10 Best Free Utility Software Tools For 2022

Unknown to you, practically every computer function uses utility software: data backup, antivirus software, data protection, or a file management system.

Utility software helps to manage, regulate, and maintain a computer’s infrastructure. What did you do the last time your computer slowed down? You must have used tools such as Cleaner to restore its regular operation. It is nothing but utility software!


What is Utility Software: Best 10 Utility Software Examples 2022

What is Utility Software?

System utility software is a collection of tools for configuring and optimizing computer resources to complete many activities efficiently.

Moreover, the best Utility programs includes essential features such as data compression, recovery, disk defragmentation, computer resources and files management, and system analysis.

Most operating systems include built-in utility tools, although additional apps, like antivirus, disk, and data backup tools, enhance functionality. Utility software concentrates on computer components, including hardware, software, operating system, and storage components.

What are the Types of Utility Software?

There are currently four utility software solutions available for repairing your PC. The following are:

System Utilities

The system utility software includes memory testers, network, registry cleaners, and anti-virus software.

File Management Utilities

The category of file management utilities includes archivers, backup software, data compression apps, and file managers.

Storage Device Management Utilities

All disk-related software utilities fit under this category. For example, they may include disk checks, disk partition editors, disk formatters, and disk space analyzers.

Miscellaneous Utilities

This category includes all remaining utility software, such as data generators, hex editors, HTML checkers, and merging programs. It is sometimes one of the best tools for tracking your email.

Backup Utilities

Backup utility software facilitates the creation of copies of databases, files, and documents. In addition, backup utilities save data so files can be recovered in the event of data loss or theft. This type of utility software also enhances your system’s performance.


Antivirus or anti-malware is a threat detection technology that eliminates all viruses, malware, and other cyber dangers. This software is vital for data protection and system security.

Backup Software

To build a backup of files, backup software generates duplicates of databases and documents. In addition, the software performs incremental and differential backups and data compression for file security.

Data Synchronization Tools

These tools synchronize data between two or more devices. Data synchronization tools are necessary for accessing data from mobile devices and the cloud.

File Management System

The file management system manages digital data by arranging files within a system and providing a searchable database for simple retrieval. Also known as file managers, these are vital for supporting business workflows through managing files.

Disk Management Tools

Deployment of disk management tools for managing Windows-supported disk-based hardware. These tools control flash devices, optical disk drives, and hard drives.

Disk Clean-Up Tool

Disk cleanups assist in clearing disk space on the hard drive of a computer. In addition, it eliminates unnecessary files from a system.


A debugger is a utility software used to find and fix faults in various computer programs. Instruction set simulators are debugging tools to manipulate a program’s execution.

Screen Savers

Screen savers fill the empty area on a computer’s display with patterns, moving graphics, and desktop backgrounds. These can also be changed according to the needs of the user.

Clipboard Managers

Clipboard managers are used to optimizing the process of document copying from a computer system. The utility software supports data synchronization, configurable hotkeys, screenshot capture, and clipboard history.

Disk Space Analyzers

This utility tool displays the disk space by calculating the size of each file in a drive or folder. In addition, the system utility performs formatting and partitioning of disks.

Network Utilities

Network utilities assist in configuring a device’s network by monitoring data flows, logging events, and modifying network settings.

System Monitors

System monitors are relied upon to track system resources using widget engines. In addition to tracking and observing a network’s services, apps, and user actions, monitoring software also tracks and monitors these elements.

System Profilers

System profilers provide comprehensive information on a system’s attached hardware and installed software. The platform can be accessed in Windows as property under My Computer.

Cryptographic Utilities

These programs are efficient at decrypting and encrypting files. The utility software also converts everyday language to codes and vice versa.

Registry Cleaners

Registry cleaners assist in removing obsolete registry keys. It also corrects invalid and corrupted entries.

Other common categories of Windows and Mac utility software include archivers, disk space analyzers, file managers, system profilers, and memory testers.

Advantages of Utility Software

Here are the primary benefits of utility software that facilitates the smooth and efficient operation of a computing device:

  • Disk defragmentation assists in the correction of defects in hard disk devices.
  • System status and profile checks to safeguard the status of a computer system.
  • Retrieving deleted data requires backup utilities with file compression.
  • Virus scanners and disk cleaners to remove unwanted files.
  • System maintenance for problem resolution.
  • Real-time monitoring of devices for keeping track of cyber threats.
  • Integrated device performance adviser with a modern user interface.
  • Rapid scanning with advanced security features.
  • Optimizing a computer’s performance with speedy registry and file cleanups.
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10 Best Utility Software for PC Optimization

There are various tools available that can improve the performance of your computer. But, first, let’s review some utility software examples. Below is a list of the best 10 utility software programs:

1. Partition Wizard

The Partition Wizard is the best system utility software for organizing disk partitions for optimal disk usage. Besides, it can analyze your disk usage and assist with its management. It checks the file system, aligns the SSD partition, then migrates the operating system to the SSD.

