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12 Best Free PDF Split And Merge Software (Online And Offline)

Free PDF Split And Merge Software: Transferring documents in PDF format has been extensively used for a long time and is still one of the most frequent documents. However, when extracting certain pages from multiple PDF files and combining them to create a new PDF document, we will need specialist software to merge and split multiple PDFs. If you’re thinking, “Which PDF merger and splitter is worth a shot?” Don’t worry. This typewritten describes the 12 most popular and useful software to accomplish the task of splitting and merging multiple PDFs. The software described below is useful for both online and offline use.

12 Best Free PDF Split And Merge Software (Online And Offline)

Any software listed below can make the PDF merging and splitting process simple and rapid. So let’s get started on the best ways to split and merge PDFs without further ado.


1. Adobe Acrobat DC

Free PDF Split And Merge Software

Do you want to split PDF pages or merge multiple PDFs into one document? Whatever your needs are, Adobe Acrobat DC is a well-known PDF converter and editor software. Adobe Acrobat DC has earned the confidence of over 5 million organizations, firms, and companies worldwide. This amazing software lets you create, edit, and convert PDF documents into Microsoft document format and other PNG/ JPG formats. Adobe Acrobat DC is a good option if you work remotely and need strong PDF editor options for interacting with your teams. Some users may find it pricey because it is not freeware PDF editing software, but don’t worry because it offers a 14-day free trial to all users.

2. PDF Converter

Free PDF Split And Merge Software

Since 2005, PDF Converter has been working on creating a more flexible PDF conversion tool. It can quickly convert files to and from PDF. This tool has also made significant progress in improving its PDF editing and conversion features over the years. Both the PDF splitting and merging features are vital in helping it gain a large number of devoted users. This tool allows you to split PDF pages and save only a portion of them rather than downloading all of them as is necessary. You may also quickly adjust the order of PDF pages by dragging and dropping them. However, this web-based merge tool is quite simple to use. When you’re finished merging the PDF files, you may compress them to conserve space on your computer.

3. EasePDF

Free PDF Split And Merge Software

Don’t want to spend money on software to create or edit PDFs? Then EasePDF is the ideal solution for you. EasePDF is a comprehensive freeware software available to create, combine PDFs, split pages, edit, and export PDFs. One of the best requirements of EasePDF is that it offers over 30 tools to suit all of your PDF editor needs. It is a reliable, efficient, and free PDF online splitter and merger software. The solution ensures total security for its users by deleting the changed files from their server within 24 hours. EasePDF is one of the most reliable and essential Mac apps.

4. PDFescape

Free PDF Split And Merge Software

PDFescape is yet another open-source and completely free software that you can use to split or merge multiple PDFs on Windows PC. This software has several built-in tools, such as an online editor, reader, form filler, and organizer. You may use this online PDF merger software to open any PDF on your PC, view it in your web browser, merge it into one PDF, or split it into multiple PDFs. Aside from that, you may freely put shapes, words, movies, and other items into your PDF. The most appealing aspect of this solution is that it exclusively generates password-protected PDFs.

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5. PDF2Go

Free PDF Split And Merge Software

On the site of PDF2Go, there is a visual explosion of all of its features. In addition, it offers a more tailored function in some areas like a robust PDF splitter and merger. It gives several optional options, such as “Split PDF into equal halves” and “Split PDF every few pages,” to assure your strong interest in its PDF splitter. You may use the preview interface to decide which pages to keep or delete when you split PDF pages. When you merge PDF pages, however, this does not work. You can only see the PDF files’ cover thumbnails, and you can’t adjust the order of the actual pages. It’s notable because it allows you to change the output size of PDF files such as A3, A4 (Standard), A4 (Small), letters, etc.

