13 Best Apps To Learn English Free 2023

Best Apps To Learn English For Adults: If you are a linguaphile like me, you must have used Duolingo or at least heard about it. It is, without a doubt, the most popular language-learning app that allows you to study multiple languages for nothing.

With over 500 million and 10 million daily users, it is easy to understand why Duolingo is such a popular language-learning program. First, it employs a gamification technique to teach you new words, phrases, and sentences. Then, when you complete daily lessons, you’re rewarded with points.

Even though this program supports 40 languages and has a straightforward UI, it could be more flawless. I’ve seen that Duolingo caters primarily to English speakers, and the app appears superfluous.

Additionally, it is better suited for children and is not necessarily ideal if you wish to improve your language skills. However, there are several viable alternatives to Duolingo or Apps To Learn English on the market, which is encouraging. I have enumerated some of the best English apps in the following post.

Without further ado, let us begin!

Apps Better Than Duolingo 2023

Best Duolingo Alternatives: Here is the list of the popular and best apps for learning English speaking offline.

1. Rocket Languages

Lets talk about the top-rated and best Apps To Learn English free in 2023. You should check out the Rocket Languages app as an alternative to Duolingo. It is suitable for beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners alike.

In addition to offering 14 languages to study, Rocket Language also provides cultural content to assist you in comprehending the language and being a native speaker. In addition, each course features a cutting-edge voice recognition system that allows you to monitor your pronunciation as you study.

You also get access to the Native Speaker Audio function, which lets you download audio files containing tens of thousands of words and phrases to facilitate your learning.

Rocket Languages use an intelligent algorithm to generate entertaining exercises accompanying each lesson, recognizing tough words and phrases and allowing you to practice until they are ingrained in your memory.

Rocket Languages is superior to Duolingo because of its thousands of audio tracks, making it a hands-free learning tool.

It allows for learning without looking at a screen and is ideal for persons with visual impairments. I particularly appreciate that it includes motivational tools and approaches to maintain daily interest in learning and advancement.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

2. Tandem

If we talk about the famous Apps To Learn English, Tandem revolutionizes language learning by allowing you to master a language through conversation with actual people. In contrast to Duolingo, which emphasizes formal instruction, Tandem is a language exchange platform.

It uses a chat system that enables millions of users to teach others their languages. In addition, the tandem app contains verbal and interactive tools that allow you to practice with a partner.

This best app for learning english speaking offline is one of the most engaging platforms and is ideal for those who find it simpler to learn in a group setting. You can take classes and improve pronunciation with a partner who also serves as a coach.

Tandem offers video, in-app correction, and a translator, in addition to the ability to communicate with a partner.

You can begin downloading the app from Google Play or the App Store. Register with a valid email address for free and select the ideal language exchange partner to get started.

3. Busuu

Busuu is among an excellent Apps To Learn English that is superior to Duolingo. It claims to be an app that empowers people through languages and offers a variety of language courses.

Each language course on Busuu is prepared following the Common European Framework of Reference (CERF) standard, which is internationally recognized. It contains the four levels of the CERF standard, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the greatest learning experience possible.

The ability to learn at your own pace is one of the primary reasons why I enjoy Busuu. Each course comprises discrete lessons, allowing you to determine how many hours you wish to study.

In addition to compelling scenarios and writing and listening tasks, each class also includes a variety of captivating situations. Busuu, unlike Duolingo, consists of a clever grammar review tool highlighting words you’ve mastered and others you currently need help with. The objective is to achieve fluency in the language you are learning.

I particularly enjoy that you can send your exercises to the community of native speakers on Busuu, who will then provide you with constructive criticism. The app is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play, and registration is relatively simple.

It would help if you chose the language you wish to study and created an account with your email address.

4. Lingvist

Next in our list of the highly-rated Apps To Learn English is Lingvist. It is an excellent software for learning languages as quickly as possible. It uses big data and AI to map each user’s talents and learning level and then gives resources corresponding to these.

It is one the most popular Best Language Learning Apps. Lingvist is unquestionably superior to Duolingo because it employs multiple remarkable language analysis techniques to create focused course material that enables you to learn ten times faster.

One of its strengths is that Lingvist takes you from a basic to an advanced level. You begin by learning common, easy words and phrases.

You can considerably improve your listening and speaking abilities in real-world contexts until you can confidently speak.

I appreciate that Lingvist provides a selection of available language decks, themed decks, and customized decks, allowing you to choose anything you wish to learn.

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You can also pick how much time you want to devote to learning, as you can study in several short sessions. Finally, users can track their progress and check the number of words they’ve learned thus far.

