7 Best Bill Splitting Apps to Share Expenses

Today I have collected the best Bill Splitting Apps to split the bill between a group of people. Most of them are free and available for Android and iOS users.

If you have ever lived away from home with roommates, you must be aware that sharing expenses is the most challenging task. There are numerous methods for dividing expenses and bills among roommates, such as recording expenses in a notebook or an Excel sheet.

However, these methods are extraordinarily prone to overlooked expenses and incorrect calculations and are exceedingly time-consuming. Using Bill Splitting Apps is the optimal method for sharing expenses and tracking payments.

I’ve compiled a list of the best paid and free bill sharing apps for Android and iOS devices, which can assist you in tracking and sharing expenses. However, before we begin, let’s examine why Best Billing Split Apps are the ideal approach to tracking individual or group expenses.


What is Bill Splitting Apps?

Bill splitting apps are mobile apps that allow you to track shared expenses such as rent, groceries, restaurant bills, and more. Users install the software on their mobile devices and create a group to share their food expenses. The bill-sharing app automatically calculates each individual’s contribution and allocates expenses accordingly.

Moreover, users can easily track who owes what and to whom, as well as settlements. Finally, using a bill splitting app uk is the most straightforward and efficient method to handle expenses with roommates, friends, and family.

Best Apps to Share Expenses

  • Best Bill Splitting App (overall): Splitwise
  • Best Roommate Bill Splitting Apps: Splitwise, Tricount, SettleUp
  • Best Bill Splitting App for Couples: Settle Up
  • Top Restaurant Bill Splitting App: Paytm

Who Can Benefit from Bill Splitting Apps the Most?

A bill-splitting app is helpful for anyone who routinely shares expenses with others.

Roommates: In case you live with roommates, you can use a bill-sharing app to keep track of shared expenses, such as rent, utilities, and groceries.

Friends and Colleagues: If you frequently travel or dine with coworkers or classmates, you can use Bill Splitting Apps to track travel and other expenses.

Family Members: Apps to share bills and expenses benefit family members who wish to share or keep track of their home expenses.

Couples: In case you’re in a relationship, you can use an expense-splitting app to keep track of your shared expenses, such as travel, dining, and other activities.

Best (Paid & Free) Bill Splitting Apps to Share Expenses for Android & iOS

Here’s a quick comparison of the best Bill Splitting Apps for Roommates, Couples & Others.

Bill Splitting Apps Prices Best For
Splitwise Free with core features
Premium Plan starts at ₹49 per month
Splitting expenses among roommates & couples
Venmo Totally Free Setting few bills of outings or dining.
SettleUp Free Version available
Ad-free version at ₹119 per month
Sharing & settling household expenses
Splid Free up to one group ₹239 for unlimited group creation Splitting expenses of vacation, trip & outings
Paytm Free Restaurant bill splitting & other one-time expenses
Google Pay Free Sharing recurring expenses such as  rent, gas bill & internet connection
Tricount Variable pricing as per the number of members. Sharing day to day expenses among flat mates

Living with roommates, housemates, or even friends can make it difficult to determine who pays for what, especially if all flatmates or members are spending their own money to meet the house’s needs. Here are the most effective Bill Splitting Apps for sharing a home, restaurant, and travel expenses.

1. Google Pay

Lets talk about the best Bill Splitting Apps for Android & iOS. Google Pay is the best digital payment platform and expense-sharing app created by Google to facilitate mobile in-app and tap-to-pay purchases. In addition, you can reimburse pals, divide payments, and redeem incentives without your Google Pay wallet. It allows you to create groups with roommates or friends to split expenses rapidly.

Not only can you use Google Pay to pay for groceries and gas, but you can also instantly split the amount. Within the app, you may pay internet bills, create regular expenses, dining expenses, etc. In addition, it offers a chat function that logs payment histories, payment requests, and bill splits.

2. Splitwise: Best Bill Splitting App

It is among the popular Bill Splitting Apps to help you Split Bills with your roommate the sane way. Splitwise app is the best app for dividing everyday home expenses among housemates. In addition, it maintains a running record of who owes whom and what, making it simple to determine when a debt has been paid off.

Each roommate or buddy can install splits on their iOS or Android device and create a group to share expenses. You may also use it to evenly split bills or calculate the cost of an uneven split.

In addition, this split bill app includes other functions such as spending classification, CSV export, debt consolidation, recurring expenses, and cloud synchronization. It also supports seven languages and one hundred or more currencies, making it an all-inclusive app to split bills and expenses.

3. Paytm

Next in our list of the best Bill Splitting Apps is Paytm. With over 350 million downloads & active users, Paytm is the largest payment portal. It provides simple and convenient methods for money transfers, bill payment, financial management, and online shopping. In addition to allowing users to scan and pay using UPI, this restaurant bill splitter now offers the “Split” option.

