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16 Best CRM For Small Businesses You Can Try

CRM For Small Businesses: CRM, in a nutshell, implies enhancing your existing relationship with customers to retain them. Not to mention identifying new prospects and regaining lost customers. All of this is possible with the aid of the CRM software list.

What Exactly Is CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management software allows you to effortlessly collect, organize, and manage important information about your customers. As a result, you may improve customer relations, increase revenue, maximize upselling and cross-selling activities, and optimize your marketing actions by implementing a CRM-focused approach.

CRM Software For Small Business Benefits

The correct CRM software may assist you in improving your business’s sales graph. As a result, investing in CRM software for small businesses becomes critical.

Automate Leads: CRM software allows you to automate inputting lead data, reducing the possibility of inaccurate inputs and human errors.

Improving Sales: Customer relationship management speeds up the completion of deals in your sales pipeline by simplifying communication along the sales funnel.

Storing Customer Information: To avoid data breaches, invest in a CRM system that assures total confidentiality of customer details.

Tracking Sales: It is impossible to keep track of all sales details manually. Online CRM software, on the other hand, may assist in keeping track of everything.

SMS, Social, and Email Integration: These features can assist you in running customized promotional campaigns.

Reports and Analysis: Reporting and analytics are important features of CRM software that aid in marketing and sales automation.

As a small business owner, you must prioritize an affordable and high-quality solution.

CRM Software Types

Sales CRM Software

It is used by sales teams in small and big businesses to manage their daily calling schedules, lead management, and customer business. In addition, Sales CRM software tracks lead nurturing phases to ensure a higher conversion rate.

Analytical CRM Software

Analytical CRM software aggregates all business-related data on a single platform to help you better understand your sales and marketing analytics. It also gives financial analysis to assist in making better business decisions.

Cloud CRM Software

Cloud CRM software is handled via cloud hosting, with all customer data saved on the cloud for simple access. Additionally, businesses may have immediate internet access to cloud CRM software features.

Operational CRM Software

Operational CRM is a full-business CRM solution that helps businesses manage all of their customer demands on a single platform. It aids in the tracking and management of sales, marketing, and customer service operations.

Online CRM Software

Online CRM list is a web-based software that allows for speedier customer relationship management from any location and at any time. To use the features of online CRM software, you only need a system and an internet connection.

16 Best CRM For Small Businesses

Let’s look at the best online CRM software that may assist small customers in managing customer business activities.


1. CircleOne

CircleOne CRM by Bluewhirl Technologies is customer relationship management software that allows your business to communicate with customers by email, phone, or social media. It also features omnichannel chatbot functionality to ensure that your business is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, you may design and map multiple business processes on the fly using its dynamic workflow functionality. The primary benefit of adopting Bluewhirle CircleOne is that it enables you to contact customers.

2. Salesforce Cloud CRM Software is a multinational corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California, that created Salesforce, a comprehensive CRM solution. Contact Management, Lead Management, Opportunity Management, and Email Integration are just a few of the features available in the Salesforce CRM solution. In addition, you may also perform Sales Forecasting, Workflow and Approvals, File Sync, and Share. Helps customers at the center of all business activity.

3. ezeeCRM

ezeeCRM software is also used to manage sales funnels based on lead classification by area and other characteristics. It offers customizable reporting solutions for better campaign management and performance evaluation of your sales staff. EzeeCRM is a feasible solution for deal management and quotation creation as a sales force automation tool.

Other built-in elements of this sales CRM system software include dedicated email client support, contact grouping, and a configurable layout. As a result, EzeeCRM is an all-in-one solution for managing your sales and marketing processes from lead generation through deal closure. In addition, its robust report builder is ideal for creating graphical tables for better opportunity management.

4. Solid Performers CRM

Solid Performers CRM is a cloud-based CRM solution that may be the most valuable tool for your customer relations management team. It sends strong signals to remind executives to follow up on the most promising lead. It also has a bulk upload tool that helps you submit to up to 5000 leads in a single minute. In addition, Solid Performers CRM is ideal for researching the history of your previous encounters with a lead and then pursuing them based on this knowledge.