Most notably, switching between mobile and desktop apps is effortless at any time. It means that you can study anywhere and at any time without justification. In addition, the app is available on the App Store for iOS devices.

5. Rosetta Stone

If you are seeking for the apps for english language learners then Rosetta Stone is a perfect choice for you. Rosetta Stone is a popular alternative to Duolingo if you’re searching for a language-learning program. It emphasizes speaking-based training that guarantees complete comprehension.

Rosetta Stone employs a Dynamic Immersion and Contextual Learning approach that blends interactive courses with its TruAccents Technology to help you confidently pronounce foreign words.

Through the Stories feature, you may improve your pronunciation and practice speaking the language by listening to native speakers. This functionality is absent from Duolingo, giving Rosetta Stone an advantage.

To obtain the translation of a phrase or sentence, touch and hold the screen.

I particularly enjoy that you can take any of the 10-minute sessions whenever you choose, online or offline, making this program ideal for individuals with a tight schedule.

You can always take a break from staring at the screen by listening to the app’s AudioCompanion lessons, an innovative feature of Rosetta Stone that I find particularly useful.

Rosetta Stone is compatible with iOS, Android, Samsung, and the Apple Watch. Registration requires an email address to establish an account and access lessons.

6. Babbel

It is one of the best free Apps To Learn English for beginners 2023. Babbel is the first and most successful language-learning app in the world. It is one of the best apps to use if you want to learn a language from the beginning or improve a language you already know.

With over 60,000 lessons to choose from, Babbel is unquestionably the best option for learning a foreign language. The best part is that each lesson module is designed by a team of over 150 language professionals to ensure you effortlessly grasp each idea.

Each lesson is suited to your learning level, and the speech recognition tool allows you to perfect your pronunciation.

There are also exciting and engaging activities to perform on the app; whether you want to take part in a live class, play games, view videos, or listen to a podcast, Babbel provides everything you need to maximize your learning experience.

You will receive vocabulary reviews and advice throughout time so that you can track your progress and know where the additional practice is required. Babbel is a superior alternative to Duolingo because language experts develop each lesson.

It also has fascinating content. You must download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play for Android devices.

Create an account with your email address, and choose the language you wish to study. You’ll be given a placement test to establish your learning level, and voila! You are prepared for a stimulating educational experience.

7. Mango Languages

if you are looking for the Best Apps for Learning English then Mango Languages is a perfect choice. With over 70 languages, there is no excuse not to try Mango Languages. It is an outstanding language-learning app that employs a scholarly approach to instruction.

Mango Languages employs the six essential language learning skills to guarantee that users properly comprehend foreign concepts.

In other words, this best english learning app for adults employs the same vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, culture, understanding, and retention techniques as Duolingo to ensure efficient learning.

With its Native Speaker Audio function and real-world conversations to improve your pronunciation, you can speak like a true native.

I enjoy that the app not only focuses on teaching other languages but also provides cultural background to provide a deeper understanding of these languages.

I especially appreciate the app’s clever algorithms, which deliver daily individualized review cards to help you retain the information.

Mango Languages can be used for individual, school, commercial, and government purposes. To begin using the app, you must first download it from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

8. LingoDeer

If we talk about the top-notch Apps To Learn English free, it is an excellent option if you seek a language-learning app that provides substantial information about the language you wish to learn. LingoDeer delivers a comprehensive introduction to the language you’re about to study, beginning with the fundamentals.

It employs a grammar-based curriculum created by language specialists, allowing you to comprehensively understand your target language without feeling lost or confused.

I appreciate that the first lesson on LingoDeer begins with audio from native speakers. Thus, you educate your ears and speech to sound identical to what you hear from the beginning.

I’m incredibly amazed at how LingoDeer simplifies learning by having users read culturally relevant stories while learning new phrases and terms.

Similarly to Duolingo, you can improve your language abilities with the app’s engaging games. In addition, its intelligent algorithm makes it simple to identify problem areas and practice them more.

LingoDeer also employs flashcards to review essential grammatical rules and guarantee that you retain the information.

This best app to learn english speaking fluently is available on the App Store and Google Play, and creating an account is a simple process. You must first select the language you wish to learn, choose your language proficiency level, and provide a valid email address.

9. Memrise

Memrise is an additional excellent alternative to Duolingo. It provides lessons in 23 languages and has 60 million registered users, making it an intriguing platform.

Like other Apps To Learn English, the app employs a gamified approach to teaching language classes. However, Memrise raises the bar by combining science and technology to bring your brain to life.

