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Best 11 Campaign Management Software

Most marketers would agree that managing, tracking, and optimizing multiple campaigns across diverse marketing channels is the most difficult aspect of a marketing campaign. While some marketers may be adept at strategy formulation, others may excel at implementation. If you have been in the marketing industry for some time, you will agree that all effective campaigns have one thing in common: they are well-organized and planned. To plan, organize, and track marketing efforts, campaign management software helps marketers. You are on the correct track if you have decided to acquire a campaign management solution for your organization. We have chosen the best campaign management software based on its usability, features, and customer feedback. However, before we get started with the list, let’s discuss campaign management software, its features, and how it optimizes your marketing strategy.

What’s Campaign Management Software?

From planning and execution to ROI measurement, Campaign Management Software is a comprehensive system that helps in all campaign life cycle management phases. Campaign management software helps plan, budget, execute, and track all digital marketing efforts from a central location. Obtaining campaign management software is preferable to employing an ad agency or digital marketing firm because it gives you complete control over the process without delegating anything. It helps with tracking, managing, and optimizing marketing campaigns. Campaign management systems contain modules for managing email marketing, social media monitoring, lead nurturing, email automation, and customer support, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Implementing Campaign Management Software Benefits

There are numerous advantages to implementing a campaign management system for your organization.

Increases Efficiency – Campaign management software results in increased efficiency, which means improved campaign results with less time, less money, and fewer resources.

Streamlines Workflow – Using a single platform for all your marketing activities, you can expedite the workflow between teams, departments, and locations.

Gives Real‑time Analytics – All the data generated by various digital marketing channels are aggregated on a single platform, making tracking, measuring, and analyzing all actions easier.

Helps With Budgeting – Based on the results of various campaigns, it helps with budgeting. The software enables marketers to make more informed judgments regarding what requires attention next.

Better Collaboration – Campaign management tool promotes collaboration between teams working on a specific digital marketing campaign or endeavor.

Valuable Insight – Campaign management solutions can give marketers valuable insights into their target audience. This helps with targeting, which leads to improved results automatically.

Increased ROI – Campaign management software assists analysts in track, assessing, and optimizing various marketing efforts, resulting in increased ROIs.

What Does Campaign Management Software Do?

Using campaign management software, you can track, manage, and optimize your marketing campaigns. Here are a few of the many things campaign management software can do for you.

Reporting – Reporting is one of the greatest benefits campaign management software provides. It simplifies reporting so marketers can generate real-time reports and send them to consumers.

Data Mining – It can also assist marketers in data mining, which means it can track the behavior of consumers as they interact with various campaigns so that you can offer them better experiences and increase conversions.

Customer Segmentation – It enables marketers to segment their prospective consumers and visitors based on their behavior, preferences, demographics, age, gender, etc. This enables marketing professionals to target their audience more effectively, increasing the business’s overall ROI.

Marketing Automation – Using campaign management software, marketers can increase sales and conversions with email automation and lead nurturing tools.

Collaboration – Campaign management software enables you to attach your website to various social media channels to coordinate marketing efforts across all platforms.

Campaign management is an entirely digital workplace for marketers that combines all campaigns related to specific campaigns to monitor, manage, and enhance the measures.

Why Implement Campaign Management Software?

Marketers need campaign management software primarily for two reasons: consolidating insights and automating marketing efforts. Campaign management tools gather information from your ongoing campaigns across multiple platforms and display it in a single window. You do not need to opt-in to each platform to view the number of generated leads, cost, CTR, CPA, etc. The effectiveness of various marketing efforts can be viewed and compared on a single interface. Automation is the next thing that requires a campaign management system. It could autonomously verify leads with OTPs, send product-related emails, halt or resume campaigns, and more. For instance, it could capture the pixels of your website’s visitors and automatically display advertisements on their Facebook news feed.

Best 11 Campaign Management Software

The following is a list of the best campaign management software.

1. HubSpot

Campaign Management Software

HubSpot offers a comprehensive, user-friendly campaign management solution for managing your marketing requirements. It offers a real-time, bird’s-eye view of your entire campaign via seamless collaboration and a single execution interface. In addition, all paid plans include storage for up to 15 million contacts, allowing you to maintain updated and organized contact lists.


  • Field-level privileges.
  • Adaptive examination.
  • Lead scoring with prediction.
  • Omni-channel automation.
  • Video hosting & management.
  • Ad retargeting.

2. Comarch

Campaign Management Software

Comarch’s Campaign Management Solution is the ideal marketing automation and analytics tool for agencies and independent marketers. Comarch’s marketing solution offers multistage campaign planning and interactions across multiple channels, triggered by time-based triggers and facilitated by rapid workflow construction. Additionally, it enables marketers to create access to external sources. You will have everything you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level with Comarch.


  • Campaign planning with multiple phases.
  • Multi-channel interactions.
  • Outside Window.
  • Omnichannel consumer engagement.
  • Real-time efficacy of campaigns.
  • Integrated templates and graphics tools.

3. Zocket

Campaign Management Software

The campaign management software provided by Zocket enables businesses to run Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads in under 30 seconds without requiring specialized knowledge. The three-step ad-running procedure permits you to reach a larger audience on online platforms and even drive them to your local offline stores. First, attach your Facebook Business page to Zocket to get started. Then, choose the type of Ad campaign you wish to run and create Ads using the images and text provided by the Zocket Wizard. You are now prepared to run a creative ad. Finally, track the efficacy of your ads and optimize your campaigns as necessary.

