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13 Best Free iPad Games For 5-Year-Olds

In the present information era, preventing children from gaining access to smartphones, tablets, or computers is relatively easy. However, as IOS games have a minimum age rating, the good news is that you can control what they can and cannot see.

The iPad is the best entertainment system for children, with various thrilling games. These games range from those that promote critical thinking and creative problem-solving to those that are only for fun and passing the time.

If you have an iPad and are seeking educational ways to keep your children occupied, you’ve come to the right spot. This article highlights the best free iPad games for 5-year-olds that will keep them occupied and entertained.

Best Free iPad Games Online For 5-Year-Olds

Here is the list of the popular and Best free iPad apps 2022.

1. Dr. Panda Town Tales

Lets talk about the popular and Best Free iPad Games for Kids of All Ages. Your child embarks on a fantastic adventure in Dr. Panda Town in the thrilling role-playing game Dr. Panda. The game contains 40 action-packed settings and creatively blends unlimited fun and learning.

The game allows your child to explore Panda Town with 35 different and entertaining characters and vibrant visuals.

You can customize the games for your child by choosing a setting that mirrors a real-world event, allowing them to experience things in a world devoid of repercussions.

The character creator feature of the free game allows players to build their characters. For example, your child can select from various hairstyles, noses, and eyes. You can also play roles and create storylines to act out.

In the video creator mode, Dr. Panda records screen actions, but don’t worry; the recordings are only retained locally on your smartphone and are never shared by the app.

The tool is suitable for youngsters over five who enjoy exploring the globe with various characters and engaging adventures.

2. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is the best legendary puzzle game that combines the standard connect-the-matching symbols action with your child’s favorite activity: eating candy. Numerous individuals adore the game, one of the most popular mobile games.

This game can be exciting for 5-year-olds because simply tapping the screen results in great graphical excitement.

Additionally, the puzzles are an excellent way to enjoy Candy Crush Saga. To complete the puzzles, children must think quickly and make intelligent decisions to be rewarded with candy combos and rainbow-colored cascades.

With new levels and riddles released every two weeks, the game’s features will leave your child wanting more, and the game’s excitement never wanes. In addition, your child can play the match-three puzzle game alone or with pals.

The game modes in Candy Crush Saga include Target Score, Collect the Ingredients, and Clear the Jelly. The game’s levels range from simple to difficult and are accessible offline and online.

When connected to the internet, it is relatively simple to synchronize Candy Crush Saga between devices to unlock the full game features.

Candy Crush Saga can be downloaded for free.

3. Ludi

Next in our list of the Best Free iPad Games for kids to keep them engaged is Ludi. Kids are growing increasingly enthusiastic about technology. Since toddlers enjoy playing, you may easily combine play with technology to teach children about the outside world. Again, it is an area where Ludi excels.

There are no toys, movies, or animations in the game. Instead, it uses carefully chosen, high-quality photos of children’s surroundings to teach them fundamental skills such as language, intelligence, concentration, and focus.

Through Ludi, your child will hear the names of the objects they touch and can classify or uncover patterns in their environment based on commonalities between photos.

Each Ludi game consists of six or eight sets, grouped according to their difficulty level, to develop children’s capacity to concentrate by increasing their interest and focus.

As the game proceeds, your child will encounter increasingly difficult components. However, due to their prior experience, individuals could identify essential characteristics in classifying specific sets, such as color and form, enhancing their attention to detail.

The entertainment is educational. It teaches children valuable information such as colors, shapes, and animal classifications without being overpowering. It also provides variety through various games that are consistent and devoid of distractions. Ludi is suitable for children aged three and older.

4. Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja 2 is a slicing and dicing game with a basic concept but enough difficulty to keep children engaged. This game’s objective is to slice as many fruits as possible while avoiding bombs, which will blow your virtual finger off.

The game offers excellent sound effects and graphics, as well as a variety of game modes that expand your playing options. Collecting and upgrading blades and power-ups is also enjoyable in this action-packed game.

Fruit Ninja 2 has been updated to fit the requirements of modern gamers. It differs from its predecessor in that children can now play against one another and compare their scores. Fruit Ninja 2 can be enjoyed by children above the age of five.