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5. Freshsales

Freshsales CRM software allows you to personalize your presence to fit your business strategy. Users can move between several currencies and languages when working with overseas clients. This sales CRM software enables fast data import, online chat, and tools for gaining real-time insights. Freshsales is a CRM software built in India that helps with everything from managing leads to tracking phone and email communication with customers, managing workflows, and providing reports. To enhance your sales success, Freshsales CRM software provides AI-based lead scoring.

6. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM software for small businesses is a top-rated CRM software that helps you monitor leads, optimize your sales operations, and complete transactions quicker. It has advanced features, including multi-channel communication, sales performance, sales efficiency, comprehensive customization, automation, and enterprise readiness. As a result, it can assist you in selling smarter, quicker, and better.

7. SalesBabu CRM

With after-sales service, inventory management, expense and payroll management, online ERP, customer helpdesk, and GST billing software, SalesBabu CRM automates your business demands and promotes sales with innovative technology. In addition, by using SalesBabu, you can improve customer engagement.

8. Maple CRM Software

Denisys Maple CRM for small businesses is a reliable solution for Indian SMBs. Maple CRM is used by over 500 Indian businesses to satisfy and retain customers. This system includes Automated Lead Assignment, Team Management & Access Control, Workflow Automation, Quotation Builder, and an Invoice Builder, among other features. It gives you a complete picture of your sales and marketing performance.

9. Agile CRM Tool

Agile integrates sales and marketing features to deliver better selling and total customer involvement. The Agile CRM software provides its clients with fascinating features like project management, telephony, appointment scheduling, lead scoring, marketing automation, email monitoring, and mobile marketing. It’s mobile-friendly and easy to use, with cutting-edge features and integrations.

10. SalezShark

SalezShark sales CRM system software can help small businesses develop stronger relationships with customers to increase sales. It also includes useful sales automation, relationship intelligence, marketing automation, a unified data solution, and an Outlook add-in for SalezShark. AI-powered helps in gathering meaningful customer insights and developing effective sales tactics.

11. Nextsky Sales CRM Software

Well, The customer relationship management solution for small business high-velocity sales teams helps you to track user activity, score prospects, and optimize your sales operations. Contact management, lead tracking and alerts, deal management, sales management, and invoice creation are all included in NextSky Sales CRM Software.

12. Focus CRM Software

The Focus CRM, one of the best CRM software for small businesses, can help you enhance information sharing, optimize your sales processes, promote accountability, drive transparency, integrate departments, and improve marketing and overall customer experience. A powerful solution for market segmentation and landing page integration.

13. Tentacle Cloud CRM Software

This option is a cloud-based software for small and medium-sized businesses that offer online help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tentacle is cutting-edge CRM software that aids in the improvement of customer service and productivity, the managing of leads, the monitoring of salesforces, and the reduction of operational expenses. Tentacle Telemarketing Software for lead management and salesforce monitoring.

14. Cratio CRM System

Cratio is a cloud CRM software marketed as the “Complete Solution to Improve Marketing & Sales Performance.” It includes automated drip marketing, email/website tracking, lead management, workflow rules and automation, and a mobile customer relationship management app. In addition, tools for closing more sales in less time and managing prospects with better analytics are provided.

15. Bitrix24

Bitrix24’s CRM is an excellent Salesforce alternative for those with scattered, remote teams, with many alternatives for staying in touch, collaborating, and sharing details. We’ll state that this app offers comprehensive CRM, marketing automation, project management, site design capabilities, and numerous communication possibilities with many features to list here.

16. Pipedrive

If you want simple sales CRM software, Pipedrive is a good option. While the platform provides a lot of flexibility, its sole purpose is to assist salespeople in selling. Other apps, such as marketing or service features, will not be available to distract you. Pipedrive’s user interface is simple, with all menu options on the left, a search box at the top, and an expanding menu on each page for fast adding deals, activities, leads, etc.

The Bottom Line:

Did you manage to find the feature of these best online CRM software to benefit your business? Leave a comment.

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