6. 7-PDF Split & Merge

Free PDF Split And Merge Software

7-PDF Split & Merge is a German-based software startup that offers professional-level services for creating, sharing, editing, and combining PDF files on Windows devices. You may use this software to extract PDF pages by groups, ranges, or any other way you desire. 7-PDF works three times quicker than other free PDF editing software. The software has a PDF combiner that rotates PDFs clockwise or counterclockwise. It offers an excellent user interface that makes the PDF splitting and merging procedure simple for all users.

7. iLovePDF

Looking for the best free PDF split and merge software that can be accessed through the web? Then iLovePDF is the perfect solution for you. The name alone promises you will enjoy the software once you try it. It is one of the most convenient ways to split a PDF into distinct or individual PDFs. You may merge multiple PDFs into a single large PDF. The user may upload a PDF from their computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. You may split PDFs by selecting ranges or extracting all pages at once. The software has a plethora of unusual yet necessary tools that you can use to split, merge, convert, extract, organize and compress PDFs based on your preferences.


To split PDF documents into a group of PNG images, use this free online PDF management software. Unlike others, the software ensures significantly higher image quality. You can convert PDF to PNG, but the software also lets you split PDF into JPG image format. There are no custom settings available; upload and download. Downloaded files are saved to a ZIP archive. However, one disadvantage to employing this is that it cannot merge multiple PDF pages into a single image.

9. Smallpdf

One of the simplest options for merging and splitting PDFs among Windows, Mac, and other devices is listed below. Smallpdf is a software that provides you with all of the tools you need to be more successful, skilled, productive, and work more actively with documents. You may use SmallPDF to convert PDFs to basic word documents, merge multiple PDFs into one huge document, convert JPG, BMP, GIF, or other image formats into PDFs, sign PDFs, and minimize the size of your file without compromising the original quality, and much more.

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10. Icecream PDF Split & Merge

Icecream PDF Editor is a lightweight PDF merger and splitter tool for Windows and Mac. The great part about the software is that it can also be used offline. The software offers four unique ways to slice PDF files: by groups of pages, single-page files, ranges of pages, and deleting specific pages. And if you wish to utilize the software’s capabilities, you are advised to purchase the pro edition for $19.95. This solution does not degrade the original quality of the files.

11. PDF Split and Merge

Well, meet PDF split and merge, an online solution for easily managing all PDF files. Using this solution, you may easily and rapidly merge many files into a single file and split them into distinct portions. Touch on the area to choose PDF files from your computer and then click on the split or merge option, whichever you want. You will be notified later to download the changed PDF document. That’s all! The tool is free to use, with no additional purchases or tools required to do this task. After the merging or splitting is complete, the treated files are removed immediately.

12. PDFelement

PDFelement is a robust and user-friendly desktop-based PDF editing package. This software offers a plethora of detailed features for enhanced editing. For example, its page mode allows you to extract, insert, split, and replace PDF pages. It’s a quick answer to a PDF merger and splitter as a one-stop solution for PDF editing tools. Also, it allows you to easily merge PDF files by adding several files and outputting them without changing the page order. Splitting by the top-level bookmarks you choose is also an option. Other editing tools, such as altering the backdrop, cutting the page sizes, changing the original contents, and adding attachments to the PDF, are also worthwhile to try.

Final Words: Free PDF Split And Merge Software

So, that was our comprehensive list of the best free and paid PDF split and merge software for offline and online use. After trying and evaluating the 30+ PDF management software, we have narrowed it down to the 12 that are unquestionably worth a shot. The software described above offers the best services, features, and controls to meet all of your PDF splittings and merging requirements. Furthermore, all of the tools mentioned have a lot to offer, such as PDF conversion, compression, encryption, etc.

However, in our view, you should use Adobe Acrobat DC to split and merge PDFs. It is a fantastic piece of software that provides advanced modules and annotations. Aside from Adobe Acrobat DC, PDF element is a fantastic PDF splitting and merging app available both offline and online. That’s it! Let us know the software you used to split and merge PDFs in the comments section below. Also, please remark if you have any queries or recommendations for improving the list.

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