Best Free Email Testing Tools For Better Email Marketing

The Email Testing Tools are used for several purposes such as HTML validation & inbox preview of the emails.

Email marketing is still alive. Despite the increasing popularity of social media platforms for communication, email remains one of the most effective means of contacting individuals.

Research indicates an increase in daily email users, making email marketing one of the most personalized forms of advertising. You should, however, test your email before sending it. Ignoring this may result in adverse outcomes for your business and brand.

Find out these testing tools and how they facilitate the best possible experience for email subscribers. In this article, I have compiled a list of the best Email Testing Tools available on the market. There are tools for every level of competence, including developers, QA testers, and email marketers.

What are Email Testing Tools?

Email testing involves analyzing your email messages before sending them to your subscribers. It allows you to assess and make appropriate adjustments to many features such as typography, design, and formatting by modifying what works best for you.

But why do we need an email testing tool?

You do not want your emails to end up in your subscriber’s spam box. It can undermine your efforts without your knowledge. It must be checked at multiple stages to send the most effective version of your email that reaches its intended recipient.

Testing helps you to differentiate the various components of your email marketing campaign to determine their influence on your subscribers. These technologies guarantee that your message reaches your leads’ inboxes, resulting in more engagement and conversions.

Why Are Email Testing Tools Needed?

Due to the daily increase in email subscribers, a successful marketing strategy requires an efficient email campaign.

However, your campaign has a significant problem if your marketing messages continue to get up in spam folders or if your transactional communications have decreased click-through rates.

However, there is a way.

Here’s how email testing contributes to the success of your marketing and promotional campaign:

Call to action

Testing your email guarantees that the call-to-action element that convinces the consumer to make a purchase is highlighted. With engaging graphics and visuals, the subscriber’s call to action remains visible, and the likelihood of participation increases.

Click Through Rate

Well, before opening an email, the subject line is the most crucial thing a user sees. Therefore, examining your emails provides a clear understanding of the entirety of the subject line required for the recipient to connect with your message.

Error-Free Message

Emails may face coding issues, resulting in the delivery of corrupted messages. Testing guarantees that the message you plan to send has been proofread and finalized.


Delivering your message while maintaining the fonts, colors, and picture settings are rendering.

Some email platforms may not support particular fonts and settings, resulting in misspelled fonts and damaged graphics.

By maintaining backup fonts or pictures, testing assures the appropriate presentation of the message.

Now that you understand the what & why of email testing, it’s time to examine the characteristics your email testing tool must provide.

What Features Would An Ideal Email Testing Tool Have?


An ideal email testing tool must be fully compatible with major email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. So that regardless of the email service you employ, you may test and edit your email draughts.

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Able to Identify Sender’s Reputation

A sender score, similar to a credit score, evaluates the health of your email.

It assesses the sender’s reputation and provides insight into how you are likely to be received by your intended audience.

Reliable Email Testing Tools should be able to identify your sender’s reputation status and let you know whether your emails are delivered to the inbox or the spam bin.

Spam Check

Landing in the spam folders of your subscribers’ inboxes renders your attempt futile. Instead, email testing tools should determine whether or not typical spam filters block your email message. And if it doesn’t, the tool should recommend the necessary steps.

Defect Tracking

Your email testing is ineffective if it cannot detect and report any issues. In the event of a problem, the testing tool must signal the issue and communicate it to the team for prompt resolution.

6 Best Email Testing Tools to Use for your Mailer Campaigns

Let’s now look at some of the best Email Testing Tools (free & paid) you should try.

1. CoSchedule

Lets talk about the top-rated and Best Email Testing Tools for better Email Marketing. CoSchedule is an email line tester that generates attention-grabbing subject lines for increased click-throughs and engagement.


  • When you have an engaged audience base, subject lines generated by CoSchedule guarantee a 40x higher open rate than Facebook posts.
  • After analyzing your emails, it provides you with a highly relevant and customized subject line.
  • Consider the optimal number of words and characters for subject lines to maximize open rates.
  • Allows emojis in subject lines to increase the open rate by up to 57 %.
  • Let’s you A/B test your subject lines.
  • The subject line tester on CoSchedule is a free-to-use utility.

