Best Whiteboard Fox Alternatives & Similar Software 2023

Whiteboard Fox is a simple web-based solution that enables corporations and educational institutions to brainstorm, visualize, and interact in real-time on a virtual whiteboard. This tool is user-friendly and offers a free plan. Its features include analytics, a discussion board, dark mode, annotation, and task management.

Whiteboard Fox encourages innovation in all of your brainstorming sessions, allowing you to accelerate project conception and execution. It organizes your board using colored and drawn pictures. Stylus pen support makes it easy to learn and use.

Despite this, people frequently seek out alternate tools. It is primarily due to Whiteboard Fox’s deficiencies in a few areas. For instance, it lacks project management capabilities and is limited to pen-based drawing.

In addition, you need access to third-party connectors that would facilitate your work. Whiteboards on the free plan expire after 14 days. This article features apps that are similar to Whiteboard Fox. You can choose any of these if you’re seeking a better experience.

Best WhiteboardFox Alternatives

1. Miro

Lets talk about the popular and Best Whiteboard Fox Alternatives & Competitors 2023. Miro is your ally if you’re looking for a tool that will allow you to create mind maps like a pro following productive brainstorming. This tool is made for many types of teams.

This best whiteboard online offers intuitive whiteboards for communicating ideas asynchronously, presenting visual concepts, facilitating remote meetings, and co-creating organizational charts.

With Miro, collaboration and communication on collaborations must succeed. The integrated chat and video features include @mentions, which help delegate chores.

There are numerous premade and bespoke templates available for use. Engage your audience using the present mode, which allows you to zoom into all of the whiteboard’s essential sections.

Miro supports connectors with numerous other apps, like ClickUp and others. Compared to Whiteboard Fox, Miro has a greater number of features. It allows you to define your ideas, build schemes and mockups, and provide feedback on the contributions of your team members.

You can save your boards as PDFs or turn them into presentations after generating them. Then, enhance your projects using the tool’s wireframes, icons, and content. Once projects are complete, they may be uploaded and shared on Google Drive.

Individual plans are free, team plans are $8/member/month, and business plans cost $16/member/month. The business plan is available for quote.

2. WebBoard

WebBoard is a web-based whiteboard app with numerous features, such as real-time collaboration, advanced drawing, seamless communication, interaction, and more.

It is the optimal platform for remote team collaboration. Individuals, schools, and small enterprises can use the tool to facilitate their work.

If you’re a designer, manager, professor, or developer, this is the tool you need to collaborate and exchange ideas with your entire team.

WebBoard enables the creation of impressive sketches on mobile, desktop, and TV platforms. It is simple to share these sketches in real-time with others. Moreover, it is secure, making it one of the greatest digital whiteboard solutions for use in the classroom or workplace.

It has a straightforward user interface and is simple to access and use. It surpasses Whiteboard Fox because of its collaborative aspect.

The basic plan of WebBoard costs €5 per month, while the premium plan costs €10 per month. Other pricing alternatives can be found on its pricing page.

3. Vibe

If we talk about the Top WhiteboardFox Alternatives & Similar Software, Vibe is an intelligent, interactive digital whiteboard software with numerous integrations that augment its usefulness. Canvas is the digital platform provided by Vibe that enables you to access your board on your tablet or PC.

Vibe is a fantastic tool for expedited design creation, annotation, and modification. Vibe is compatible with ClickUp; however, Whiteboard Fox is not. In addition, you have access to a multitude of templates to kickstart your projects.

Vibe can be used at the office, home, and school. It goes beyond the typical whiteboard and smart TV to provide an unforgettable immersive experience. This excellent tool will take your teamwork to an entirely new level.

It is optimized for a smart touchscreen and features a brush mode, smart text, shapes, and a limitless canvas to ensure that your flowcharts are flawless. Canvas’s platform offers a free plan. There is pricing information available on the Vibe storefront.

4. ClickUp

ClickUp allows users to transform their ideas into projects in real-time. It is a timeless productivity solution that will facilitate wiser collaboration, project management, and task centralization.

This best Whiteboard software is a great tool for schools, small businesses, solopreneurs, and large enterprise teams. It features superior customization possibilities to facilitate team communication, project monitoring, and workload management.

The tool provides users with numerous features that facilitate cooperation and immersive experiences. It interacts with more than a thousand apps, including Slack, Trello, Gmail, Google Drive, Loom, Salesforce, and Figma.

