19 Best Anime Femboys You Must Know

Anime Traps, or Femboys in anime, are males who possess facial characteristics that are considered more feminine. Others prefer to embrace their feminine appearance and dress like girls, while others appear in comedy series in which they are parodyously mistaken for boys. They are an enjoyable and engaging part of their anime performances, whether Femboys or crossdressers.

19 Best Anime Femboys You Must Know

Among the most well-known anime Femboys, we have compiled the following list. Demonstrate to the world! Let’s proceed with the anime Femboys on our list. A list of the best anime Femboys can be found below.

1. Najimi Osana

Anime Femboys

Although her gender is unknown now, Najimi, a character from Komi Can’t Communicate, has stated that she is both and is frequently addressed as either she or he. Najimi is diametrically opposed to Shouko Komi in that she can form intimate bonds with anyone after only a fleeting encounter. Despite being a smart and attractive girl, Komi is always viewed as alone, but her classmates think she is above them. Komi is socially awkward and has aspirations of amassing one hundred friends.

2. Hime Arikawa

Anime Femboys

Hime, the protagonist of Himegoto, was born a boy but is compelled to dress like a girl. It disgusted him that, like everyone else, his classmates tormented him. He is known for being outspoken about his treatment, though. In all other respects, Hime possesses an average character. The student council saved Hime after being abandoned by his parents and struggling with debt. But to repay the student council, Hime must dress like an attractive girl for school! Unfortunately, Hime will soon find out that he is not the only crossdresser in the world!

3. Yuuta Sasaki

Anime Femboys

Next on our Anime Femboys is Yuuta. Yuuta is a crossdresser who works as Hiroshi Inaba’s secret ary and is a character from Cuticle Detective Inaba. Yuuta is known for being extremely devoted to those he holds dear and behaving like a little sibling. Moreover, he is extremely adorable. Yuuta did, however, have a spiteful and envious secret. Yuuta inhabits a world in which typical humans coexist with half-human chimeras. That doesn’t deter chimeras from perpetrating offenses, making it more difficult for law enforcement to find them. Such is the role of the detective Hiroshi Inaba!

4. Mariya Shidou

Anime Femboys

Mariya, the deuteragonist of Maria…Holic attends an all-girl Catholic school where she is covertly a boy. He is a perceptive, assertive, and determined man who will do anything to keep his gender a secret! Until Kanako Miyamae transferred to Mariya’s school, he concealed his gender. Kanako ends up on Mariya’s evil side while trying to find her life’s passion at this all-girls school.

5. Rui Ninomiya

Anime Femboys

To conceal himself, Rui, one of the primary characters in Gatchaman Crowds, dresses as a girl. Rui is primarily an idea list who has a pessimistic outlook on society and finds it difficult to connect with people. Rui encounters Hajime Ichinose, endowed with a diminutive volume known as NOTE, which grants her the ability to metamorphose into a Gatchaman—a renowned guardian of Tachikawa City! Their greatest danger is the extinction-seeking extraterrestrial race.

6. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Anime Femboys

Hideyoshi, a character from Baka & Test – Summon the Beasts, is Yuko’s twin sibling and a Drama Club member at his school. Also, Hideyoshi is the subject of a recurring comedy in which everyone misidentifies him as a girl despite his considerable efforts to demonstrate that he is a boy. In nature, Hideyoshi is frequently stoic and calm. Awarded based on test scores, Fumizuki Academy is an exceptional high school where Hideyoshi enrolls. An entire grade of A in one subject and an F in another. The remaining members of the principal ensemble, including Hideyoshi, ultimately descend to Class F—the lowest of the low.

7. Gasper Vladi

Anime Femboys

Gasper is a crossdresser who was once half-human and half-vampire before Rias Gremory transformed him into the Devil. He is a character from High School DxD New. Gasper’s capacity to halt time distinguishes him as a vital and esteemed Rias group member. Also, He ends up being saved by Rias, who brings him back as a Devil after his girl companion executes Issei Hyoudou. But now that Issei is subordinate to the high-ranking Rias, he can never return to his old life.

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8. Makoto

Anime Femboys

Chiaki Minami is a classmate of Makoto’s who is from Minami-ke. His friends frequently trick him into cross-dressing and refer to him as “Mako-chan” due to his small stature and adorable hairstyle. Makoto finds it difficult to acknowledge that he relishes cross-dressing and making a cute girl. Chiaki Minami is close friends with Makoto, one of the three sisters in the Minami family. The youngest is Chiaki, who is best known for her intelligent tongue. A slice-of-life series that follows the bubbly Kana, the vivacious Kana, and the feisty Chiaki as they all work to make an ordinary day extraordinary!

9. Sousuke Mitsuba

Anime Femboys

Next on our Anime Femboys is Mitsuba. Mitsuba, an apparition who wanders the corridors of Kamome Academy, originates from the toilet-bound Hanako-kun. Mitsuba, who appeared like a girl with an arrogant demeanor, was once tormented by his classmates and is known for his bitter disposition, acerbic tongue, and temperamental demeanor. Well, Mitsuba encounters Kou Minamoto, an exorcist who is engrossed in the “Seven Wonders” in the apparition-filled school while haunting the school’s compartments. In the Seventh of the Seven Wonders, Hanako-san and Mitsuba’s life as an apparition become intertwined after they meet Kou.

