The Best Free Themes For Android in 2023

Free Themes For Android 2023: Every individual is unique. Since our mobile phones have become an extension of ourselves, we want them to reflect our individuality.

We can apply our preferred phone themes. In addition, we can download them for Android through the Google Play Store. While some of these Free Themes For Android are available via APK, obtaining them from the Play Store is safer.

Themes alter the color, typeface, and appearance of your apps icons and screen. Some of these are charged, but the majority are free. Today, I will discuss some of the best themes for Android or Free Themes For Android available. Again, these are all free so that you can test them immediately.

10 Best Android Theme Apps

Here is the list of the popular and best Android themes, theming apps, and customizations.

1. Black Silver Launcher Theme

Lets talk about the Best free Themes For Android to customize your phone. I recommend the Black Silver Theme to anyone seeking a touch of nostalgia. Essentially, it converts your home screen to monochrome.

This theme is accompanied by themes that cater to the desires of adults, such as simulated gambling and erotic themes.

Key Features

HD Wallpapers – Choose a wallpaper from the thousands of high-quality photos available.

Icon Packs – You can modify the appearance of your phone’s app icons; some are charged, but the majority are free.

3D Effect – The theme enables the usage of 3D transitions while tapping or doing other actions.

This theme supports an extensive selection of touch motions. In addition, a lock screen function allows you to customize how your phone appears while the screen is locked.

The app creator also makes it a priority to release regular updates. So expect new themes and wallpapers throughout important events and seasons, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

The theme impacts the appearance of your apps, not just those downloaded from the Play Store. Finally, the theme app increases your phone’s speed by organizing your apps.

Get the theme here.

2. Green Nature Cartoon Theme

It is among the top-notch Free Themes For Android. This topic is perfect for nature-loving individuals. Your phone will take on the appearance of a natural preserve.

Key Features

Personalization – You can remove or alter the parts of the theme if you choose; for instance, if you do not like the default wallpaper, you can go to the collection library and select a different one.

Skin change – Use the theme to change the look of your program icons, menu screen, and folder icons.

Easy to use – Download the app and install it. If you tap the app at this point, the default green nature theme will be applied.

Compatibility – The theme is compatible with most Android phone models and manufacturers by code and design.

The design also functions on tablets. Additionally, you can DIY the theme if you use the C 3D Launcher kit. There are also locally stored themes on your device. You can also visit their online library if you need more than these selections.

The bonsai tree inside the broken glass is my favorite aspect of this subject. It has a calming impact on the spectator and can help you relax if you feel overwhelmed.

Get the theme here.

3. Black Theme Launcher

If we talk about the Best Themes for Android Device, the Black Theme Launcher is great for those who like a mysterious appearance on their mobile device. However, “black” does not always imply that the color is always dark.

The best themes app for Android also features distinct coloration. In addition, the graphics are 3D, giving your phone a dynamic and contemporary appearance.

Key Features

App customization – You may alter the appearance of the app icons on your smartphone.

Font and color — The theme lets you customize the font and color of your phone, making it unique.

Live Wallpapers – Choose from an extensive selection of animated wallpapers; these live wallpapers must be downloaded separately.

After downloading the app from Google Play, it is sufficient to activate it and select “I Agree.” Then, navigate to your home screen to observe the change.

Depending on your phone, the Android operating system may prompt you to make this theme your default launcher. Press “yes” to continue.

The program also includes stationary wallpapers. As static wallpapers, they are devoid of animation. However, you can temporarily use these while you search for animated or live wallpapers.

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Get the theme here.

4. White Flower Launcher Theme

It is one of the most popular and Free Themes For Android. The White Flower Launcher Theme is what you require if you’re seeking tranquility. It gives your phone an attractive and tranquil appearance.

The theme influences your app icons, wallpaper, and other capabilities. For instance, the theme applies to the “unlock” screen each time you unlock your phone. I shall elaborate on this topic later.

Key Features

Custom app icons – There is a large assortment of app icons depicting various flowers; choose the one you like most.

Free icon mask – The theme modifies your phone’s lock screen, wallpaper, icons, folders, and search box.

HD Quality – All icons and elements are rendered in 3D or high-definition 2D.

White app icon — The app icons will all become white with a greyish outline.

I appreciate that this theme is compatible with the Pattern Unlock mode. Instead of dots to unlock the phone using a pattern, it displays flowers in their place.

I recommend using this theme in conjunction with the Pure White theme for optimal results.

Get the theme here.

5. Sharingan Theme

Next in our list of the best themes for Android free download is Sharingan Theme. I strongly suggest the Sharingan Theme if you want gloomy and ominous themes. This best theme for Android 2023 employs the virus symbol, rendering your phone’s home screen scary.

Key Features

Skin Changes – The theme lets you alter the appearance of your home screen backdrop, drawer screen, app icons, folder icons, and menu screen.

Easy App – After installation, all required is to run the app and select a theme from the collection. Once discovered, tap the ones you like and click “Apply.”

Many Designs – The default theme is a reddish viral motif. However, there are many choices available. There are almost 5,000 themes available in this launcher.

This Android theme is compatible with multiple phones, including HTC, Lenovo, Oppo, and Samsung. Moreover, the developer asserts that it is compatible with 99.9% of all Android phone types.