The integration expedites your operations by enhancing all of your processes. Whiteboard Fox, however, does not integrate with other programs.

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With ClickUp, you have the flexibility to create, sketch, and doodle and the room to connect your ideas to the workflow.

Add your information to whiteboards to collaborate, execute, and establish connections in real-time. Use the available templates to improve your retrospectives, flowcharts, animal drawings, and concept mapping.

ClickUp’s pricing is reasonable. It offers a free plan with numerous enticing features. The Unlimited plan is $5 per user per month, the Business plan is $12 per user per month, the Business Plus plan is $19 per user per month, & the Enterprise plan is quoted individually.

5. Conceptboard

Conceptboard is an excellent tool for bridging the gap between ideation and presentations. It contains whiteboard templates to structure your thoughts, navigate drawings, and cross-reference your comments.

The app has folders for managing several whiteboards, which Whiteboard Fox needs to include. You can annotate PDFs, upload any media, and securely share the board with other collaborators via a password-protected link.

Conceptboard enables the asynchronous and real-time management of boards. Facilitate more effective meetings by providing attendees with directional arrows—control access to projects using permissions for access.

The application enables the centralization of content via screen sharing, video conferencing, and moderating tools. Using agile management, organize all workshops and meetings and cooperate on all concepts.

There are numerous templates available for usage in your projects. In addition, the collaboration and feedback elements facilitate the streamlining of all project phases.

Unlimited boards, 100 objects, a library of templates, 500 MB of storage, core integrations, and one collaborator are included with Conceptboard’s free plan.

The premium plan costs $6 per user per month, the business plan costs $9.50 per user per month, and enterprise and on-premises pricing options are quoted individually.

6. GroupMap

If you’re looking for a solution for real-time virtual brainstorming, GroupMap makes it easy to conduct workshops and meetings.

GroupMap has simplified the collaborative decision-making process. For example, the program will record your thoughts before combining them in real time with those of your colleagues.

This best Whiteboard software free is designed for conference organizers, teachers, managers, and facilitators seeking a friendlier and more direct method of brainstorming and collaboration. It provides options for you and your distant teams to collaborate on ideas.

GroupMap includes all the elements necessary to facilitate voting, mind mapping, rating, doing a SWOT analysis, and adding action specifics. In addition, it features a straightforward user interface and over sixty pre-designed templates.

GroupMap, unlike Whiteboard Fox, provides templates to kick off your team collaboration endeavor.

It includes a 14-day trial period to enable you to evaluate its functionality. The basic plan costs $20 per month, while the professional plan costs $60 per month. View its pricing information on its pricing page.

7. InVision Freehand

InVision Freehand is a digital whiteboard that lets you doodle, organize your workflow, and collaborate in real-time on projects from a single location.

This Whiteboard Fox alternative includes a mind-mapping tool and more than 200 pre-made templates from organizations, including Atlassian,, American Express, and Microsoft.

InVision Freehand interacts with various apps, including Jira,, Asana, Zoom, YouTube, Sketch, Loom, Jira, Google Docs, Figma, and Google Maps. In addition, the simple user interface of InVision facilitates navigation across the board.

InVision will do much more than bring your team together at a single table to centralize processes and monitor every stage of your projects. The rooms are well-organized, and widgets and reactions can boost teamwork.

The app offers a free plan with substantial storage space, essential functionality, integrations, and many users. The pro plan costs $4 per month per user. Additionally, an enterprise plan is available for pricing.

InVision Freehand’s free plan offers an abundance of greater features compared to Whiteboard Fox’s subscription plans.

8. Limnu

Limnu is intended for product design, education, and engineering teams seeking seamless cooperation on various use cases. The utility is secure and easily compatible with multiple third-party apps.

Limnu’s streamlined user interface makes it simple to concentrate on essentials. Sketch your concepts, collaborate on projects, and easily share with all teams.

Limnu has an advantage over Whiteboard Fox since it provides smooth access to whiteboard features without requiring registration.

You can sketch your ideas through video conferencing and cooperate on brainstorming and problem-solving. It is easy to use and provides considerable room for brainstorming. Additionally, you can retrieve your thoughts via the indication.

Share projects seamlessly with clients, coworkers, and teams. With board organization, you can search, edit, and categorize your whiteboards like an expert. After completion, you can save your ideas for future use.