10. Ryuji “Yuka” Ayukawa

Although her biological gender is currently unknown, Yuka, one of the primary characters from the Blue Period, appears to be a boy but prefers to be addressed and costumed as a girl. Yuka is a self-assured, audacious, and ostentatious individual who attempts to fight back their interior anxieties. Yuka and smartass miscreant Yatora Yaguchi are well-known classmates and enemies. Unruffled by the meaninglessness of life, Yatora unearths a profound affection for the realm of art. Desperate to gain admission to Tokyo University of Arts, he decides to take a risk and immerse himself in art.

11. Lio Fotia

Due to his emaciated physique, elongated eyelashes, and shaped hair, Lio, the deuteragonist of Promare, is frequently mistaken for a girl. However, Lio is the confident and determined commander of the terrorist organization Mad Burnish, whose lethal fire threatens society! Immediately, Lio and novice firefighter Galo Thymos come into conflict. The secret of the Burnish makes Galo wonder who the true evil men are—the Burnish or his people—even though they are in opposing social factions.

12. Saika Totsuka

Next on our Anime Femboys is Saika. Saika, a character from the teen romantic comedy SNAFU, is the “Prince” of the school’s Tennis Club and a close friend of Hachiman Hikigaya. Saika is frequently mistaken for a girl, including by Hachiman, due to his feminine stature and endearing visage. He is kind, tranquil, and compassionate, even though it annoys him when people misidentify his gender. His instructor recruits Hachiman into the Volunteer Service Club after he submits a substandard essay. Hachiman soon finds himself torn between two girls: the school’s beauty with a frigid art and a vibrant, hyperactive school girl who is concealing something from him! What will transpire in this romantic comedy?

13. Aoi Hyoudou

Behold Maid Sama! Aoi is a professional crossdresser who works at a maid café (where he dons a long blonde hairstyle and dresses as a female maid). Although Aoi is known for his fondness for adorable things and his ability to trick and torment men with his adorable appearance, he is also notoriously short-tempered and dislikes school. Misaki Ayuzawa, the “Demon President” at her school, is a coworker of Aoi. Being exposed as an employee of a maid café would irreparably harm her reputation. The only one who does so is Takumi Usui, the most popular and sarcastic boy in school.

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14. Nagisa Shiota

Nagisa, the protagonist of Assassination Classroom, is frequently mistaken for a girl due to his petite stature and short pigtails. His mother made his hair grow longer because she wanted him to be born a girl. Nagisa is a calm, approachable, and level-headed boy who ends up being reticent and frequently overlooked, but he is an exceptionally gifted student. Nagisa is a member of the rare class 3-E, and their only assignment is to find their instructor. When the class fails to apprehend Koro-sensei, an enigmatic yellow tentacle creature, he threatens to obliterate the moon!

15. Ryoji “Ranka” Fujioka

As a supporting character from the Ouran High School Host Club, Ryoji provides paternal support to Haruhi. He performs as a crossdresser and entertainer professionally under the stage moniker “Ranka.” Ryoji, who has lost her mother, is an upbeat and encouraging parent who tries to be there for his daughter. Ryoji assists Haruhi as she matriculates into Ouran Academy, an affluent boarding school for children. On the other hand, Haruhi does not want her father to inherit the debt after she accidentally destroys a pricey vessel. She ends up joining the school’s Host Club to pay it back.

16. Kuranosuke Koibuchi

Next on our Anime Femboys is Kuranosuke. Kuranosuke, one of the primary characters, is a man known for his feminine and attractive appearance and takes it in equanimity by dressing as a gyaru. Kuranosuke, a boy or a girl, is an outrageous, self-assured, and courageous individual willing to do anything to assist his family and friends. One evening, Kuranosuke encounters Tsukimi Kurashita, an antisocial jellyfish enthusiast, while dressing up as a girl. Kuranosuke decides to help make Tsukimi’s dresses and designs a reality after quickly becoming friends with her!

17. Ritsu Sohma

Ritsu, a boy from Fruits Basket, dresses in kimonos worn by women and grows out his hair. He is less anxious when he dresses like a girl, but he is extremely frantic and embarrassed due to self-hatred. Ritsu is one of the members of the Sohma Family who have been afflicted. When an individual of the opposite gender embraces him, he is transformed into one of the Chinese Zodiacs. The Sohma family may be optimistic that the curse can be broken after meeting the youthful and big-hearted Tohru Honda.

18. Marulk

Marulk dresses like a female housekeeper in the film Made in Abyss. He is timid and frequently anxious but also courteous, cordial, and thoughtful. A Blue Whistle Delver at the time, Marulk resides with his mentor in the second Abyssal stratum. The Abyss is an enormous chasm brimming with secrets and mysteries. Many explorers have descended into the Abyss to discover all the wonders buried deep in the earth. Young Riko is a girl who is summoned to an unknown abyss. Since her mother vanished into the Abyss, she has harbored a strong desire to pursue her.

19. Felix Argyle

Last on our Anime Femboys is Felix. Felix, a character from Re:ZERO “Starting Life in Another World,” is a candidate for the throne of the kingdom and a knight of Crusch Karsten. Well, Felix has cat-like features, including cat ears and a smile, due to his Demi-Human ancestry. Felix, despite being a young boy, has a preference for elegant blue-and-white dresses. Emilia, a half-elf, is selected as a candidate for the throne, similar to Crusch, with the assistance of Subaru Natsuki. Subaru was isekai-ed, or inexplicably transported to their fantasy world without anyone knowing it.

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