Key Features of Partition Wizard Utility Tool:

  • Graphical representations of a disk’s speed performance can be displayed via the partition wizard.
  • You can determine which file consumes excessive disk space when the system becomes sluggish.
  • This Windows utility software can combine partitions that are not neighboring. It can resize huge partitions to save space and extend the C drive to eliminate the low disk space alert.
  • It improves the computer’s performance by upgrading the system disk from HDD to SSD.
  • Partition Wizard helps locate and recover data from damaged, formatted, or inaccessible lost partitions.

2. NET protector PC optimizer 2.0

The NET protector PC optimizer 2.0 utility software offers a comprehensive range of tools and an appealing UI to make your system more reliable and speedier by fixing registry mistakes.

Furthermore, it reduces the system’s response time and facilitates its operation. It can also recover previously-cleaned things by undoing the changes made by restoring the backup and restoring the original state.

Key Features of NET protector PC optimizer 2.0:

  • It removes incorrect information from the registry, such as wrong fonts, file information, and ActiveX and COM sections.
  • PC Optimizer helps optimize your system’s performance and stability by correcting Windows registry problems.
  • Restoring data backup can recover all previously cleaned items and undo any changes performed once.
  • This system utility software can delete unnecessary and obsolete files.

3. Everything

Everything is a search utility software for the Windows operating system that quickly locates files and folders by filename. The interface of utility software is built on a common explorer window, allowing users from all domains to learn how to use it quickly.

Key Features of Everything Utility Software:

  • Everything can quickly index folders and files. For example, after Windows 10, the best utility software for Windows 10 indexes an entire disk in one second.
  • It is capable of storing the indexed records in database files. When a file is edited, the software will update the database in real-time.
  • Your folders and files can be located in real-time. You only need to enter the file or folder’s name in the search field.
  • Everything is also capable of performing an advanced search on file contents.
  • You can also use numerous filters to save search time.
  • Everything is capable of discovering files on ETP/FTP and HTTP Servers.

4. KeyFinder

The utility software Magical KeyFinder extracts the product key (cd key) used to install Windows from the registry. In addition, a community-updated configuration file that fetches product keys for numerous other programs is also maintained.

Moreover, this Windows utility software analyses your system for licensed programs and creates a list of them. Click on the apps, and the tool will display the necessary key.

Key KeyFinder Features:

  • KeyFinder can retrieve product keys from Windows systems that are unable to boot.
  • This best Windows utility program is 64-bit compatible.
  • This software can be used to recover Windows 7/ 8 and Office 2010 product keys.
  • The Load Hive option permits you to load the registry hive from a different Windows system.
  • Text and CSV save and print options are also available.

5. iolo System Mechanic

This Iolo System Mechanic utility software corrects problems and bugs in your computer system. In this way, it restores your computer’s optimal speed and stability.

It provides your system with a quicker startup and download performance. System Mechanic can also boost CPU speed and graphics for a more satisfying user experience.

Key Features of ioIo System Mechanic:

  • Iolo boosts your computer’s speed based on the availability of your CPU, RAM, and hard drive resources.
  • It can fix over 30,000 distinct issues to keep your PC stable and error-free using sophisticated live updates.
  • This utility software eliminates bloatware that slows down your computer by automatically starting and running.
  • It protects and secures your system by erasing sensitive browser history and blocking harmful systems, eliminating unwanted threats.
  • System mechanics can free up disk space by eliminating unnecessary files.

6. IObit Advanced SystemCare

It is a one-click solution for PC cleaning, optimization, and protection against external threats. IObit Advanced SystemCare is a computer cleaner that improves your PC’s responsiveness, security, and stability.

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Additionally, this Windows utility software can protect your data, providing a sense of security when using this utility app.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Features:

  • IObit Advanced SystemCare is a computer cleaner since, over time, your computer may acquire many unnecessary files on the hard drive.
  • Manages start-up components to facilitate a quicker PC response.
  • It optimizes browser settings to accelerate your Internet connection and optimizes RAM and CPU usage to decrease Windows’ reaction time.
  • IObit makes your PC safer and more stable by uninstalling spyware and other malicious software.
  • Advanced SystemCare prevents your sensitive information from leaking online. This utility software protects sensitive data such as email and contact lists by blocking external intrusion attempts.
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7. CCleaner

The accumulation of useless files and settings on your computer’s hard disk causes it to slow down over time. However, using utility software such as CCleaner, you may rapidly speed up your computer by removing these files.