Limnu offers an iOS app to facilitate mobile work. Its team administration features enable secure collaboration by controlling access and facilitating team management from a single interface.

It offers a Free plan, a $5 Pro plan, an $8 Team plan, and quote-based Enterprise and API plans.

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After registering for a free or paid account, Limnu will allow you to share your ideas with others for free. In addition, smart whiteboards with no boundaries provide the flexibility and freedom to generate project ideas.

9. Stormboard

Stormboard enables you to collaborate with your team on an endless canvas for all projects and meetings. This app allows you to contribute your thoughts from anywhere. In addition, its designated e-whiteboard facilitates the ideation process by allowing you to use drawing tools and post-it notes to outline your ideas and thoughts.

Stormboard provides more than 200 starter templates. Using these ready-made templates, it is simple to expedite your organization’s productivity. Additionally, you can design your personalized canvas from scratch.

You wish to simplify your operations. It is the appropriate tool. It facilitates the adoption of new and innovative frameworks, the facilitation of all local, hybrid, and remote meetings, the flawless management of all projects, and your organization’s productivity.

You can use the navigation panel to zoom in and out of your projects. In addition, Stormboard allows you to establish many views, such as Kanban, on your digital board. Whiteboard Fox lacks this characteristic.

Incorporating organization tools such as task priorities and folders will expedite your activities. In addition, the template center allows you to design any project at any moment. It has numerous integrations as well.

Stormboard offers a free personal plan, a $10/user/month corporate plan, and a quote-based enterprise plan.

10. Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a smart whiteboard app that allows you to convert your boards into tutorials, making it simple to communicate topics to stakeholders, teams, and classes.

As an educator, you can develop and distribute diverse topics. For example, you may record and edit whiteboards within the program and then webcast your tutorials and lectures for immersive, blended learning.

Create a color palette using the eyedropper for RGB or HEX code and connect it so that other people can access it. Explain Everything is loaded with creative enhancement features. This app supports color fill, clipart, and picture layering.

Why is Explain Everything superior to Whiteboard? Fox is the screen capture function. The whiteboard recording tools are engaging and simple to use.

Three price levels are available:

  • The Free plan
  • The Solo Teacher plan for $34.99 per year
  • The Class plan for $129.99 per teacher and 30 students each year

The School Plan is quoted upon request.

11. Ayoa

Ayoa offers an intelligent method of teamwork. It elevates collaborative digital whiteboards to an entirely new level.

This online Whiteboard smoothly integrates the functions of ideation, task management, and collaboration. As a result, your teams will collaborate, foster ideas and concepts, and apply them in sync to achieve success.

Working with Ayoa expedites and streamlines processes for capturing and cultivating ideas. You can immediately implement your ideas to develop superior working procedures. It allows you to plan projects more efficiently, implement ideas, and conduct meetings.

Track your projects from inception to completion from any location. As a result, your teams will continue to be connected, motivated, and productive.

Ayoa enables users to create tasks directly from their email. You can accomplish different results using Whiteboard Fox. Ayoa further provides mind maps with artificial intelligence.

It offers a seven-day free trial and various purchasing plans, including the $10 Mind Map plan, the $10 Task plan, and the $13 Ultimate plan.

12. ExcelWay

Are innovation seminars planned? ExcelWay enables you to conduct brainstorming sessions with your teams to solve problems or generate ideas for future projects.

It provides agile approaches to help you plan smarter and be more reflective while centrally managing your backlog.

ExcelWay is optimal for visual meetings and workshops. Apply originality to your problem-solving and plan execution. Its price options are startup-friendly and include lifelong discounts.

ExcelWay provides access to pre-designed templates and canvases, as well as advanced controls and post-it notes. However, the best feature is the ability to assign co-facilitators, which Whiteboard Fox needs to improve. Moreover, it supports product management.

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The tool offers three price tiers in addition to its free trial. The Team plan is $8 per member per month, while the Business plan is $12 per month. The Enterprise strategy is based on quotes.


All of the Whiteboard Fox alternatives listed above are excellent. In contrast, I would use InVision Freehand. It contains over 200 pre-made templates and allows you to create and share them.

Asana, Spotify, Google Docs, Google Maps, Loom, Zoom, and YouTube are among the integrations supported by InVision Freehand.

In addition, its free edition contains numerous features that are superior to competing apps. And if you decide to become a pro, the monthly cost per active user is a mere $4.

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