8 Best Drawing Apps for Windows 10-11

Many creative professionals prefer Apple over Microsoft on the mistaken belief that the drawing apps for Windows are less polished and user-friendly. The truth is that Windows is more than a crude workhorse. It includes a variety of drawing, sketching, and design applications for both beginners and pros.

Whether you choose a drawing tablet or a pen display, Windows includes a large selection of free and paid Drawing software. In this article, you’re about to discover the most excellent drawing apps for Windows.

The 8 Best Drawing Apps for Windows

We listed the eight best drawing apps for Windows that will help you improve your artistic talent.


1. Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator was created to draw apps for windows and has become a de facto standard in the digital art industry. Illustrator provides all the tools an artist requires, regardless of the type of art being created or the drawing tablet used. This app is a comprehensive drawing package that enables you to create intricate artwork suitable for printing.

As previously stated, Photoshop is not a vector editor; however, Illustrator is. Scalability is a property of vectors. This means you can resize your shapes at any time without sacrificing quality. Vector editing is critical when creating logos and other design elements.

Illustrator works best in conjunction with Photoshop, and both are available as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription.

2. Krita


Krita is an artistic drawing app created by artists for artists. Additionally, it is entirely free! This free application can be used in place of most top drawing apps for windows, as it includes many of the functionality found in commercial apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
There are numerous brushes and pens available, as well as halftone filters, perspective tools, HDR support, and complex transform tools. Additionally, you can create customized meetings. Krita is ideal for many forms of graphics and drawings, including comics.
The most intriguing aspect is the selecting wheel. This selection tool will appear when you right-click or use the shortcut button on your stylus. While drawing, you may rapidly move between drawing tools, colors, and other tools without diverting your attention.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the professional digital art world’s jack-of-all-trades for a reason. It can perform a variety of tasks, including photo editing, digital painting, and drawing. The only disadvantage is the lack of vector editing. However, Adobe Illustrator can compensate for this shortcoming.

Photoshop includes a variety of brushes and pens that can help you create any bespoke digital art you can imagine. Additionally, this library can be expanded by installing third-party brush packages. Numerous distinct brushes are available, ranging from simple textures to constructed items.

Photoshop is highly versatile, and you cannot go wrong choosing it over other Best Drawing Apps for Windows.

4. Sketchbook


As the app’s name implies, Sketchbook is ideal for sketching your ideas. However, it’s designed to mimic the sensation of drawing with a pen and paper, thus utilizing a stylus is strongly suggested for the best experience.

Enable full-screen mode in Sketchbook to have a large canvas in front of you and nothing else to distract you. Then, create your designs using the numerous brushes and tools available to you. Additionally, you can modify everything you require.
Having said that, the most helpful feature of Sketchbook is the Predictive Stroke tool. While sketching is inherently imprecise, Sketchbook compensates for many imperfections by automatically adjusting the lines and shapes you draw.

5. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is an excellent drawing app for windows producers of manga and comics. The app includes over 800 tones/backgrounds, brushes, 50 brushes, and twenty font styles. It’s a straightforward and effective tool for folks who are just getting started on their comics or manga creator journey and are looking for a way to learn and grow.

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Additionally, the app supports cloud syncing between platforms. It includes Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android apps and syncs your work between platforms. It is unquestionably a viable alternative for aspiring manga or comics creators.

6. Corel Painter

Corel Painter

Corel Painter is one of the best drawing apps for windows pros, yet it comes at a hefty price. After the trial period expires, you can purchase a one-time purchase for $430 or a yearly subscription for $199. However, if you look hard enough, you may discover some excellent deals on Amazon and other retailers. Corel Painter is occasionally included in $30 cheap bundles.

Corel Painter, on the other hand, excels at digital painting. Its tools are designed to eliminate as much of the “digital” component as possible, giving your digital brush strokes the appearance of those on an actual canvas. You’ll have unparalleled control over the dab effect of the brush.

If you’re primarily a digital painter, you should give Corel Painter a try, despite the frighteningly high price tag.

7. Clip Studio Paint Pro

Clip Studio Paint Pro is difficult to beat for comics, character art, and concept art. It recreates the conventional sketching experience with incredibly accurate pen pressure detection and necessary painting features. In addition, it is optimized for Wacom drawing tablets, is the Best Drawing App for Windows, so if you own one, you owe it to yourself to give this app a try. Other tablets, however, are supported as well.

There are thousands of customizable brushes available, and the makers are constantly adding new drawing materials to assist you in creating the best art possible. Additionally, other users add to the materials collection, ensuring that there is never a shortage of tools to work with. Clip Studio Paint Pro is essentially a budget-friendly version of Corel Painter.

Having said that, if you’re not a fan of subscriptions, you’ll be pleased to find that Clip Studio Paint Pro is available for $49.99. This is a one-time purchase, and you can upgrade to the Ex version of the software at any time to gain access to additional exciting features.

8. Rebelle 5

If you’re interested in creating hyper-realistic digital artworks, Rebelle 5 may be just what you’re looking for. This Drawing app is designed to replicate how oil and watercolor paints interact with one another and the canvas or paper. Choose from hundreds of brushes, papers, and canvases to experience the sensation of painting in the real world without making a mess.

Rebelle 5 offers several exciting features, such as the DropEngine and Blow Tool. You may create drips on your canvas or adjust the direction of the paint’s flow to create unique effects. Rebelle 5 is one of the top Windows drawing apps for artists transitioning from conventional to digital painting.

Conclusion: Drawing Apps for Windows

While Windows may not have the best reputation among artists, there are so many amazing drawing apps available that you should not overlook them. All Best Drawing Apps for Windows 10-11 on our list are compatible with drawing tablets, touch displays, and even a mouse (not recommended). So give them a try and let us know which Drawing Apps for Windows are your favorite in the comments section below.

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