It’s a free optimization and cleaning tool for your system. Additionally, it eliminates traces of your online activities, such as your browser history. In addition, it includes a registry cleaner with unique capabilities.

Key Features of CCleaner PC Optimization Software:

  • CCleaner increases computer speed by removing unneeded files.
  •  This free PC cleaning software assists in erasing your cookies and browser history. In addition, it ensures that your browsing actions remain private and your identity remains concealed.
  • The registry cleaner in CCleaner eliminates this clutter, making your PC more stable.
  • A professional edition is also offered, including automatic cleaning, automatic privacy protection, and automatic upgrades.

 8. iMonitor EAM

It is surveillance utility software that monitors a worker’s system. Businesses of all sizes can use it. IMonitor EAM permits enterprises to record their employees’ computer activity, including keystrokes, clipboard operations, screenshots, emails, and file documents.

Key Features of iMonitor EAM:

  • With the help of iMonitor EAM, every action may be logged. As a result, it will provide the company with a thorough understanding of the employee’s performance.
  • Using the live-view mode, you can manage the employee’s file remotely.
  • This Mac utility software may provide comprehensive records of all online and local activities. You can obtain these reports in the form of charts, which will assist you in analyzing the productivity of your employees.
  • Depending on your needs, you can restrict or provide any individual access to a certain website or tool.
  • Additionally, you can view and block sensitive material via emails, web forms, and removable media.
  • In addition to recording the time stamp, activity, and content, a screenshot will be taken and sent promptly to the manager anytime a predefined keyword is recorded.

9. PC Startup Master 3

The PC Startup Master 3 software increases your computer’s startup performance by eliminating redundant apps that run automatically on system startup. These apps cause an additional delay during system startup.

Key Features of PC Startup Master 3:

  • PC Startup Master 3 functions as a disk cleaner, allowing you to disable unneeded startup software.
  • It contains a Startup Delay option that aids in optimizing system startup speed. It achieves this by optimizing the sequence of startup app launches.
  • This Mac utility software download uses a startup guard to filter out spam. Startup guard is an additional app with Master 3 that monitors and alerts the user of any needless modifications.
  • PC Startup Master also provides tools for managing Windows services, scheduled activities, and startup components.

10. Lsoft Active@ ISO Manager

Lsoft Active@ ISO Manager utility software burns & edits DVD/CD-ROM ISO images compatible with IOS 9660 standards. It’s compatible with almost every operating system.

Besides, the primary function of Lsoft Active@ ISO Manager is to create ISO files from DVDs and CDs.

Key Features of Lsoft Active@ ISO Manager:

  • It can create ISO files from DVDs, CDs, files, & folders.
  • It can edit ISO image files & extract files from an ISO image file.
  • It can burn ISO image files to CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RW DL, HD DVD, and Blu-Ray Disks.


What are the five types of utility software?

The five types of utility software are:

Disk Defragmenter: This program fragments vast files on a computer to conserve storage space.

Antivirus Utility Software: It saves a device also its memory from online threats & malware attacks.

Compression Utility Tools: This free utility software compresses huge files to save storage space.

Diagnostic Programs are sequences of automated software used to define a system’s software, hardware, or operational state.

Network Utilities: An additional popular category of utility software that analyses and monitors the configuration facilities of various computer networks.

How is utility software essential?

Utility software is essential for managing computer systems and maintaining maintenance, such as virus scanning, file management, disk compression, network configuration, disk space analysis, and computer performance monitoring.

What is the best PC utility software?

AVG TuneUp, CCleaner Business Edition, iolo System Mechanic, SlimCleaner, and Comodo PC Tuneup.

What are the best examples of utility software?

Avast Ultimate, SlimCleaner, AVG TuneUp, Ashampoo WinOptimizer, Restoro, and CCleaner Business Edition are some of the best examples of utility software with a modern UI.

Which is the top utility software for reducing file size?

WinZip, WinRAR, 7-Zip, Zip Archiver, and PeaZip are some of the most excellent file compression programs.


If your computer is running slowly, it may be because many files and features have become obsolete over time. In addition, many unneeded files accumulate on your system, further slowing it down.

In this situation, you can download any examples of utility software apps and use them to optimize your system’s performance. Then, find the finest PC optimization software.

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