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5. Preschool & Kindergarten Games

If we talk about the famous and Best Free iPad Games for 6 year olds 2023, Preschool & Kindergarten Games are free tools that allow children to enjoy 30 interactive educational games while having fun. This resource is used by millions of parents around the world to entertain and educate their children.

The app also helps children develop an interest in essential academic disciplines such as reading and spelling. The Preschool & Kindergarten Games app combines vibrant visuals, entertaining sound effects, and informative narration.

The Preschool & Kindergarten Games tool is based on actual kindergarten and preschool curricula and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

The reading lessons include letter recognition through helpful images and sounds, letter tracing, the alphabet, lower and uppercase letters, and phonics.

Counting, addition, number tracing, missing numbers, counting down, and ordinal numbers are examples of math games.

The app includes advanced capabilities such as lesson creators, multiple-user support, detailed progress reports, and avatars.

6. Kidoku- Kids Sudoku Puzzle

Kidoku makes Sudoku enjoyable and engaging for children. This game offers several adorable creatures and starting stages to make it easier for children to grasp and enjoy the concept. It is a fantastic game for early learning and child development.

The game entertains children while enhancing their cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination, and memory. In addition, the blocks solver matching game in Sudoku ensures that your child learns the fundamentals of matching problems and develops intelligence.

The conventional number puzzle immerses children in an equally demanding and entertaining animal puzzle experience.

The game includes over 60 levels, and the quicker your child solves the Sudoku fun levels, the better they will be at matching tiles. Kidoku is suitable for youngsters above the age of three.


Are you still seeking the top-notch Best Free iPad Games for kids? LEGO DUPLO WORLD is the next entry on our best free iPad games for 7 year-olds. The game is packed with open-ended building, animal, railway, and vehicle activities to spark your child’s curiosity and creativity via learning.

The game is well-aligned with the educational needs of two- to five-year-olds, and each exercise emphasizes essential toddler and preschooler learning concepts. In the parent area, you can read about the educational benefits of each gaming activity.

Your youngster may independently investigate and understand how everything works and use 3D bricks to construct imaginative buildings.

The game supports multi-touch, allowing you to play with your child. The software is free to download and play, but there is optional paid material available for purchase.

8. Kokoro Kids

Kokoro Kids is among an excellent educational best free iPad games that enables children ages two to seven to learn while having fun with various games, tales, activities, and music.

The activities of Kokoro Kids are organized by skill, including positions, colors, addition, subtraction, and up to five-digit counting.

Experts in neuropsychology and early childhood designed Kokoro to aid in children’s cognitive and emotional development through game-based learning. The skills and knowledge your child gains from this app can be applied to other areas of their life.

One hundred games and activities on Kokoro give a level-specific experience for your child. Your child may learn to play instruments, solve problems, count, and express creativity with Kokoro.

Kokoro Kids includes activities and concepts that supplement preschool and elementary school curricula. In addition, Kokoro Kids has materials for the early stimulation and development of different bits of intelligence and fundamental cognitive skills.

Additionally, the instrument assists children in managing fundamental emotions such as anger, impatience, generosity, and empathy.

The Kokoro learning approach also uses artificial intelligence to provide the proper content at the right time, increase the challenge in areas where the student excels, and reinforce the weaker parts.

The app adheres to security rules that ensure your child’s safety and filters out inappropriate content and ads.

9. Readlax: Brain Games

Next in our list of the best iPad games for 4-5 year olds is Readlax. It is an all-inclusive productivity tool that can help your child develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This game includes over 2,500 puzzles, logic challenges, brainteasers, math problems, and memory training games.

The game’s primary features are brain training, speed reading, touch typing, smart notes, and the reader view. Brain training is a program of activities designed to preserve or enhance your child’s cognitive abilities, such as working memory and executive function.

Speed reading entails extracting meaning from printed text by recognizing and comprehending a group of words rather than individual comments. In addition, your child will learn touch typing by practicing typing without looking at the keys.