The good news is that tablets are compatible with the Sharingan Theme. Moreover, the format of the theme is high quality, so it’ll not appear pixelated when applied to a larger screen size.

Finally, it has C Launcher 3D. It is a tool for designers that combines thousands of new backgrounds, icons, and skins into one collection. With this program, you may become a C Launcher user and demonstrate your inventiveness to others.

Get the theme here.

6. Red Neon Apple Dark Theme

If we talk about the popular Best Themes Apps Android or Free Themes For Android, Red Neon is the drink for you if you desire something fiery and fruity. The motif features a black apple with red shading.

Key Features

Fast and Smart – Contrary to other themes, this one has minimal impact on your phone’s performance.

Wallpapers — The app provides a variety of trendy wallpapers for your phone, like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Performance Boost — The theme employs an APUS boost to improve your Android phone’s performance.

Red Neon Apple Dark Theme is compatible with various mobile devices, including HTC, Samsung, and Huawei.

The appearance of the app icons after running the theme is something I enjoy and that you may also enjoy. The app icons transform into ovals wrapped in a vinyl record-like black casing.

Get the theme here.

7. Alpha Hybrid Launcher

Alpha Hybrid is a trustworthy Android theme. It is one of the highly-rated Free Themes For Android devices. The developers do not collect personal data, and the app does not interfere with your phone usage.

I recommend this to anyone desiring to transform their smartphone into a future military computer dashboard. The theme features a large clock on the home screen, giving the appearance of a spaceship’s control panel.

Key Features

Voice assistant – The theme does not interfere with your phone’s voice assistant app; the voice assistant will continue to read your SMS messages, schedule appointments, etc.

Lots of options – The theme includes thousands of wallpapers and live wallpapers, in addition to the futuristic military clock.

Customization – You can modify the appearance of your app icons and the theme’s color scheme.

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Music Player — The theme has an integrated music player; you can control your music using this player instead of Android’s default app.

In addition to these features, you can lock your screen with your fingerprint, hide apps, and free up space on your phone’s memory to improve its performance.

Get the theme here.

8. Love Theme Launcher

Are you currently passionate or infatuated? Then, use the Love Theme Launcher to transform your phone into a symbol of love.

Key Features

Custom app icons – This set of custom icons are centered on love; your app icons will all be in the shape of a pink heart.

Icon mask – You receive complimentary icon masks for all your app icons.

Font and color – Your mobile device will display fresh fonts and a new color to complement the love theme.

After using this theme, your directories will also be modified. The folders are still square with rounded corners, but their color has changed to pink. In addition, all program icons within the folder are visible and surrounded by a pink heart.

You are unable to customize your wallpaper. However, it is an update that we should await.

Get the theme here.

9. Water Drops Theme

Are you still seeking the top-rated Android themes free 2023 or Free Themes For Android? Although water is the primary theme, turquoise is the primary motive for this design. Therefore, the background will become a darker shade of turquoise, and the app icons will have a water-like coating.

Key Features

App icon integrity – The theme will not alter the appearance of the app icons. So, for instance, the app icon for Viber will remain unchanged, except that it will be enclosed within a water droplet.

Wallpapers – The theme automatically installs an app for wallpapers; activate this app to choose from their wallpaper collection.

Live wallpapers — An extensive selection of live wallpapers changes when the screen is locked.

Social – By default, the theme will place your social networking apps on your home screen; do not be shocked if your home screen layout changes after applying this theme.

Please be advised that the theme does not include sound. For example, it does not emit water droplet noises when an app is tapped. Nevertheless, the subject is soothing to the eyes.

You can retain your default app and folder styles while retaining the water drop background if you like. It is possible through the settings.

Get the theme here.

10. Butterfly Launcher Theme

If we talk about the highly-rated android themes reddit, this motif is purple-magenta. It is among an excellent Free Themes For Android. It transforms your phone into something resembling a fantasy world, especially the realm of fairies.

However, this theme has no fairies. Instead, you receive butterflies and hearts. Once applied, the phone’s background consists of hearts, and the icon options include butterflies or hearts.

Key Features

Boost engine – The theme includes a performance booster that allows you to save battery life, cool your CPU, and increase your phone’s speed.

Icon fonts and color – The theme will alter the font style of the icons and apps so that they match the theme.

Icon masks – The theme will tint the icons turquoise and encase them in butterflies.

Because the app will alter the icons, expect a learning curve when employing this theme. For instance, the icon for the SMS app will change from a thinking bubble to three dots.

This one installs a theme library from which you may select several live and static wallpapers if you desire more themes.

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This theme offers additional customization options, such as the app locker, screen locker, and editor for hidden apps.

Get the theme here.


The Sharingan Theme was the most appealing to me among other Free Themes For Android. It contains over 5,000 subthemes, which is something I appreciate. In addition, it modifies the appearance of your app and folder icons.

But that is just my opinion. The theme’s frightening appearance is my favorite feature, as it makes the phone appear “menacing.”

You should examine the photos I’ve provided for each theme and select the ones that best reflect your personality. The most excellent feature is that you can easily switch between themes with just a few taps.

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