Best Browser For Windows 11 To Try In 2022

Windows 11 has a respectable web browser, Microsoft Edge. It is lightweight, quick, and secure. The redesigned Edge browser is user-easy, has several customization options, and includes an easy privacy and security policy. In addition, you are provided with three tracking prevention modes: Basic, Balanced, and Strict. However, you may always switch to a different browser if Edge lacks the style you want or if you want to experiment with a new appearance. Either way, we’ve combed the web and tested hundreds of browsers to help you choose the best one. So, here are some suggestions for the best browser for Windows 11.

What To Search For In The Best Browser For Windows 11?

The ideal web browser combines all essentials, such as privacy, speed, and performance. However, you may pick the best browser for your needs based on one particular factor.

Gaming – Browsers designed for gaming are often quicker, consume less RAM, and offer a variety of unique features.

Privacy – Browsers that focus on privacy monitor and restrict ads and trackers to protect your data. Some browsers may offer additional features against harmful threats.

Speed – These browsers are lightweight and primarily focused on rapidly loading web pages. Such browsers are optimal for professional use.

Personalization – Browsers focusing on personalization include various customization tools that unleash the user’s creativity.

Best Browser For Windows 11

There is an abundance of browsers available on the market. We have narrowed our recommendations to the top five to save you time. Here are some other browsers to consider:

1. Opera GX

Browser For Windows 11

Opera GX is an excellent option if you want a browser ideal for gaming and other areas. It provides several appealing features and customization tools. You can customize the browser’s behavior. With GX Control, you may restrict the amount of RAM, CPU, and network resources the browser uses. This will make it from becoming too hefty for your PC. As soon as Opera GX is installed, you may add browser sounds and background music. You may add social networking apps like Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram to the left sidebar for easy access. The GX cleaner feature eliminates unnecessary files and enhances performance. You see fewer ads with the integrated ad blocker and may access restricted content with the integrated VPN. Even though activating the VPN feature will slow down your network connection. Also, it is the best browser for gaming.

2. Brave

Browser For Windows 11

Brave is a browser that respects your privacy and reduces the excessive quantity of ads on the web. This Chromium-based browser protects your online data by preventing ads that might monitor and compromise your privacy. Consequently, your PC should be secure from internet threats like malware. Brave allows users to use the well-respected Tor browser engine, which increases the factor of privacy. It improves your surfing experience by never showing a pre-roll ad on YouTube. Brave claims to be three times quicker than Chrome and far less battery-hungry. Brave Reward is an additional enticing feature of the Brave browser. It is free, and users may earn crypto tokens for seeing particular privacy-preserving ads. On average, there is a potential to earn up to four crypto tokens monthly. Also, it is the best browser for privacy.

3. Chrome

Chrome, Google’s web browser, has been around the longest and is still one of the most popular browsers. Google Account Integration makes it incredibly easy to use, especially if you’re active on your Google accounts. Thus, all of your data is effortlessly synchronized. The Chrome Web Store and options to save passwords and manage bookmarks contribute to Chrome’s extensive extension catalog. Chrome allows you to make it your own due to its extensive customization options and regularly updated themes. You may now use Chrome’s Dark Mode if you wish to prevent eye strain. Also, Chrome is one of the fastest browsers.

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4. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is the best option if you’re looking for a lightweight browser that doesn’t consume many system resources. This browser can increase your productivity because every website loads instantly. Firefox excels in several areas, like security, privacy, extension support, and customization options. If you frequently use Incognito mode, Firefox is a better choice than other browsers since its Incognito mode is more secure. Also, it is the best lightweight browser.

5. Vivaldi

If you are looking for a new, highly customizable web browser, we recommend Vivaldi. With this browser, you may customize the appearance and functionality of your browser. You may determine where your tabs and address bar appear. You may pick where the browser tabs will appear. Vivaldi is entertaining since it provides access to distinctive, original themes. You may build your theme, which increases the amount of customization even further. Privacy mode provides privacy-focused features, such as a search tool that does not monitor users. You receive extra security features, such as an ad and tracker blocker. Vivaldi’s new features, including Break Mode, Notes, and Manager, allow for a more productive browsing experience. The Web Panels feature allows you to bookmark frequently-visited websites in a convenient area inside the browser for easy access. Also, it is the best browser for customization.

FAQs: Best Windows 11 Browser

Which Web Browsers Should I Avoid?

It is common for hackers to use a browser to gain access to your data. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise caution while installing a new browser. Check the reviews, investigate the developer team, and examine the ratings first. It is likely to be harmful if a browser is not widely used and has few ratings or reviews. The Wave browser is one such browser that releases viruses and manipulates your data. Therefore, we recommend avoiding such browsers.

How To Protect Browser From Malware?

Although it’s safe to ensure that you’ll be forever protected from viruses, here are a few actions to try:

1 – Don’t install suspicious extensions. 

2 – Don’t click pop-up links or ads. 

3 – Don’t use suspicious VPNs. 

4 – Remove passwords saved in the browser. 

5 – Turn off autofill passwords. 

6 – Don’t click Accept Cookies for random websites. 

7 – Clear the browser’s cache often.

8 – Update your browser regularly.

How To Easily Change The Default Browser In Windows 11?

If you wish to make your new browser your default, you can do it in one of the following ways: We demonstrate using the Vivaldi browser as the default.

1 – Launch your new browser and navigate to the Settings section.

2 – Navigate to General. 

3 – Click the Set as Default beneath the Default browser section.

Note: Certain settings may have different names depending on the browser used. Nevertheless, the ‘Set as Default’ option is typically easy to find beneath the initial settings.

Conclusion: Best Browser For Windows 11

We adore how browsers have progressed and gone a long way. However, as the threat to data security evolves, the privacy factor remains our top focus. Therefore, Brave is our choice. However, we also love switching between browsers to enhance our experience. Therefore, we occasionally switch to Chrome or Opera GX for additional customization options. In addition, we like to use premium VPNs while using a new browser for enhanced protection.

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