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How To Fix Easily Disney Plus Stuck On Loading Screen?

Are you weary of regularly seeing Disney Plus Stuck on Loading Screen? Several Disney users are experiencing the same problem as you. Exists a solution for watching a movie conveniently? We have presented various methods to fix Disney Plus stuck on the loading screen. Disney Plus is one of the most popular on-demand video streaming apps with Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV. With its 2019 debut, Disney Plus has amassed over 264 million subscribers and counting. Yet, seeing such a problem in a popular streaming app is unpleasant and immediately hinders our streaming experience. So, let’s go deep into possibilities to prevent it.

Disney Plus Stuck On Loading Screen Reason

1 – The Internet connection is weak.

2 – Disney Plus Server Outages. 

3 – Corrupted Browser and App Cache. 

4 – Outdated App.

How To Fix Easily Disney Plus Stuck On Loading Screen?

When the cause of a certain problem is established, it is easier to act upon it. From basic Internet speed testing to complex cache cleaning, you can rely on tried-and-true techniques.

Check Server Outages

Similarly, the issue may originate from the Disney Plus server’s network connection. Nowadays, server downtime is extremely prevalent. First, you must find out if you are stuck on the loading screen. To investigate the problem, visit Downdetector in your browser. It will display the server status globally. If it indicates a problem in your area, wait several minutes or hours. You are not required to do any actions with your hands. Disney Plus will handle the situation.

Disney Plus Stuck On Loading Screen

Unstable Internet Connection

This error on Disney Plus mostly results from a sluggish or inconsistent internet connection. Before doing anything else, you should check the Internet speed with Speedtest, the industry-leading speed test tool. Even you may use other websites in your browser to test for network stability and prevent network instability. If there is a problem with the internet, you may either restart the router or contact the internet service provider.

Restart Disney Plus App Or Website

We often do this when our apps and browser cannot visit a website. See this issue if your Memory is depleted of other running apps. Even helping to eliminate temporary bugs. For example, users of the Disney Plus website can shut their browsers and reopen the site. Similarly, app users can close the app and reopen it later. Consequently, it facilitates bag clearance and allows ample RAM for effortless access.

Update Browser & Disney Plus App

A browser update is also viable for eliminating a stuck loading screen. A browser that is out of date retains bugs, obsolete security updates, etc. So, we must routinely update our web browser. Disney Plus will function better if you use the most recent browser version. Therefore, ensure that you have the most recent version. Similarly, updating the app to eliminate existing bugs and acquire all new features and compatibility is necessary. The app may be updated via the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Disney Plus Stuck On Loading Screen

Reinstall Disney Plus

If upgrading is ineffective, you may also attempt this workaround. First, you must uninstall the app from your smartphone. It will delete all app-related stored data. Then, download the app again from app shops. Now enter your credentials to access the newly downloaded apps.

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Reinstall Disney Plus On Android

1 – Launch the Play Store and navigate to Manage apps and device > Manage.

2 – Locate Disney Plus, then uninstall it.

3 – Afterwards, reinstall it.

Reinstall Disney Plus On iOS

1 – Launch the App Store > Account icon.

2 – Locate Disney Plus and swipe left to uninstall it.

3 – Return to the App Store’s homepage and reinstall the app.

Reboot Streaming Device

Disney Plus is compatible with the most popular streaming devices, including Android TV Box, Fire TV, and Roku. Restarting the streaming device is an important solution to the issue. As indicated previously, restart the app and browser. Similarly, restart the streaming device.

Clear Corrupt Data And Cache

Caches are beneficial, but only sometimes. It accepts both corrupt and legitimate files. Clearing caches is, therefore, one of the practical solutions for Disney Plus being stuck on the loading screen.

Clear Disney Plus Cache On Android

1 – Launch Settings > App Managers. 

2 – Search for Disney Plus and select it.

3 – Now, click the Clear Cache button and then click OK.

Clear Disney Plus Cache On Browser

1 – Go to Disney Plus using your favorite web browser.

2 – Click the lock icon at the beginning of the search bar if the error occurs.

Disney Plus Stuck On Loading Screen

3 – Now click the cookies, choose each individually, and click Remove. All that is required is hand cleaning using the same method.

Clear Disney Plus Cache On FireStick

1 – Launch FireStick, then click Settings.

2 – Next, click Apps, followed by the app manager.

3 – Search for Disney Plus and press the force stop button.

4 – Click clear cache and clear data.

Remove/Deactivate Ad-Blocker

Several issues accompany ad-blocker extensions. I’ve had the same issue with other streaming websites. When I deactivated the extensions, the streaming websites began to function. So, you may get an error notice from Disney if you have the Ad-Blocker extension installed. Disable or remove it from your browser to get access to Disney Plus.

Stop Using Proxy And VPN

Using proxy networks and VPNs has several advantages. It conceals your IP address and safeguards your data from prying eyes. Even so, it helps to boost the internet’s speed. Yet things are not always rosy. Proxy networks and VPNs are the cause of the issue. As a result, removing VPN and proxy is the most effective technique to circumvent the loading screen.

Re-Log Into Your Disney Plus Account Or Contact

It would be best if you also tried these when you have attempted all of the above steps. You may be out of everything if you receive this error. After re-logging in, Disney Plus may begin functioning normally. It aids in establishing a new bond.


You have adequate information on how to fix Disney Plus stuck on loading screen. However, if you continue needing help using Disney Plus, please let us know in the comment area.

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