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15+ Best Free Barcode Generator Software To Try

Free Barcode Generator Software is useful for generating image instructions based on specified data. Most data have a unique code consisting of a serial number, product information, website URL, price, quantity, and other information. You may generate the unique code for personal and commercial usage with a few easy steps. Inventory management, asset management, and point-of-sale employ barcodes extensively. Based on their tastes and needs, the readers of this article will generate a number of the best methods for generating unique code. We’ve made an effort to cover Barcode Generator for all platform types. This article will be useful if you wish to create a unique code for your product.

15+ Best Free Barcode Generator Software

You may generate barcodes using PC, Android, or an online platform. We have attempted to provide all feasible options and a platform based on different operating systems, Android, and browser-based apps. You may generate responsive code for free, or you can choose a premium option. In addition to image code generation, this app supports several additional functions, including inventory management and QR code generation.


1. iBarcoder

IBarcoder is a barcode-generating software for Mac OS. This barcode software may be used by small, medium, and large business proprietors. There is no need to acquire an expensive code generator. It enables you to generate the retail box, sticker, and image books. The code may be printed using a Laser, Direct Thermal, or Inkjet printer. Almost any code reader recognizes the unique code. To obtain the desired image, you must input the desired image and the required words. iBarcoder can generate QR codes in addition to the unique code.

2. Easy Label

Easy level is one of the best and most natural barcode generators available on the market. This RFID level software offers several design and printing ways with precise coding. Users of the Easy Level software do not need advanced computer skills. It includes RFID and GS1 (EVN/UCC) wizards to fulfill your requirements. Furthermore, it will assist you in printing your chosen information as an image. In addition to all current features, it may import your contact information from the Windows address book.

3. Barcode Maker For Mac

The retailers and distributors will undoubtedly find a special app for unique code generation to be of great use. Barcode maker for Mac is an inventory code maker for the MAC operating system that generates the output of professional grade. It makes it easy for the user to generate high-quality code. It can stamp coded documents like PDF documents. The barcode generator for Mac supports several image types, including ISBN, barcode generator 128, EAN-13 barcode generator, and Postnet, among others. This software can export any item to other software.

4. HandiFox

HandiFox is an inventory management system that facilitates inventory management for clients. It expedites daily operations and practically reduces inventory costs. You may generate the unique code for its features such as purchase orders, shipping verification, and automatic inventory tracking. Then, using its mobile app, the user may scan the code from the warehouse’s linked field. It also allows the screen’s back button to be disabled.

5. Aeromium

Aeromium is one of the most well-known makers of image code for the Windows operating system. In February 2011, this professional-grade code generator announced its gravity. Aeromium can generate around twenty-four distinct types of linear images. Due to the product’s high-quality image, it is suitable for various sectors. Furthermore, it offers numerous image formats, including Bitmap, Metafile, Portable, etc. In addition, this software is user-easy and suitable for supply chain management.

6. BarCloud Online Inventory

BarCloud Online Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management software accessible from any place. This inventory management and asset tracking software are purely code-based. The BarCloud simplifies labor-intensive tasks. The mobile app reduces the time spent maintaining inventory assets. It also minimizes the cost of system development in the cloud for a Tier II company that is completely scalable. BarCloud employs a SAS 70 Type II certified data center for increased security and backup. Consequently, it is also among the best backup software.

7. Label Flow

Label Flow is a free barcode and label printing software for Microsoft Windows. It can pull data from any source and conduct label printing from the web or desktop app. This software allows RFID tags to be encoded with an EPC Gen 2 UHF chip. With the 2D barcode, serial numbers may be tracked. Within a minute, it is possible to print hundreds of codes. Other features include dimensions that may be customized, inventory management, and document tracking.

8. Online Barcode Generator

Online Barcode Generator is semi-professional software. This Online Image Generator can be used for testing purposes. By encoding several adjustments, it is easy to employ. By following these procedures, you may create code. Initially, you must visit the website. Currently, you must select the parameter from the drop-down menu. Similarly, you are required to input contents, options, and scale. The free code will show below when you click to create a barcode.

9. CheckMate

CheckMate may be one of the best barcode generators if you want a specific barcode generator for inventory tracking, fixed asset tracking, tool tracking, document management, and project pricing. This barcoding software can help you decrease costs and improve operational efficiency. It is among the most economical and user-friendly software for building, manufacturing, and inventory management. In addition, you may generate an individualized report of the printed code.

