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15 Best Application Performance Monitoring Tools You Can Try

Application Performance Monitoring Tools: A performance monitor application, such as APM, assists you in monitoring and managing the performance of the software. There are several factors for which the software is examined; you can easily use any application performance monitoring tool to assess the performance efficiently. We’ve shared a list of the 15 best performance monitoring software to test to make your work easier. The software on our list has been selected based on its performance and user reviews. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the list.

15 Best Application Performance Monitoring Tools

The following is a list of application monitoring tools that you may use. We have shared every detail that will assist you in comprehending the software’s working and performance.


1. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor

Application Performance Monitoring Tools

This performance monitoring application is ideal for businesses that integrate with multiple infrastructure modules. It will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the software and allow you to transfer data between platforms easily. The software even categorizes the data based on its relevance. In addition, it has a great application of flexibility because it offers over 1200 templates that cover the majority of the market’s applications. Aside from that, the SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor may be used to expand the depth of the information.

2. Opsview

Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Opsview is a software company based in Reading, England, founded in 2005. It has a presence in the United States, with headquarters in Woburn, Massachusetts. Opsview Application Monitoring tools give a unified view of the complete infrastructure and business application performance. Because various applications are deployed at multiple places in the digital technology era, obtaining performance data and displaying it in a single context is a difficult issue. However, Opsview simplifies the process with its automated and uniform approach.

3. Datadog Real Time APM

Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Datadog is a cloud-based monitoring service for applications and logs. To monitor the application, sign up and utilize it for three systems simultaneously. Though the software is not free, you must buy it based on the plan you want. The plan fees are determined by the number of hosts that will be operating. When it comes to the software’s features, it can easily monitor cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid systems. It monitors every request and sends alerts to notify you when there is an anomaly. The alerts will be piled on the dashboard to appear first when you launch the software.

4. ManageEngine Applications Manager

Application Performance Monitoring Tools

The ManageEngine Applications Manager is the next performance monitoring application on our list. This incredible software protects all applications running on your cloud servers, production servers, and virtualizations. It also provides ERP suites, databases, and web applications. It covers at least 50,000 applications. The performance monitoring tools aid in analyzing SQL execution to find inefficiently organized databases. It continuously monitors performance and sends alerts when problems arise or are likely to occur.

5. Sematext APM

Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Sematext APM delivers real-time end-to-end insight into web application performance by tracking individual and business activities to identify your application’s slowest and under-performing components. As a result, it speeds up troubleshooting and improves the user experience. You can watch how applications interact with underlying components, databases, and other services in real-time. Real-time alerting aids in detecting abnormalities before they have an impact on the end-user.

6. Site 24X7 Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Site 24X7 Application Performance Monitoring software is a great choice for assessing the performance of applications built on platforms such as Node.js, PHP, .NET, and Java. The best feature about this application is that it can be used remotely, allowing you to work and monitor the performance of applications irrespective of your location. Even if the applications are running on cloud servers or mobile devices, you may monitor their performance using the software. It monitors all activities and alerts you if there is a delay or a mishap that needs to be addressed. Aside from that, you may configure performance changes based on your demands, and the software will notify you once you hit the threshold levels. It alerts consumers by utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. Monitoring three applications with over 50,000 RUM page visits is included in the premium plan.

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7. Zenoss

Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Zenoss is a pioneer in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software. It was founded in 2005 and is based in Austin, Texas, USA. Zenoss core (open source), Zenoss Service dynamics (commercial software), and Zenoss as a Service are its three software solutions (ZaaS). Zenoss offers a massive capacity for application monitoring, monitoring 1.2 million devices and 17 billion data points each day. With proactive application monitoring, Zenoss decreases downtime. Zenoss can monitor application events automatically and deliver instant alerts and notifications. Zenoss can work with prominent APM vendors such as New Relic, AppDyanmics, and Dynatrace.

