10 Best Valheim Server Hosting Providers For Everyone

Looking for the best Valheim Server Hosting? Then this article is for you. Single-player games have never been my thing. Don’t get me wrong: I have pleasant recollections of bursting mutant pig policemen while chewing bubblegum and brandishing a crowbar in Half-life 2. However, I’ve always found the bulk of single-player games to be quite stiff and linear in terms of gameplay, and fighting countless waves of predictable NPC (non-player characters) becomes pretty tiresome.

My heart and mind were caught by multi-player gaming. Nothing beats knowing you’ve outwitted another human being, even if it’s generally a squeaky spot-ridden adolescent. In the early days of the FPS Counter-strike, you could play on public/privately owned servers, give a 2 player (1vs1) head-to-head challenge, and later enjoy playing with a gigantic 64 players, 32 on each side.

Nothing like spending an evening on your favorite server, slowly developing good friends, and laughing till the wee hours of the morning. Playing with others is where the real pleasure is, and nothing beats the sense of having complete control over your own game server setting. The online open-world survival genre has gained in popularity in recent years. A completely free world to explore and survive in, from scavenging for food cans while outrunning zombies in Dayz to taking on a T-Rex with only a spear in ARK Survival.

When you face the potential of respawning nude on the other side of the world, knowing you now have to aim your avatar in the proper way and hold down ‘W’ for 15 minutes, a virtual death becomes much more terrifying. You are now a bare-knuckled, unarmed character who must run over miles of open territory to rejoin your friends. The motivation and pleasure of survival, as well as the sorrow and grief of death, become more real. Valheim is the most recent entry in the survival genre. I’ll go into this game and attempt to explain why you should dive in head first, as well as the benefits of owning your own server hosting.

What’s Valheim All About?

It is an open-world survival game set in the tenth Norse world of Valheim. You play a Viking warrior who has recently been vanquished and whose body is transported and thrown into the realm of Valheim by a huge crow. Your primary goal is to satisfy Odin by restoring order to the realm that mythological animals have taken over. Your task, starting with nothing but your bare hands, is to survive the harsh environment by locating, mining, building, and crafting your way to success.

Why I Personally Love This Game?

Many people associate ‘early access’ with a hurried / badly constructed shell of a game that is unusable due to crash after crash. Normally, I would agree and steer away, but with 2 million downloads in less than two weeks, the reviews and widespread excitement have taken the gaming world by surprise, propelling it to the top place.

Despite being categorized as a survival game, Valheim is far more laid-lot and forgiving. Instead of always worrying about and focusing on finding food and water, the game focuses on building and upgrading. You don’t have to glance at hunger or thirst meters or numerous data to figure out what resource is required next. Instead, the stomach serves as a storage site. Putting different sorts of food in your stomach has varied effects on your numbers, such as improving stamina, health, and so on.

Another element I appreciate is the simplicity with which machinery, tools, and buildings can be repaired. They accomplished this by eliminating the resources that are normally necessary. Once you’ve made anything, you can fix it quickly with the help of a workbench. It leads you to enjoy more time crafting new tools and growing your buildings and bases. This game has reintroduced me to the survival genre that I back enjoyed. Among its features are the following:

1- Summon and defeat epic bosses from Norse mythology and lore 

2- Co-op 2-10 players – Play alone or with up to 10 friends 

3- Dedicated and player-hosted servers, allowing full control of your virtual world, mods, and online players 

4- Massive procedurally-generated world – explore new worlds with unlimited possibilities; forests, mountains, and sea are all with their own unique wildlife. 

5- Workbench crafting, machines, armor, food, and drink 

6- Build ships and buildings, from rafts to Viking warships, wooden shacks to castles

Benefits From Your Own Server Hosting?

Valheim is intended for gamers who enjoy spending time crafting their own worlds or collaborating on a common vision with their friends. If you want speedy results, stick to CS/COD. The following are some benefits of playing your own server:

Good Control

There’s nothing quite like playing god. Have your own server to alter and run as you like, rather than having to comply with the rules and wishes of others. Their maps, mods, and rules are all unique. Your maps, mods, and rules are always more enjoyable to listen to!

Smoother Experience

It has never been easier to set up and launch your own server on your own PC. Typically, a single button click launches a console window with instructions cascading down the window as you input the matrix. Well, The main issue is that most home PCs are incapable of handling the increased CPU/Memory/IO strain of hosting a game server. So, finally, it leads to every internet gamer’s biggest dread… LAG!!! And that’s before you even launch your own game instance to play.

This is when the benefits of paying for a dedicated server from a hosting service become apparent. Playing on a dependable hosted server provides you the flexibility and control to play with the players/friends/family you want to play with. Well, I’ve gathered a list of what I feel to be the top Valheim server hosting options available right now.


1. ScalaCube

Valheim Server Hosting

ScalaCube’s Valheim hosting service makes it easy to play with friends. The control panel they provide is simple to use and comes with a quick setup as well as a free domain. It also gives you access to files, plugins, and mods. DDoS defense is protected on their lag-free servers. Furthermore, because of its easy interface, you do not need to be a technical specialist when it comes to server administration. And if you face any problems, they are constantly willing to assist you.

Their servers are completely customizable, and you may tweak the in-game mechanics whatever you like. They have four data centers spread across four continents, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Other features of ScalaCube’s Valheim hosting service include FTP access, mods, 24/7 uptime, easy setting change, and more. In addition, with SSD drives and high-quality hardware components, you can anticipate top-notch performance. ScalaCube charges $14 per month for 10 player seats. You may test their Valheim hosting service for free and have an understanding of its effectiveness without using your payment card.