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  • Campaign Improvement.
  • Create thumb-stopping ads and ads for multiple platforms.
  • Receive more customer inquiries and inquiries.
  • Gain benefits.
  • Monitor Ad results.
  • Create regionalized advertising campaigns.

4. Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Campaign Management Software

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation is the primary platform for constructing and tracking dynamic marketing campaigns. It facilitates advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities. The software enables the execution of targeted marketing campaigns based on data-driven decisions. In addition, the platform offers tools for creating landing pages and designing forms.


  • Creation of dynamic, adaptive campaigns.
  • Automated and accurate scoring of leads.
  • Strategic account targeting.
  • Continuous reporting.
  • More than 500 integrations across platforms.

5. Drip

Campaign Management Software

Drip is an industry-leading marketing automation tool designed specifically for expanding eCommerce brands. It offers multi-channel campaign execution and tracking and proven eCommerce playbooks that are already pre-built for increased efficiency. In addition, the segmentation tools of the Drip campaign software enable marketers to target customers precisely. If you’re in the market for a user-friendly campaign marketing tool, Drip should be at the top of your list.


  • Built-in playbook.
  • Deep data mining.
  • Effective Segmentation Software.
  • Integration with a Single Click.
  • Effective A/B testing.

6. Google Analytics (Campaign Manager 360)

It is a comprehensive and integrated campaign administration and analysis solution that offers users unique insights. Google Campaign Manager 360 would be ideal for businesses with a long-term perspective. In data-driven campaign optimizations, it converts essential insights into results.


  • Insightful Google Search Engine Data.
  • Data laboratory Survey.
  • Tag Manager.
  • Analysis of the funnel.
  • Modeling of User and Conversion Behavior.
  • Export Google BigQuery data.

7. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an all-inclusive marketing automation solution that is also a comprehensive CRM. Beyond campaign optimization, it helps marketers generate and cultivate prospects through a well-designed pipeline. In addition, Bots automate all routine campaign management tasks. In addition, the group calendar helps executives keep track of follow-up deadlines. The built-in cloud CRM ensures that every lead is followed up on.


  • Lead Nurturing infrastructure.
  • Multiple communication avenues.
  • Bots and AI for automation.
  • Group schedule.
  • Integrated CRM.

8. HootSuite

It is a comprehensive social media management and campaign automation tool. With relative ease, you can create a targeted customer base and respond to direct messages, comments, and reactions across multiple channels. HootSuite also helps schedule posts on all social media channels through a single, user-friendly interface. In addition, there is a vast repository of complimentary certification courses on SMM to help you get started.


  • Communication throughout multiple channels.
  • Bulk Post Scheduling.
  • Monitoring of brand sentiment.
  • Effective search functionality.
  • Administration and reporting are made simple.
  • Accurate and unique metrics.
  • Access is based on a user’s role.

9. EngageBay

It is a comprehensive online marketing solution that facilitates campaigns, automates marketing duties, and offers robust analytics to track progress. EngageBay software includes features for developing customizable forms and landing pages and automated emailing, response systems, social media administration, and CRM integration. EngageBay contains everything necessary to rocket-boost your marketing strategy.


  • Customizable landing pages and forms.
  • Individualized mass emailing.
  • Marketing automation that is fully integrated.
  • Email sequencing.
  • Social suite.
  • Large database of templates.

10. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns makes creating and managing email and SMS campaigns easier. To improve the results of your campaigns, use this potent marketing automation tool to help with dynamic personalization. Additionally, it offers integration capabilities with a multitude of other corporate systems. Due to its reasonable price, the campaign management system is famous among small teams and sole proprietors.


  • Personalized emails and SMS.
  • Dynamic personalization.
  • Effective A/B testing.
  • Automation that can be dropped.
  • Lead path identification.
  • Send-time enhancement.
  • Email cadence.

11. Asana

Asana is the ideal automation and collaboration tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers tools for delegation and requests, as well as project planners. In addition, the software centralizes the entire workflow so that every team member is always aware of what is happening. To help your campaigns get off to a good start, Asana software also offers a cloud-based library of landing pages and form templates. Asana is free with limited features and offers a 30-day free trial for paid programs. So “Know before purchase.”


  • Timeline feature.
  • Custom rules generator.
  • Customization and Branching of Forms.
  • Innovative integrations.
  • Assignee and due dates.


How Can Campaign Management Software Improve Marketing Campaigns?

Campaign management software helps marketers create, automate, and plan marketing campaigns by reducing the required work. It handles the repetitive duties associated with marketing so that marketers have time to focus on what is most important.

What Are The Best Campaign Management Tools In Digital Marketing?

Among digital marketing agencies, Oracle Eloqua, Comarch, and HubSpot are among the most prominent campaign management tools.

How To Locate The Best Campaign Management Software?

To find the best campaign management software for your requirements, consider your preferences and compare the functionality, ease of use, support options, and available integrations.

The Bottom Line:

The list of Campaign Management Software is complete. If you find this content useful, please share it and spread the news!

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