9+ Best Wii U Games 2022 To Try

Before purchasing Nintendo Switch, consider perusing Will’s selection of excellent games. The majority are unique to Wii U, but others are transferred. Nonetheless, every game mentioned below will bring countless hours of fun, including a few that you will remember fondly for future memories. Nintendo games are predominantly designed for couch co-op, but you can still play them in your comfort zone. The nine or more best Wii U games are listed below.

9+ Best Wii U Games 2022 To Try

Among all Wii U games, I have curated a list of nine or more exceptional games. I also loved playing these games, which are critically regarded by players worldwide. From fast-paced combat to serene, tranquil simulation, I propose the 9+ best Wii U games you should play, ranging from action to relaxation.

1. Shovel Knight

Wii U Games

Classic NES games inspired the blend of elements in Shovel Knight. If you were born during the NES era, you would feel right at home with the sixteen pixel-based tunes and enhanced gameplay of classic vintage games. It is the classic game that NES lovers have always desired. Despite being highly influenced by classic vintage games, the game never seems like a duplicate. Instead, it is refreshing to see that such games are still being created. Its world map, inspired by Mario 3, features a variety of unique destinations. Each level’s platform has its concept and construction. As a Shovel knight, your most powerful weapon is a shovel. You may dig, jump on enemies, destroy things, and shovel enemies into oblivion using your shovel. Well, this game is a new twist on classic games, so if you want to relive your NES memories, you should play it.

2. Pikmin 3

Wii U Games

Nintendo has created a game with endearing characters, unique environments, and ingenious level layouts. Pikmin 3 seems like a tour of my backyard garden as you explore little animals and direct them toward your goal. In Pikmin 3, players play the role of a little extraterrestrial who has crash-landed on an exotic world in quest of food and resources. You are then met by small plant people who will battle for you and assist you in returning to your home. This is one of the best Wii U games to try.

Inhabitants of this new, teeming-with-life world are wild beasts prepared to attack you. With the assistance of little creatures, you transport precious resources back to your planet. Unlock new fruits and trinkets as you explore four unique worlds and solve puzzles with the new three squads’ gameplay elements. Then, together with your friends, solve additional problems. Pikmin3 is a fantastic game that captivated me for several hours. The main campaign took me 17 hours to finish, and I found those hours refreshing. I wish there were more games like this on the Wii U.

3. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Wii U Games

It is an excellent platformer that requires precision and ability as you Bop, roll, and bongo bash enemies. The game’s tight-level design pushes you to your absolute limit. However, if you are an expert platformer looking for additional challenges, you may play with friends who can control lesser characters as you carry them on your back. Each unique level has hidden challenges and puzzle pieces. Acquiring them will eventually unlock additional companions with unique skills. The game is primarily notable for its colorful level designs and excellent sounds. Engaging with fascinating bosses accompanied by fantastic music makes the encounter unforgettable. This is one of the best Wii U games to try.

4. Super Mario Maker

Wii U Games

Mario’s 38th birthday will be commemorated with a Super Mario creator. Due to the game’s user-friendly structure, you will spend many hours bouncing between the stage designer and gameplay. It has 10 Mario challenges with 60 levels, some of which need puzzle platforms and accuracy. In addition, the Mario level maker includes sixty unique bricks from which to construct your challenges. You may design fun contraptions or let your creativity run wild. The decision is yours to make. This is one of the best Wii U games to try.

5. Super Mario 3D World

Wii U Games

Play in Mario’s world with a group of four friends while acquiring various power-ups. Super Mario 3d World brings back the world of Super Mario from the NES and places it in a 3D environment. Reach several realms to battle Bowesr and gather fairies to unlock a new path. Playing with friends and family is very enjoyable as you stumble upon and solve various levels together. However, it’s easy to become lost in the 3D world of Mario, with its bright landscapes and treasures to unlock. This is one of the best Wii U games to try.

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6. Splatoon

A third-person shooter in which the game is required to paint the wall. Territorial fighting in Splatoon employs an inventive use of ink. Choose from various absurd weaponry and a secondary weapon, then splash paint throughout the arena. There are twelve symmetrical maps, each with a unique splattering paint method. What first appears easy and fun quickly becomes a detailed depiction of a warzone. You may pick between turf war painting and rainmaker in 4v4 combat. In turf war painting, you may splash your way through the enemy’s base, or you can select the rainmaker mode and blast the enemy’s base. In addition to the gameplay, you may personalize your character by purchasing various outfits from the Inkopolis plaza. It’s a new spin on third-person shooting arena war games.

7. Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 is a fast-paced, action-packed game with fluid movement. Assume the character of a sassy woman and defeat enemies with elegance and charm. Her actions are occasionally sexually alluring but do not deviate much from character. With its 60 fps animations, the game provides a greater adrenaline sensation. The game is filled with intense, over-the-top battles that will have you on the edge of your seat. Regardless, the game is not overdone, except for its amusing dialogue. When every punch, kick, and weapon swing is executed properly, it is incredibly fulfilling. You will use left-to-right kicking combinations and demon summoning to attack enemies. The game is ideal for experienced players but also welcomes beginners. Over 10 hours of battle, I blew off steam by mixing and matching combinations. Before I knew it, my enemies danced to my weapons’ movements.

8. Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 predates all previous Mario Kart racing games. It enhances the game mechanics and adds various new features, including anti-gravity enhancements, a super horn to oppose blue shells, and many others. Mario Kart’s twelve-player online mode and four-player split-screen mode provide the fun of entertaining content. The new anti-gravity technologies are incorporated into track layouts in a novel way. Now you can highlight videos on YouTube, and the best thing is that you can review your game in slow motion and check each detail the game has to offer, as Mario Kart 8 advances in every way. This is one of the best Wii U games to try.

9. The Legend of Zelda’s Breath Of The Wild

This is the first open-world Legend of Zelda game, which is gorgeous. As far as the eye can see, you can reach. A fully open-world game in which there are no invisible walls or level caps. After completing The Great Plateau, we may explore the huge wilderness or dash to the boss, although I would not advocate the latter. Breath of the Wild has never ceased to astonish me, despite the countless hours I’ve spent trying to discover secret locales and satisfying my insatiable curiosity.

From the Grassy plains of Hyrule planes to the Volcanic locales of Goron city, there is always something new to explore, which is what I enjoy most about Breath of the Wild. There are a variety of inventive methods to face enemies. You can dash directly into their camp and begin fighting, sneak up on them at night while they are sleeping, or launch explosives from a distance. Astoundingly, the Zelda community continues to discover secret tips and tricks; there are so many. I never knew it could occur or that elemental harm was possible. Numerous subtle game concepts make Zelda a very fun experience.

10. Super Smash Bros.

It is a chaotic game with exquisitely constructed and well-balanced action. Each character has a distinct personality that tracks the motions and actions of fighters throughout history. You may play as Nintendo icons, such as Mario, Sonic, Link, and Pac-Man. Fighting against eight opponents in a match is absurd but exciting. Online, you may play 2v2 with your friends. Its combat system is simple to learn but difficult to master. Multiple modes give continual variety, with event mode facilitating learning by letting you play against computer-controlled opponents. Every mode offers unlocked awards, trophies, and a variety of other benefits. You can repeat combat to assess your actions. The game has so much content that it is difficult to put down the controller. It is that engaging.


This is the list of the best Wii U Games you can play in 2022. So if you know of Wii U Games, please let us know. And have an excellent day.

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