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10. 2P Barcode Creator

2P Barcode Creator is an industry-standard label maker for unique code labels. It supports several data source options, including date/time, database, counter file, and a great deal of additional information. It can accommodate the intricate product wrapping. 2P Barcode Creator is a user-friendly, robust program that can fulfill your company’s requirements. The code may be printed with a thermal printer or any other code printer. The printed code is of a high level of professionalism and quality.

11. Optimiser WMS

Optimiser WMS is a user-friendly warehouse management software. This app facilitates the automation of several warehouse activities. It is a Windows-based inventory management software. This software is easy to implement and administer. It includes several features, including Microsoft SQL integration and the quickest database.

12. Agamik Barcoder

With a size of 7.1 MB, Agamik Barcoder is a small, easily-downloaded software. It is one of the most popular barcode software that offers complete size and color flexibility. It’s capable of printing in any size and contains a variety of typefaces. It supports EPSF and TIFF for high-quality printing. Agamik supports Macintosh and all Windows operating system versions.

13. Tec-it

Tec-it is one of the most effective barcode generators available online. It is an alternate method for generating unique code using the best web browser. It is both free and quick to modify the code using a breeze. Tec-it gives an easy way to create the image code. You must initially visit their website. From the menu on the left, you must select the code type. Now complete the mandatory field. It offers several types of code, including linear, code-128, code-11, and others. You may download the image after generating the code.

14. Barcode-Generator

Barcode-Generator is one of the best free online barcode and QR code generators for creating a one-of-a-kind code. This website’s user-friendly interface may captivate you. Moreover, the website is capable of satisfying all of your needs. Depending on your needs, you may generate a tiny, medium, or big barcode. To make the code, you may import the URL of your website, email, Vcard, SMS, PDF, Facebook page, and a wide format of other input formats. Therefore, you may print several different types of code based on your demands.

15. Free Online Barcode Generator

The Free Online Barcode Generator is a free, user-friendly tool for generating image codes. This one-of-a-kind code generator is available for free download in any code format. Creating a barcode with a Free Online Code Generator is quite easy. You only need to follow a few steps. Initially, you must visit the homepage. Then, you must select the barcode or QR code file format from the drop-down option. Finally, the appropriate code will display when you click create after providing some material.

16. BarCodesInc

BarCodesInc is among the best online free barcode generator software. It is a popular label and sticker printer for number code labels. You may generate free code in a format of image formats, including JPG, PNG, and JPEG. To create an image code, you must visit the BarCodesInc homepage and fill out the text information. The required output will appear above the button when you click generate unique code.

17. Monrovia

Monrovia may be the best option if you are looking for a free online barcode generator. It is a free barcode generator for large quantities and a QR code generator. It is quite easy to create the code. To generate the code, you must visit the website of Monrovia. From the drop-down menu, you must select the desired format. After providing the data to encode, the dimension and height must be entered. You will receive the created code when you submit the form after providing all the required information.

18. is an additional website for printing unique barcodes and labels. In its sheet label menu, there are three options: shop by size, shop by material, and shop by usage. The role can be designed in numerous formats. Using this barcode generator software, you may create a QR code. This app allows you to create up to nine distinct types of barcodes. After inputting code, you can generate three distinct types of code.

19. Zint Barcode Generator

Zint Barcode Generator is one of the best desktop-based tools for processing unique barcodes. It encodes data in many formats to create an image code. The Zint code creator supports the whole Unicode character set. The code may be saved in image formats, including JPG, JPEG, and PNG. The software is stored on SourceForge. This unique code generator may be used for both commercial and personal purposes.

20. Wasp

Wasp Barcode Generator is the premier image code generator in the business. It supports code generation, label printing, and a comprehensive industry-wide tracking system. Wasp code Generator has partnered with several of the organization’s top companies. It also supports many other features, such as inventory management tracking and code generation. Asset management, inventory management, work in progress, point of sale, and parcel tracking.

The Bottom Line: Free Barcode Generator Software

After a thorough analysis, you may have determined which barcode generator software is the best. Easy Label, Label flow, and all other online barcode generators are the best. According to my understanding, I have covered nearly all of the key rapid response code maker software, but if I have missed any, please let us know in the comments.

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