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12 Best Courier Management Software You Must Use

Incorporating cutting-edge technology into your courier service is not a luxury but a requirement in today’s fast-paced, technologically-driven culture. Utilizing beneficial software is vital for courier services, particularly if you want to automate core procedures, expand your client base, and efficiently manage other day-to-day activities. A courier management software may help you simplify your service for many customers, enhance efficiency, and optimize profits.

12 Best Courier Management Software

So, here are some of the most effective courier management software options.


1. Zepo Courier Management System

The Zepo courier management software was built specifically for e-commerce cargo management. It has collaborated with different courier services and allows you to compare and select the best based on their respective rates. Zepo helps efficient management of the remittance cycle. Within 7 days, you may collect the COD payment. In addition, you can access a complete history of payments received via COD mode.

2. Logistia

This courier management software will help your courier firm manage all of its resources and assign drivers to the most cost-effective and optimal route. You may save energy, gasoline, and time for last-mile delivery issues and avoid making erroneous judgments by using a routing system. This software allows you to create your own business rules and produce routes in seconds. Even if your driver is in courier with the package, you and the customer will know its predictability and transparency.

3. Bellboy

Bellboy is the best courier management software for registering daily consignment entries, setting rate lists by service, importing city lists from an Excel file, etc. Its ‘manage service type’ functionality distinguishes Bellboy software from others. You can manage pricing, cities, and more for various courier services, including parcel, super service, and priority service.

4. MicroDot Order Tracker

The software of MicroDot Order Track is not limited to delivery or driver tracking. It also helps with other courier verticals, such as billing and payment. The software includes multiple modules, including customer master, order entry, product master, and shipment type master. Using the appropriate modules, you can capture and manage all pertinent information on your courier service.

5. Orderhive

Orderhive is a simple Courier management software. Using this software, tracking your courier will no longer be a laborious chore so that any businessperson may concentrate on expanding their company without worrying about their couriers.

6. Purbis Courier

It is a courier dispatch and delivery software created specifically for single and multiple restaurant establishments. You may use it to order laundry, book logistics, and arrange for courier services. The parcel is collected from the customer’s location at the predetermined day and time, which is one of the distinguishing customers of Purbis.

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7. Shipway

Shipway is a multi-courier tracking system that helps the post-purchase experience for both customers and courier firms through its tracking and alert notification features. In addition, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) may be used to gauge your customers’ loyalty and enhance your courier service.

8. Courier Software by DNG WEB TECH

DNG courier software is suitable for courier organizations that require assistance with supplier management, parcel booking, barcoding, delivery scheduling, vehicle tracking, and other tasks. In addition, the DNG courier software supports ‘freight audits,’ allowing you to analyze, alter, and check the correctness of freight invoices.

9. Courier Management Software by HourGlass IT Solutions

HourGlass IT Solutions offers a comprehensive courier management system designed to fulfill the end-to-end needs of freight brokers, courier dispatching service providers, and transportation businesses. You can keep your customers satisfied with the appropriate software since there will be total transparency from the parcel’s pickup through its delivery.

10. Micraft Courier Management Software

The Micraft courier management software is ideal for travel and cargo agencies since it facilitates zone pricing setup, credit billing, and accounts receivable management. Signature capture and real-time data synchronization are only two of the software features that will help delivery efficiency.

11. Softpal Courier Management Software

This is an easy-to-use software for courier services that allows booking and billing. In addition, the suggested software helps you manage all aspects of Proof of Delivery (POD), such as scanning POD numbers and verifying POD status for packages delivered from each location (headquarters, branch, franchisee).

12. Courier Management Software by Sagar Informatics

The courier software from Sagar Informatics is suitable for both domestic and international courier services. It will help you efficiently manage all areas of courier service, including physical parcel management, client account, agent cost, etc. In addition, this software offers a variety of search categories, such as AWB numbers and forwarding numbers, for conducting inquiries. Similarly, you may analyze the firm’s performance based on many metrics.

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