follow the steps below to proceed.

  • Open Settings.
  • Select System followed by Reset options or Reset Phone.

Ghost Touch Android

  • Select the Erase all data (factory reset) option.

Erase all data

  • Tap Delete All Data now.

Delete All Data

Go To Service Center

If you have exhausted all methods and suggestions for resolving the ghost touch issue on your Android phone and nothing seems to work, consider replacing the screen. There could be several reasons for the problem, including a defective component or screen damage caused by precipitation or physical impact. In this case, having your Phone fixed at a reputable service center is recommended. A trained technician can evaluate the problem and recommend the best action, possibly repairing or replacing the screen.

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The Bottom Line:

Ghost touch issues can be annoying, but they are not impossible to fix. You can troubleshoot and fix the issue on your Android smartphone by following these simple steps. There is always a solution, whether the problem is a dusty screen, a low-quality screen protector, or a software flaw. Therefore, follow these steps to use your Phone without any ghost touches.

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