2. DeBounce

It is one of the best Email Testing Tools for optimized delivery 2022. DeBounce is a simple and speedy email validation tool that eliminates spam-trapped and deactivated emails, thereby protecting your subscriber from unwanted communications. In addition, it results in a clean email list, strengthening your marketing and promotional campaign.


  • Reduces bounce rates and eliminates invalid email addresses to maintain a clean email list.
  • Automatically detects duplicate emails in your spreadsheet and deletes them.
  • Intelligent spam trap removal destroys all email addresses associated with spam.
  • Powerful integrations with many email service providers allow you to automate, import, and maintain the cleanliness of your lists.
  • Debounce restless API permits instantaneous verification of email addresses.
  • DeBounce is a more affordable option than other validation tools. The best aspect is that you only pay for what you use, and your credits never expire.

3. MailSlurp

Are you seeking for the best Free email marketing tools to save you time and money? If we talk about the best Email Testing Tools open source, this Free Email Testing Software is an end-to-end testing solution that allows developers, QA testers, and email marketing teams to send and receive emails from an unlimited number of bespoke email addresses.


  • Using the MailSlurp domain pool, create both temporary and permanent bespoke email addresses.
  • Enables the creation of email inboxes for sending and receiving emails.
  • Integral testing of integration using Selenium and other frameworks.
  • Email tracking pixels allow you to observe who opened the email on the dashboard.
  • Supports automatic email forwarding based on fields such as body and subject line that match.
  • MailSlurps provides scalable pricing plans for organizations of all sizes. You can begin with the Starter plan and increase as your needs evolve.
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4. Litmus

It is among the best Email Testing Tools online for your next successful Email campaign. Litmus email testing is an all-inclusive email marketing solution that enables you to optimize your email marketing to increase productivity and engagement.

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This email tool tester deliverability is one of the most reliable email marketing solutions, with over 70,000 users from corporations such as J.P. Morgan and Ford.


  • Contains tools for the mass creation of high-impact emails for large and small enterprises.
  • Allows your entire staff to collaborate and work in a centralized location, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Litmus Personalize enables you to deliver customized, AI-powered, automated email campaigns.
  • Automatic email testing improves your email’s correctness and optimizes it for increased conversions.
  • Integrations with several ESPs save the time and effort required to manage manual email chores.
  • Litmus provides three programs adapted to the needs of your email marketing campaign. Then, you may proceed to test the strategy that best matches your squad.

5. GlockApps

GlockApps is email testing software that detects problems with email campaigns and recommends remedies for more efficient email delivery. It is one of the highly-rated free Email Testing Tools for better Email Marketing.


  • Email spam checker allows you to check the health of your email copy in seconds and provides suggestions for improvement.
  • The DMARC analytics checker identifies questionable emails and safeguards your brand against phishing and spoofing.
  • Uptime monitoring software guarantees that your website is constantly accessible.
  • Inbox email tester assists in determining where your emails have landed.
  • Gappie, the email inbox bot, gives immediate security and domain reports on your email domain.
  • In addition to the free trial, which is restricted to 3 Email spam tests, GlockApps allows you to develop a customized plan to increase your email marketing campaign.

6. Mail Tester

If you are looking for the best Email Testing Tools then Mail Tester is a perfect choice. It is a simple tool that analyses the quality of your newsletter and identifies any current technical issues.


  • Checks your spam score each time an email is sent to a newly generated address.
  • Use JSON API to integrate mail-tester results with your app.
  • No advertisement on your email tests.
  • Receive statistics on your daily, weekly, and monthly consumption.
  • Mail-tester provides various options based on the number of users, so you pay for the services you employ.

Final Words

Each email testing tool has distinct advantages. These Email Testing Tools are meant to improve email deliverability to the intended recipient.

In addition, these technologies decrease the possibility of sending a user an incorrect email, which could be detrimental in the long run. Try out one of these Email Testing Tools if you want to execute a successful email marketing campaign.

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