Smart note-taking is an efficient method that enables the organization and storage of knowledge. The reader view of Readlax is a browser plugin that eliminates distractions and ads to provide your child with a seamless experience through text and graphics alone.

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The Readlax app is suitable for children aged five and older.

10. Way of the Turtle

If we talk about the highly-rated and Best Free iPad Games online, Way of the Turtle is a delightful adventure game that sends your child on a mission to reunite two turtles isolated on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere.

The island does not appear so harmless at first appearance, as it is composed of materials that morph into challenging barriers and vicious creatures.

The nice part is that only some things will go against your child’s desire to have fun on the app. Your youngster can make friends with the island’s people to aid them in their journey to return home.

Using cutting-edge graphics technology and cinematic cameras, Way of the Turtle immerses your child in a magnificent 3D world. The controls are basic and fluid, requiring only simple touch gestures and no on-screen buttons to control the player’s character.

The game is intended for children above four and has fun sliding down sections.

11. Dodo Peak

Dodo Peak is an additional fascinating free iPad game for 5-year-olds. In Dodo Peak, your child assumes the role of a dodo bird attempting to protect its eggs and recover its lost young from many perilous peaks.

This game is a homage to traditional arcade platforms with a contemporary twist. The game aims to return home while avoiding all adversaries and obstacles.

The player must gather coins, get power-ups for greater speed and super strength, escape cunning snakes and monkeys, and compete for the best time through a beautiful array of hand-crafted islands.

Your child can also unlock new, quicker dodos for more complicated stages. In addition, the game’s simple touch controls are easy for five-year-olds to master, making it ideal for brief play sessions on public transportation or extended playtimes on the couch.

Dodo is a thrilling but difficult endeavor. First, your youngster must conquer several obstacles to obtain the eggs; when they do so, they win cash.

The game provides children with a mind-blowing UI, straightforward controls, and various landscapes, including islands, hills, volcanoes, and leaderboards.

12. BrainCraft

It is one of the Best Free iPad Games for kids to keep them engaged. BrainCraft is an innovative app that prepares children to face obstacles. Various activities are designed to teach kids how to apply multiple thinking styles.

It consists of over 100 math, cognitive skills, and language activities created by experts in brain training worldwide.

Your child’s educational activities at school might be enriched with BrainCraft’s well-designed, aesthetically pleasing games.

The many challenges on BrainCraft are connected by the subject of surviving on a desert island, and your child can see how much they’ve improved since they began using the app and compare themselves to their friends or siblings.

Its riddles are based on logic, mental agility, and numbers.

The app tracks your child’s level-specific performance, including their strengths and shortcomings. Then, it compares them to other players they nominate and gives a comprehensive challenge to help them to consider and solve difficulties.

BrainCraft reads the instructions aloud, allowing your youngster with inadequate literacy skills to play the game.

The games provide an intuitive interaction; if you need to monitor your child’s progress, you must join in with a different account. BrainCraft is ideal for children above the age of five.

13. Sago Mini World: Kids Games

Sago Mini World is the ideal software for 5-year-olds who enjoy engaging with games that stimulate curiosity. Over 40 award-winning games comprise the Sago Mini World game, which immerses your child in hours of imaginative and interactive play.

Your youngster can explore outer space to build a robot, meet dinosaur pals, become a superhero, and serve restaurant guests, among other activities. In addition to the personalized characters, there are several Sago tiny buddies that your youngster can play with.

Sago enables children to explore and play in their manners. Their only limitation is their imagination. As a result, they can enjoy engaging in activities that foster empathy, self-confidence, and self-expression, which are vital for developing your child’s intellect.

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Sago Mini World guarantees your child positive and safe screen time, as it is Kid-Safe certified and does not contain ads. In addition, it is designed for intuitive gaming and is more enjoyable if you occasionally play alongside your child.

Final Words – Best Free Games for Kids

Choose a game based on your child’s interests to ensure they will be occupied while learning fundamental skills.

However, you should also limit their screen time and encourage children to play outside to improve their general health.

There is no doubt that these best free iPad Games will strengthen your child’s soft skills. However, I do not recommend that they replace their physical toys and activities entirely.

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