7 Best Tips to Help You Win in Escape from Tarkov

Are you a fan of the new shooter Game Escape from Tarkov? To that end, here are the seven best Escape from Tarkov tips and strategies for playing it like a legend.

Escape from Tarkov has received surprising popularity in the gaming world since its launch. The game features fantastic out-of-this-world visuals that immerse you in the action.

Escape from Tarkov tips

The entire game Escape from Tarkov is set in the Norvinsk area during a conflict between two private armed firms. Additionally, the game boasts stunning visuals, intricate terrain, and interesting features. If you are a newbie, prepare yourself to play a challenging first-person shooter game in which you must survive a conflict.

7 Escape from Tarkov Tips to Help You Win

1: Complete the quests

If you’re new, begin by participating in as many quests as possible. Quests provide bonuses and additional training for playing the main battle and completing tasks such as collecting up unique goods in the opposing zone. Additionally, they expose you to the realities of fighting and teach you new techniques for employing various weapons systems.

As you complete each mission, you get access to new weapons, gain access to cutting-edge equipment, and earn points to spend on other rare things.

2: Play with bots

Escape from Tarkov offers an excellent opportunity to interact with computer bots both online and offline. Bots are far more intelligent and strategic than human gamers. As a result, competing against them provides enough opportunity to enhance your gaming talents.

Playing against the computer bots will not earn you any additional levels or things. However, it can help you get more points and enhance your score dependent on your talents and abilities.

3: Insurance your gear

Insuring the equipment is the simplest approach to ensure its safety. The equipment can be insured through Prapor, which guarantees that stolen things will be returned to you within 24–36 hours, or through a Therapist, who guarantees that stolen materials will be returned to you within 12 hours.

Escape from Tarkov gives you 72 hours to collect your things after they are returned to your wallet; otherwise, they are lost. The easiest technique to ensure that you keep all of your stuff is to conceal it in a corner or a bush when you are about to die in the game. You will retain the equipment for your subsequent game.

4: Protect your limbs

In this game, the character has 435 health points, with a large portion of those points located in the limbs. The hue indicates the gamer’s health following an attack. Grey indicates that you require medical attention, while black indicates severe injury.

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While a medkit can help you reclaim your health at any moment, opt for a CMS or Surv12 surgical kit if your limbs are severely damaged. Traditionally, healing places you in an advantageous position for assault. Utilize morphine or quick painkillers to provide you with the strength necessary to retrieve your medkit.

5: Catch Ammo

The critical component of Tarkov’s escape is its Ammos and their many varieties. The Ammos significantly increase the performance of all your weapons, but you must know which Ammo is compatible with which weapon. You cannot use the same technique on all weapons.

There is a large guide on the game’s Ammos list. It adds flare to your armoury while confronting your adversaries. Having an abundance of ammunition when playing a multiplayer game will boost your side’s score and offer you a strategic edge over the other team.

6: Utilize secure container

As you progress through the levels, the size of your allotted secure container increases. As a consequence, you may conceal all of your weapons within it without fear of being plundered. Additionally, the game has valuable objects that cannot be carried around with you at all times.

They can be placed in a safe container and retrieved as needed. The container holds rare things and aids in their retention even after you die in the following set of the game.

7: Be a SCAV

SCAV is the scavenging mode of gear in Escape from Tarkov. Once SCAV is activated, you will not be attacked or damaged by your adversaries, and you will retain all of your equipment.

The sole disadvantage of the SCAV mode is the length of time required to cool. As a result, you cannot activate it continuously, and it requires a lengthy recharge period.



Escape from Tarkov is an engrossing game that will captivate any gamer. It has a diverse selection of weaponry, maps, and mission types. Additionally, it provides a live-action shooting gaming experience. Now that you’ve learned the Best tips and tactics, you’re ready to dominate the Escape from Tarkov game. Therefore, play it like a professional!

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