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How To Fix Easily Facebook Videos Not Playing?

Are Facebook videos not playing? Especially if you’re attempting to watch a video from a loved one (or a funny video on your timeline), the issue can be aggravating. There are numerous factors why Facebook videos may no longer play on your device. It may be an issue with data connectivity, a corrupted Facebook cache, or Facebook may have removed the video. If you’re experiencing problems like Facebook videos not playing, you can attempt to fix the problem by following the instructions below.

Check Internet Connection

Your internet connection is one of the first locations to check. For example, videos on Facebook typically have a high resolution and need a solid, fast internet connection. So first, you should perform a speed test to verify that you receive the advertised internet speeds and ensure your connection is solid. If things are sluggish, you must check into fixing slow internet on Windows. Next, verify that Wi-Fi and Cellular settings are enabled on your mobile device. To do so, navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi and ensure it’s turned on, then navigate to Settings > Cellular and enable it.

Facebook Videos Not Playing

If you’re using Android, the menu and settings should be comparable but may have different names.

How To Disable Data Saver Mode On Facebook?

The Facebook app’s data saver feature is an excellent option if you have a limited data plan. However, it uses less data, so it may prevent high-resolution videos from playing properly. To disable data saver mode on Facebook.

1 – Open the Facebook app if you still need to and sign in.

2 – Select the Menu button.

Facebook Videos Not Playing

3 – Choose Settings & privacy > Settings.

Facebook Videos Not Playing

4 – Tap Media in the Preferences menu.

Facebook Videos Not Playing

5 – Tap Optimized to turn off Data Saver mode beneath the Video Quality section.

Facebook Videos Not Playing

Attempt to play the video after that. However, if you have a limited data plan, you can activate the data saver function after viewing the video.

How To Disable Low Data Mode On Phone?

Again, you should conserve data if you have a limited data plan. If you have the minimal data mode video feature enabled, it may cause problems while playing the video. Try shutting it off to determine if the video will play. We’ll explain how to do this with an iPhone below, but Android users can access comparable settings in their device’s menu. To suspend the iPhone’s minimal data mode.

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1 – Launch Settings on your phone.

Facebook Videos Not Playing

2 – Select Cellular from the list.

3 – Choose Cellular Data Options.

4 – Toggle the switch next to the Low Data Mode option to the off position.

How To Lower Video Quality On Facebook?

Facebook permits the upload of high-definition (HD) videos, the quality of which depends on your network and device. In addition, Facebook allows you to alter or reduce the video’s quality so that you can view it. Of course, it won’t be in HD, but you can still watch it.

Note: This feature is exclusive to the desktop version of Facebook and not the mobile app.

To change Facebook video quality.

1 – Launch the Facebook video you want to watch. 

2 – Tap the Settings icon and select the Quality option. 

3 – Choose a video option with inferior quality and replay the video.

Reinstall Or Update Facebook App

You can check for an app update if you are using an obsolete version of the Facebook app or if it has become corrupted on your phone. In addition, you can deactivate and reinstall the app’s most recent version if an update is unavailable or doesn’t fix the problem. For example, open the app store on your device, conduct a search for Facebook, and download the most recent version of the app after eliminating the previous version.

Sign In & Out Of Facebook

Playing videos may experience problems if your current session is malfunctioning. The issue with Facebook videos not playing can be resolved by logging out and then logging back in. Using Facebook to sign in and out.

1 – Select the Menu button. 

2 – Swipe the menu down a bit, tap the Log Out option, then tap the Log Out button when confirmation appears.

3 – Sign back into your account with your email address and password; hopefully, the new session will work this time.


If you are experiencing a problem with videos not playing, the solutions listed above should fix the Facebook option if they are not playing. As video quality improves, however, a speedier internet connection is essential, as is ensuring that you are not using data saver mode.

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