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Apple TV Remote Not Working? How To Fix

It’s frustrating when it happens, but your Apple TV remote (or Siri remote) may occasionally become unresponsive and stop working. This is not ideal, especially when attempting to binge-watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Typically, this occurs because the Apple TV remote’s battery has lost charge or (with older models) has entirely died. However, there may be more causes for the difficulty. You’ll want to fix Apple TV remote not working if this happens. Here are some steps to get your Apple TV remote working again.

Charging Battery

A low battery that requires charging is the major cause of an unresponsive Apple TV remote. This is evidently due to excessive usage. However, if the remote has not been used for an extended time, it may lose its charge. If you have a Siri remote, which is included with Apple TVs of recent models, you may charge it with a lightning wire. The charger for your iPhone will work. The Lightning-to-USB connector allows you to plug it into your Mac or PC. Plug the Lightning port on the bottom of the remote into a power source or computer via the USB port.

Apple TV Remote Not Working

Charge the remote for a half-hour to get enough juice to get it working again. Noting that a full charge might take up to three hours, you should charge the device overnight. Unfortunately, there is no Lightning cable if you have an older version of Apple TV. Instead, changing the coin cell battery at the bottom of the device would be best.

How To Easily Check Battery Levels On An Apple TV Remote?

In the settings section of your Apple TV, you can find the remaining charge life of your remote control. To find the battery status of the Apple TV remote.

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1 – Turn on your Apple TV and navigate to Settings.

Apple TV Remote Not Working

2 – Choose Remotes and Devices from the menu’s drop-down list.

Apple TV Remote Not Working

3 – Click Remote on the subsequent screen.

Apple TV Remote Not Working

4 – The percentage level of the remote’s battery will be shown next to the Battery Level option.

Reset Apple TV Remote

You can attempt to reset the remote itself. The steps for resetting a Siri remote are the same for devices of the first and second generations. For example, to reset the Apple TV remote control.

1 – With a good view of the Apple TV box, simultaneously press and hold the TV and Volume Down buttons for five seconds.

2 – The status indicator on the box’s front panel will blink.

3 – While the remote is resetting, the TV will display a “Connection Lost” notice.

4 – Release both presses and wait around 10 seconds.

5 – Once the remote has been reset, you will receive a connection message on your TV; you may then resume using the remote.

Note: If you have an earlier model Apple TV, you may restart it by removing the coin cell battery, waiting a few seconds, and reinserting it.

Restart Apple TV

If your Apple TV box’s remote is still malfunctioning, you can restart it. However, since the remote does not work, you must power cycle the device. First, you must find the power cord and disconnect the box to restart your Apple TV. Wait about 15 to 20 seconds, then reconnect the power cord to the wall outlet or surge protector. Unplugging the power cord reloads and refreshes the Apple TV OS without losing any settings. After working it back on, test the remote’s functionality.

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Re-Pair Remote

The remote is factory-configured to link with the Apple TV. However, it may have gotten unplugged, requiring manual reconnection. Activate your Apple TV and ensure it is connected to power and HDMI.

Place the Siri remote of the first generation four inches away from the Apple TV and hold the Volume Up and Menu buttons for five seconds.

Place the Siri remote of the second generation (circular directional control) 3 to 4 inches from the box, and hold the Volume Up and Back buttons for five seconds.

On Apple TV remotes of previous generations, the process is slightly different. It would be best if you first unlinked the remote before relinking it. Next, hold the Menu and Left Arrow buttons simultaneously to unlink it. After that, hold the Menu button and Right Arrow button for six seconds.

Try Apple TV Remote App

If the box is working, but you are unable to connect the remote, the fault is likely with the remote. Before giving up, try the Apple TV Remote app. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It has all the capabilities of a remote, plus a keyboard for simpler searches.

Note: Apple does not offer an official app for Android users. However, some individuals duplicate the process using a third-party app, with variable outcomes. Therefore, ensure that the app you install on your phone is reputable. For instance, an Apple TV remote app does not require access to your contacts.


It might not be very pleasant if your Apple TV remote stops working. However, following the steps above should restore functionality.

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