12+ Best Data Recovery Software For Windows To Try

Data recovery is rescuing inaccessible or lost data from secondary storage devices, such as a hard disk drive or other portable media. When you keep data on a drive and cannot access it in the usual manner, you must utilize data recovery software. When someone loses data, they suffer the pain of retrieving them. To solve such a situation, people seek data recovery tools. This post will explore the 12+ best Windows data recovery software.

12+ Best Data Recovery Software For Windows

There are hundreds of Windows data recovery software accessible on the internet. Some recovery software is often updated. Therefore, finding the best software for hard drive recovery is difficult. To solve this issue, we are here to provide you with a real understanding of disk recovery. Cloud storage can be used to minimize this risk. Please keep in mind that the order of our writing is not dependent on rank. Although we have written for Windows, these documents are equally compatible with Mac and other operating systems.


1. Recuva

Recuva is one of the most effective free hard drive recovery software. It can recover files from CDs, DVDs, hard disks, external devices, and memory cards. Before complete recovery, an intuitive user interface and preview screen are provided. Recuva is compatible with all Windows operating system versions.

2. Stellar Professional Data Recovery Software

Stellar data recovery software enables you to retrieve lost data from Windows-based devices, including PCs, laptops, Ultrabooks, etc. It recovers data from various optical disk formats, including DVD, CD, blue-ray disk, and HD DVD. In addition, Stellar recovers lost or deleted emails from Lotus Notes, Exchange, and Outlook Express file systems.


Undelete 360 is a potent piece of software for recovering accidentally lost files. It recovers files erased inadvertently from a computer, flash drive, or digital camera. File and folder recovery are supported. This data recovery software needs to increase its scanning performance; however, it is compatible with all Windows versions.

4. TestDisk

It would be foolish not to include TestDisk in the free data recovery software list. TestDisk is open-source software designed to recover lost partitions. It includes several options for both beginners and experts. TestDisk’s command-line tool is not user-friendly for some users. It installs several unwanted add-ons.

5. Prosoft Data Rescue

The user interface of Prosoft Data Rescue, one of the most recent Windows data recovery software, has been enhanced. It supports support for RAID and RAW recovery solutions. This software may also identify duplicate files. A free version of this important software is also available to the general public. However, it does not enable encrypted storage media, signature-based file recovery, overwrite protection, or the quickest recovery.

6. EaseUS Data Recovery Software

The EaseUS Data Recovery software is a top-tier file recovery software. It also offers a limited-use trial version. It supports the recovery of lost partitions through a comprehensive search of many storages. This software lacks overwriting protection and recovery resume options. However, it supports all Windows OS versions.

7. Active@ File Recovery

Active@ File Recovery software locates and recovers lost or deleted files with a single click. In addition to RAID, it supports several file systems. It also supports and retrieves signature-based searches. This recovery software permits 64kb of free space. Before installation, you can review the Active@ File Recovery Users Guide and end-user licensing agreement.

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8. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a wonderful option if you’re looking for free, strong file recovery software. It helps you easily recover lost or deleted data from several storage locations. Disk Drill is capable of recognizing all file systems and restoring them. Like Stellar, it offers many scanning options, including deep and rapid scans. In addition, this recovery tool is compatible with all Windows OS variants.

9. iCare Data Recovery

iCare is a vital data recovery software with all required options. This software features several options: deleted file recovery, lost partition recovery, and deep scan recovery. Its superior user interface will captivate you and make you forget about the agony of data loss. Even though it has several functions, it does not support encrypted files.

10. ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro

ParetoLogic is an outstanding software developed to recover lost files, particularly emails. It also helps data recovery from SD cards, hard disks, SSDs, and USB devices. There are options to select a customized scan, a whole scan, or a drive. Unfortunately, it does not handle damaged or formatted disks with Lotus notes and Outlook email recovery options.

11. MiniTool Partition Recovery

MiniTool Partition Recovery is a typical Windows data recovery software. This software is useful when a whole partition is lost. It is an intuitive interface based on a wizard specializing in the whole data partition. It supports all Windows operating system versions.

12. Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is one of the best free Windows data recovery software. It provides several options for its users, including NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes. Without conducting a recovery, the erased photographs and files can be previewed. Its surface scan technique permits the recovery of hidden, encrypted, and compressed files.

13. PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery is an additional great data recovery software. It is compatible with both FAT and NTFS file systems. This software’s rudimentary search capabilities can discover files by name. It is compatible with both local and network drives. It is convenient with all versions of Windows.

14. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.9

The software EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery tool for PCs, laptops, and other Windows-enabled devices. It includes options for recovering mistakenly deleted files, formatted data, recycle bin data, lost partitions, virus attacks, and RAW partitions. This robust software can recover over a thousand distinct file kinds. It is available in free and paid options for Windows and Mac OS.

15. Puran File Recovery

Among these data recovery software, I endorse Puran File Recovery. Because it is free and restores files without altering their quality. It has three modes of operation, including a default rapid scan, a deep scan, and a full scan. It is convenient with all Windows operating systems.

Wrapping Up: Data Recovery Software For Windows

Data loss is a major concern. We recommend using backup apps to prevent valuable images, papers, etc., from being lost. You may find your preferred data recovery software among the best available. All download URLs for that specific software have been supplied. Share this post on social media if you find it helpful, and don’t forget to bookmark this page.

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