Getting Too Many CAPTCHA Requests? You May Have a “Dirty” Ip Address

Many websites use CAPTCHA to protect their servers from bots, cyberattacks, etc. Solving a single one is not time-consuming, but getting multiple requests could indicate you have a problem with your IP address. CAPTCHA is often triggered by unusual activity from your network, so don’t ignore it because you could have a dirty IP address.

While a dirty IP address could be resolved on its own, it is best to act quickly. Those who get several CAPTCHA requests in a row are more vulnerable to cyberattacks, malware, and other online security problems.

Let’s dive deeper into the subject and learn more about this cybersecurity problem!

What is a dirty IP address? 

A dirty IP address could be a brand-new phrase for many of you, and that’s okay. This topic is not often discussed in terms of cybersecurity issues, but it is important nevertheless. As you know, each internet user is assigned an IP address, and they serve to establish our credibility on various websites and apps.

Any unusual activity from your IP address will result in CAPTCHA requests that could pop up anytime. Additionally, a dirty IP address could lead to denied access to some websites and online services. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing something malicious online. Instead, your IP could be blacklisted.

Websites monitor user activity, and if your network is sending too many strange requests, your IP will be blocked automatically. A website doesn’t go deeper into the source of suspicious activity, and the blocking is automatic. What you need to do is discover what landed you on the blacklist in the first place.

Here’s how to do that:

Be careful when using a free VPN 

Free VPNs are convenient and readily available to anyone who wants to quickly check geo-restricted content. They do come with limitations, such as monthly broadband and frequent ads, but most users don’t pay attention to that too much.

But there is something you need to know about free VPNs – they often recycle IP addresses and use the same ones multiple times. Some of them could already be on a blacklist, meaning that they could be blocked in several locations. This results in multiple CAPTCHA requests, which can make using the internet nearly impossible.

Is there a way to prevent this? Yes, but you should consider using a subscription. Premium VPNs are far superior to their free versions because they offer more cybersecurity features. But if you are dealing with a dirty IP address, the most important tool is VPN location change which provides you with a fresh IP address every time you log in.

Be mindful of your online activities 

Even if you think you might not be doing any dangerous activities online, you could get flagged by your internet service provider or a website either way. For instance, if you type something odd in a search engine or click on dangerous links, your IP might be blacklisted. The same goes for visiting adult websites.

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Solving a CAPTCHA request usually helps in this situation, but it is better to be safe while browsing the web. If you engage in this behavior daily, chances are your IP address could be blacklisted, which leads to frequent CAPTCHA requests and bans. Again, a VPN location change is recommended.

Being assigned a dirty IP address 

Sometimes you might accidentally end up with a dirty IP address without using a free VPN. Internet service providers assign users with static or dynamic IPs. A static IP address never changes, while a dynamic IP could be assigned to you randomly or when you restart your router.

Sometimes, you could get a dynamic IP address that is on a blacklist. It means there will be more CAPTCHA requests than usual. We recommend that you restart your router and check your IP again. It should solve the problem instantly.

Don’t be a Spammer 

If you are a business owner and often send newsletters to your customers, be mindful of the number and frequency of the emails. Email providers carefully monitor user complaints, and if they notice your account is going overboard with promotional materials, the address could be blocked.

It means that every time you send an email in the future, it will end up in the spam folder and probably won’t be seen by potential clients. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you should stop sending emails. Instead, focus on quality content and well-written newsletters. Most importantly, don’t include too many attachments. Unfortunately, once you get blacklisted on a big platform such as Gmail, regaining your credibility could be hard because other email providers have access to these databases too.

Learn about Online Safety 

Sometimes, cybercriminals could exploit CAPTCHA requests, which can be tricky if you have a dirty IP address and are used to seeing them on various websites. It is better to focus on keeping your IP clean than to constantly solve CAPTCHA and risk a cyber-attack.

With so many tools available today, keeping your IP off a blacklist is not complicated at all. On the other hand, if you have a dirty dynamic IP address that can’t be solved instantly by restarting your router, contact the internet service provider’s customer support and explain the problem. It is better to be concerned about your online safety than risk being hacked.

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