8. eG Innovations

EG Innovations is the next application monitoring tool on our list. The company has been ranked as one of the best application monitoring and IT infrastructure monitoring. Unfortunately, it was launched in 2001 with only a few supported monitoring applications. Still, the company has evolved and today supports over 180 applications. .NET, SAP, Java, Office 365, SharePoint, and many more are on the list. The software may easily assist in detecting problems such as sluggish applications, code-level mistakes, hardware failures, and others. Overall, it offers a one-stop shop for all of your monitoring requirements.

9. AppDynamics

AppDynamics began as a private proprietorship before being acquired by Cisco Systems. The involvement of the colossus improves the software and makes it the best performance monitor application. The dashboard displays all of the information about the supported applications and services. It continuously monitors the performance of all applications and generates data depending on that performance. Monitoring performance establishes a baseline of standard performance that a company should adhere to. If the performance falls below the level, alerts will begin to decrease.

10. New Relic APM

New Relics APM is the next application performance management tool on our list. It has a great list of monitoring tools, one of which is APM, which can be used to monitor applications. This software does not need the use of any additional modules to function. However, you can combine additional modules to have a more comprehensive understanding of the problems. Regardless of the server, you are working on, the software will seamlessly integrate with it to assist you in monitoring. It works with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and Google servers. Aside from that, you may integrate the software with on-premises servers.

11. AppEnsure

AppEnsure is another great performance monitoring software option. This is an excellent application for tracking application delivery statistics and user experience. It intelligently leaves alerts when the performance graph drops, preventing the company from receiving bad feedback. This performance monitor application records performance to create a baseline, which can then be used to monitor performance and generate a performance graph. Then, the software alerts the user about performance depending on the baseline.

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12. Dynatrace Application Performance Management

The following software on our list of performance monitoring applications is ideal for cloud-based systems and great organizations. It merely gains access to the cloud for performance monitoring. This software’s plan offers a selection of options. You can purchase an annual license or purchase the software for life. The software also has an online version, but you must install an element. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Unix. Other than the platforms specified, you cannot install the full system in-house. It monitors performance from two perspectives: delivery mechanics and user experience.

13. Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Splunk’s performance monitor application employs artificial intelligence to monitor software properly. Aside from the application monitoring tool, the company provides many other tools, such as infrastructure management, that may assist a business in managing and expanding. Splunk IT Service Intelligence, on the other hand, is a great standalone tool for monitoring application performance. The AI component aids software in producing prediction reports. Aside from that, it monitors peak and worst performance to better forecast the next wave of demand. Even though the software is expensive, you are entitled to a 15-day free trial to familiarise yourself with its working and interface.

14. CA Application Performance Management

CA Technologies offers great application performance management tools that can monitor your performance intelligently and efficiently. Overall, the company offers three applications: Application Performance Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, and App Experience Analytics. Every application is based on the SaaS model and is not free. If you want to utilize these programs, you must purchase them separately because the company does not provide a package. APM software is designed for large-scale businesses to promote collaboration. It offers graphs to display performance statistics and tracking so that you can manage the work and go forward.

15. WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold is a great software that may be used in place of the SolarWinds application. This performance monitor application offers a variety of infrastructure monitoring tools that enable choices such as application monitoring, even though the application performance monitor is an add-on module that can only be utilized in the software’s gold plan. You may easily uncover concerns that may cause problems for the business by using the software. It offers storage monitoring, server monitoring, and a variety of additional features to create a system map. Every plan offers a variety of additional features that might make your work easier. The higher-end plans are ideal for large-scale businesses since they include the most innovative and useful features.

Conclusion: Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Application monitoring tools are great for keeping your business on track and monitoring all developments. The 15 application performance management tools mentioned above are market leaders with favorable evaluations. You can select any software that best meets your business’s requirements. If you want to utilize software that isn’t on the list, you can, but do your software first. That concludes this essay; we hope you found the information useful.

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