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Each lesson is easy to understand, so you do not have to fight to comprehend new words, phrases, and sentences. I also appreciate that each learning session is enhanced with entertaining movies and audio elements to prevent boredom.

All courses are handled by an in-house staff of linguists who are enthusiastic about teaching their mother tongue, so you learn from the best. You can always elect to simultaneously learn various languages while tracking your progress on a leaderboard.

Another reason I appreciate Memrise is that its user interface is engaging and lively. At first impression, it is an enjoyable experience.

Memrise is downloadable via the App Store and Google Play. Signing up is simple; you only need to click sign up and select your native language and the language you wish to study.

Select your desired learning level, then enter a username, email address, and password.

10. Mondly

Mondly is the best alternative to Duolingo if you seek a language-learning app. It has more than 100 million registered users and offers 41 languages to linguaphiles interested in learning a language other than their home tongue.

It is among the Top Education Apps of 2023. Mondly offers engaging, interactive, and effective courses designed to make language learning as straightforward as possible. It focuses not only on increasing your speaking and listening abilities but also your reading and writing capabilities.

You will participate in brief daily classes to boost your learning. Each language lesson contains approximately fifty subjects designed to teach you basic words and phrases used in everyday communication.

You also get access to vocabulary builders that aid in the speedy acquisition of new terms. Finally, I appreciate that Mondly offers authentic conversations so you can listen to native speakers and enhance your fluency, a feature that Duolingo lacks.

This best english learning app for beginners is downloadable via the Apple Store, Google Play, and Huawei’s AppGallery. Registration is free and identical to those of other language-learning apps.

11. Drops

Are you still seeking the top-notch and best Apps To Learn English? Check out Drops if you’re trying to learn a new language as a novice. Like Duolingo, the program leverages gamification to make learning new words and phrases exciting.

Drops mix entertaining word games and mnemonic associations to ensure that everything you learn is retained. With more than 45 languages and a series of bite-sized sessions, it is possible to squeeze in a class regardless of your schedule.

You can also match over 20,000 illustrations with words to enhance your learning, especially if you are a visual learner. I adore the app’s intuitive and colorful UI.

I also appreciate how the app makes learning much more straightforward than other platforms, particularly its memory association exercises.

Drops surpass the simplicity of Duolingo for beginners by breaking everything down and offering visuals to guarantee that the information is retained. Drops can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

12. Pimsleur

Consider downloading Pimsleur if you need an app to assist you in talking in another language. It blends the well-known and portable Pimsleur Method with user-friendly technologies and engaging apps to make learning an enjoyable experience.

If we talk about the popular Apps To Learn English, Pimsleur is a hands-free app that provides 30-minute audio lessons, which is one of the reasons I prefer it to Duolingo. Consequently, you may learn on the go, regardless of where you are, without necessarily having to stare at your screen.

Pimsleur also offers interactive reading courses for pronunciation development. I appreciate its Voice Coach (voice recognition) feature, which provides feedback on every pronunciation you make.

You will also appreciate its interactive game, which assesses your conversational fluency. Additionally, Pimsleur employs digital flashcards to improve your writing skills.

With each session you complete, you will earn badges that unlock additional phrases to study so that you can become proficient in your chosen language.

Downloading the app on your iOS or Android smartphone and registering an account are all required to begin streaming classes. You can also start the Pimsleur desktop app using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

13. Innovative 101

Innovative 101 is an additional intriguing language-learning platform that’s a better alternative to Duolingo. It features 34 languages and numerous free audio and video lessons for those seeking to learn a target language quickly.

Innovative 101 provides language tutors who are also native speakers, and each learning session is guaranteed to be individualized.

I particularly enjoy that the program allows you to listen to practical, native-level conversations with a language teacher available to explain tricky words or phrases.

This best app for learning english speaking free is superior to Duolingo since it emphasizes speaking the target language rather than studying courses. However, there are no limits on how much you can study because you may listen to audio courses on the fly to increase your language proficiency.

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Using the app’s progress monitoring reports, you may constantly monitor your progress. You can begin studying your preferred language by downloading the app from Google Play for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices. Registration is free.

Final Words – Apps Like Duolingo to Learn New Languages

The apps reviewed above are the highest-rated Apps To Learn English for perfecting a language. However, my top recommendation would be Babbel because of its extensive library of learning resources.

The app is user-friendly and provides access to language experts. However, if you’re looking for Apps To Learn English alternative to Duolingo, you should consider the above mentioned alternatives.

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