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Best 15 Free Music Download Sites To Download Songs

The Internet provides many free services, and music is just one. Numerous musicians and performers provide their work for free to their audiences. Free music download sites allow you to listen, download, and even use these tracks in your endeavors. In addition, you can find numerous legal and free music download sites online. We’ve gathered a list of the top free music download sites. Therefore, let’s examine free music download sites and how to download songs from them legally!

Why Download Free Music?

Before we delve into the free song download sites, let’s examine why people prefer free music and how it can benefit listeners and creators.

Multiple Uses

Multiple uses can be made of royalty-free music. Once downloaded, you receive a licensed audio track without negotiating with authors, music labels, or producers.


Well, you can avoid spending a ton of money on your music production by using Free Music. You are not required to employ and pay composers to produce a track. In addition, you can listen to an infinite number of samples on websites and then choose the best one.

Saves Time

Creating an audio track is not a one-day endeavor. It could take months, weeks, or even years to produce something that exists only in your head. But with free online music, you can test various tracks and save time on production.

Free From Copyright Issues

You may encounter copyright issues when you randomly select music websites that do not provide appropriate licensing. Additionally, your channel will be flagged if you use this music for commercial goals and upload it to platforms such as YouTube.

Entertain Yourself While Traveling

Everyone today listens to music on online song streaming platforms such as Wynk and Spotify. But what about when you’re in a no-network work zone and your song buffers? At that time, your free song download will become your closest friend.

Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Songs

Now that we know the numerous benefits of free music let’s find out which sites offer free music downloads online.

1. Spinrilla

Spinrilla is a free music website for those who enjoy hip-hop mixtapes. You can search through various artists, singles, charts, etc., to locate the most popular tracks. Spinrilla enables you to download individual and volume soundtracks with simple navigation. It is a great website for downloading and streaming English music songs and constructing your own library.

2. YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library provides thousands of royalty-free audio tracks and sound effects for free download in MP3 format. It’s great for creators on a tight budget, as they can use tracks from the YouTube Audio Library without fretting about copyright issues. You can search for a suitable track based on genres, mood, artists, etc. Before downloading a track from YouTube Audio Library, you can listen to a sample of the track’s music. Then, hit the “Download” icon, and users can download.

3. SoundClick

SoundClick is a free song download website that connects users directly to the artists’ websites. With a notable feature, it enables you to construct custom radio stations to get more recommendations as per your preference. Some premium tracks can be purchased and downloaded, while others can only be streamed.

4. Amazon

Amazon provides thousands of tracks that can be downloaded for free. In addition, numerous search filters, including notoriety, album, reviews, release date, etc., are available. This ensures that you find the desired track each time you conduct a search. To receive a complimentary song download, add the song to your shopping cart and proceed through checkout as usual. You’ll then be directed to a link where you can download the soundtrack.

5. Musopen

Musopen is a free MP3 download website that provides royalty-free music for any purpose. Additionally, it offers online radio that can be accessed via a web browser or an app. To uncover new tracks, go to the Discover section, which contains all playlists categorized by moods. You can also preview audio tracks without logging in, but creating an account is required for downloading.

6. Jamendo Music

The Jamendo Music is a free song download website where artists publish their tracks for the enjoyment of all. It employs a Creative Commons license that makes all music tracks freely accessible. In addition, the website provides a playlist of newly added songs, trending songs, and mood-specific playlists such as ‘Chill Zone,’ ‘Time to Dream,’ and others.

7. Vimeo Music Store

Vimeo is one of the biggest video streaming websites and offers many complimentary soundtracks. You can search the list using various mood, artist, cadence, and theme categories. In addition, you can conduct advanced searches to specify the music track’s price, vocal type, duration, and provider. To download songs for free online, select the green download icon.

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8. DatPiff

DatPiff is a great free music download website for mixtape and rap enthusiasts. The free MP3 download platform lets you stream and download music from the website and mobile app. You can also find a featured section of the most popular soundtracks for a given day, week, or month.

9. offers various music options across genres for downloading free music online. While perusing the lists, it is possible to download free and lawful MP3 music with a single click. The website for royalty-free music also provides streaming song and band recommendations.

10. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a website that offers both song downloads and online streaming. You can search for new and upcoming artists here by genre and find them. Although songs cannot be downloaded from the website, they can be streamed online. Downloadable songs are indicated by a small download icon next to the song.

11. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most prominent free song sites, and users can stream and download soundtracks. On this free music download website, you will find various music and artists, from professional to independent musicians. Either a download icon or a more menu where you can find a free song option is present on the free songs.

12. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade is a free MP3 download website with an intuitive interface and annotation systems for searching soundtracks. You can stream and download any audio track with your email address and postal code. It is a fantastic platform for musicians and emerging artists to showcase their work and even receive tips.

13. BeatStars

BeatStars is a free MP3 download website that allows you to browse through a variety of genres and moods to find the perfect soundtrack. The free song download website collects all of your free downloads in one location. To download a soundtrack, you must either provide an email address or subscribe to the artists’ profiles and follow them on social media.

14. The Internet Archive

Well, The Internet Archive is a free music download website that provides users access to millions of soundtracks, radio channels, podcasts, and LIVE music archives. Individuals can filter search results based on the media type, topic, or artist to find the appropriate track. The free songs download website supports multiple audio file formats, including MP3, OGG, WAV, etc.

15. Audiomack

For listeners looking to find new talents, Audiomack is a free music website. The free song download site has recently introduced a page where you can find the most recently uploaded albums and tracks. Without a user account, a maximum number of songs can be downloaded in .MP3 format legally. The website also lets you stream music on various devices like smartphones and tablets.


How To Download Free Songs?

You can download free songs from YouTube Audio Library, Jamendo Music, and The Internet Archive. Select the desired music and hit the download icon.

How To Download Songs To Mobile?

To download a song to a mobile device.

  • Head to any website that allows you to download tunes, such as Amazon, SoundClick, or BeatStars.
  • Sign in using credentials.
  • Find the ideal soundtrack.
  • Click download.

How To Download Music To Android For Free?

Download apps such as Jamendo Music, DatPiff, and Audiomack that offer free MP3 downloads for your Android device from the Google Play Store. Hit the download icon after searching for your music in the app.

What’s The Best MP3 Downloader For Android?

SoundCloud, DatPiff, and Audiomack are among the finest Android MP3 downloaders. They can be accessed via their websites and the mobile app.

How To Download Free Music To Mobile Phone?

Browse sites such as Musopen, ReverbNation, or SoundClick to download free music to your mobile phone. Next, look for your soundtrack by applying the appropriate filters, such as genre, duration, and mood. Finally, select the download button or icon to download music to your mobile phone.

What Are The Best English Music Download Sites?

Jamendo Music, SoundClick, and SoundCloud are among the most prominent sites that you can use to download English music.

How To Download Music To Phone?

Visit a website such as DatPiff, YouTube Audio Library, and The Internet Archive and search for your preferred music by applying various filters. Then, hit the download icon to download an original audio song to your phone.

What’s The Best Site For No Copyright Music MP3 Download?

Spinrilla, YouTube Audio Library, and Jamendo Music are among the finest sites for MP3 music downloads without copyright restrictions.

What’s The Best Site To Download MP3 Songs?

Vimeo Music Store, NoiseTrade, and The Internet Archive are among the top sites to download MP3 music.

The Bottom Line:

The list of Free Music Download Sites is complete. If you find this content useful, please share it and spread the news!

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