You can divide every payment you make using Paytm with your friends proportionally, equally, or unequally. It is beneficial for covering one-time expenses such as restaurant bills and excursion expenses. Paytm automatically distributes the expense and requests payments from other members, allowing everyone to settle their expenses in a matter of seconds.

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4. Venmo

PayPal also offers the popular payment and bill-sharing app Venmo. It is great for roommates, friends, and family members who wish to divide and pay their expenses fast. It merges payment with an option for expense sharing, making it relatively simple to split bills with friends. Similarly, please share it with your friend as soon as possible to get paid, whether it’s a regular expense like groceries, a recurring item like rent, or a one-time price like movie tickets.

If we talk about the popular Bill Splitting Apps, this app includes a social feed so users can see what their friends are purchasing. Venmo has approximately 83 million users globally. Therefore, it is probable that your pals also use it. The software also includes a bill splitting calculator and sharing algorithm that estimates what each player owes to the others.

5. Splid

Are you still seeking the top-notch Bill Splitting Apps to share Expenses for Android and iOS? Splid is a dedicated trip expense splitting app that is incredibly useful for tracking and distributing the expenses of a trip, vacation, or outing among friends and family. This best bill splitting app is highly user-friendly and simplifies budgeting; you must enter your trip information, and Splid will take care of the rest.

In addition, you can rest assured that every expense will be appropriately categorized and accounted for – no more omissions or miscalculations.

If we talk about the Best Apps for Splitting Bills with friends, Splid supports over 150 currencies, ensuring that your foreign travel expenses are automatically transformed into local currency. In addition, you can record transactions offline, which will sync to the cloud once your phone is online. You may also receive PDF and Excel summaries of your group’s expenses.

6. SettleUp

SettleUp is one of the best Bill Splitting Apps for couples and roommates. It maintains track of the money spent on shared expenses and who owes how much. It even allows you to plan payments and automatically split the monthly bill.

You can add all your roommates to a single group; every time you add an expense, a notification is sent to everyone. In addition, this best bill splitting online includes insightful graphs and analytics that allow members to track the group’s daily, weekly, and monthly household expenses.

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Furthermore, it allows users to record transfers and other reimbursable expenses, making it an all-encompassing software for sharing expenses among roommates and groups.

7. Tricount

If you are looking for the best Bill Splitting Apps online then Tricount is a perfect choice. It is the best collaborative app for splitting bills with roommates and partners. It is user-friendly, straightforward, and created for mobile users. With Tricount, it is simple to keep track of all household expenses and travels.

Users need to form a group and input their expenses into it. Additionally, it automatically rounds the final figure, simplifying the entire process of expense sharing.

Why Use Split Expenses App?

There are many reasons to use an app to share expenses and bills.

Quickly Recording Expenses: A bill-sharing app’s primary benefit is tracking your expenses quickly. You need not spend hours calculating and recording expenses. Enter the amount, touch the submit button, and the app will automatically compute and record your expenses.

Tracking Expenses: Many expense-sharing apps categorize expenses, allowing users to quickly determine how much they have spent on groceries, meals, vacations, etc.

Accurate Calculation: The improper assessment of expenses may result in numerous arguments. With a bill-splitting app, you no longer need to worry about calculation errors since the computer will calculate each individual’s amount accurately.

Easy sharing and expense details: It is simple to share bills and expenses using an app. Once you’ve logged an expense, you can instantly share it with relatives and friends. In addition, the app will inform users of expenses, and they can access it at leisure.

Track Who Owes What: An expense tracker software will automatically maintain the record and tell your acquaintance that they owe you money. When your friend reimburses you, you may mark the transaction as paid, and the app will update the records.

Faster Settlements: With an app, settling expenses is considerably more straightforward and quicker. You can instantly determine how much someone owes you and pay them back directly from the app. No paper calculations or lengthy discussions are required.


What are the top split expenses apps for roommates?

Splitwise is the best app to assist roommates in dividing expenses. In addition to Splitwise, SettleUp and Tricount are popular Bill-Splitting Apps for roommates to divide expenses.

What is the best software for managing expenses?

Depending on your needs, Tricount, Splitwise, and Splid are excellent possibilities for the best software for tracking expenses.

What are the top money-splitting apps for couples?

The best Bill splitting program will depend on the couple’s needs. Tricount and SettleUp are two outstanding money splitting apps for couples.

Who can use the share expenses app?

The split expenses app can be used by roommates, friends, couples, teams, coworkers, and any other group to share expenses.


Accurate record and track expenses if you travel or stay with family or friends. When it comes to small expenses, especially once living in a community, calculating each person’s share and the total amount owed is a hassle. Bill Splitting Apps are beneficial for anyone who must share expenses.

Most apps for sharing expenses are free, while others charge a nominal fee. You and your spouse can select an app for spending sharing based on your respective budgets and needs.

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