2. GTXGaming

Valheim Server Hosting

GTXGaming is now a truly global player, with an astonishing nineteen data center locations globally. It was founded in 2008, making it nearly 13 years old. They have Valheim prepared and ready to go on the first day of release, with a fast setup. They stand out in their control panel; a new version was recently published, substantially improving on the 2020 iteration. They include a file manager for uploading and downloading server files. They also provide a backup system that zips up your server, transmits it to one of their “offsite” backup computers, and stores up to 7 days of backups if you offer a mistake.

With a single click, you can backup and restore your data. You get enterprise-level Intel CPUs ranging from powerful E3 processors to the most recent i7 or i9 CPUs, as well as AMD Ryzens. In addition, you may schedule tasks to enable auto-updates, wipes, mods, backups, server restarts, and plugins on your server. You may also manage your server features yourself by following the step-by-step guidelines that are offered. In addition, all of their data centers are protected with industry-standard DDoS protection and have high server uptimes.

Other features include steam workshop support, simple web connections, rocket plugins, an XML validator built-in, and a MySQL database. With their 24-hour support and live chat on the CP (control panel), you should never be at a loss for what to do if your server fails or you need to transfer services. The hosting service also includes one-click mod support. Furthermore, the mod “ValheimPlus” is available for one-click installation. Steam update buttons, as well as stop, start, and restart buttons, are normal with every game hosting firm. Well, The cost is comparable to that of other significant carriers.

3. Gaming Deluxe

Valheim Server Hosting

Gaming Deluxe is the oldest firm on the list, with 14 years of experience so you can anticipate good service and dependability. I used it for a Battlefield 2 server back in 2010, and they were and still are excellent. They include all of the standard features, such as FTP, a file manager, a web-based GUI for operating your server, and a quick setup (ours was set up in 2 minutes).

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They provide value across the board and also have an incredible collection of titles amassed over the years. But, as we found, support from an older organization is expected to be efficient, to the point of being blunt, and to be rather funny. If you are unhappy with their service, you can issue a refund within 24 hours. In addition, gaming Deluxe supports a mod manager, support for virtually all maps, DDoS protection, and offsite backups. They have data centers in important worldwide locations such as the United States, Europe, and Australia. For easy payments, they support PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, Amazon Payments, and bank transfers.

4. Survival Servers

Valheim Server Hosting

Survival Servers is a dedicated Valheim game server hosting service that includes all of the features you need to enjoy immersive gameplay. In addition, you may design and configure your server using their advanced in-house control panel. You can also install compatible mods, plugins, and maps, modify settings with an easy one-click form, and swap locations. In addition, they provide immediate server setup, complete FTP access, automatic or bespoke server restarts, and automated alerts.

Survival Servers provides high-performance thanks to its top single-thread benchmark CPUs from Intel and AMD, as well as ultra-fast SSD SSDs and NVMe drives. In addition, all of their 7 data centers in the United States, Europe, and Asia are DDoS protected, ensuring that your data is safe from attackers. They also improve security by implementing server pass blocking. Other features include the option to specify custom launch settings, access admin commands, use third-party tools, monitor server status, and start, restart, or stop it. Its cost begins at $1.40 per slot.

5. XGamingServer

Valheim Server Hosting

Try XGamingServer if you want to experience mind-blowing Valheim gameplay. It is one of the top Valheim game server hosting services, offering a plethora of essential features such as cloud backups, a file manager with single-click launch, the option to make schedules and invite users, MySQL databases, Bepinex, UMod, and Valheimplus Mod support, and much more. XGamingserver is unusual in that it provides Virtual Dedicated Game Servers (VDGS) with all of their VDGS plans, allowing you to use 100% of the resources (CPU allocation, RAM, and storage) you purchase for your server.

XGamingServer is designed to provide you with the greatest possible performance. After you place an order, your account will be activated, and you will be able to start configuring your server within five minutes. Its user-friendly control interface also helps it easy to manage the server. With the dedicated Valheim server, you will experience smoother, higher-quality gameplay and FPS performance. In addition, XGamingServer is aware of the attacks and, as a result, protects your servers against DDoS attacks while maintaining performance.

The Valheim server is hosted on a 1Gbps network interface by XGamingServer, which employs Intel i7 7700k and AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs. Their VDGS plans range from 2GB to 8GB of RAM, have dedicated CPU cores, NVMe SSDs, no preset game slots, and other features. Choose your package starting at $8/month and enjoy the fast-paced Valheim gameplay.

6. Indifferent Broccoli

Valheim Server Hosting

Indifferent Broccoli is a server hosting firm for gamers that enjoy playing with their friends. Their unique brand is supported by high-quality hardware (minimum latency), a custom-built control panel, and excellent customer service. Their modest designs mirror the simplicity of their service. For example, it only takes one click to set up a server. You may also start the server without inputting any payment information because they offer a two-day free trial.

While Indifferent Broccoli makes it easy to get set and add mods (one-click Valheim Plus installation), if you run into problems, their support crew is friendly and fast to answer. On their website, the support team’s personality and passion show through. If you’re searching for a friendly, helpful, and efficient server host for your Valheim servers, give Indifferent Broccoli ago. They offer a two-day free trial, followed by $14 per month for a 10-player Valheim server.

7. HostHavoc

Valheim Server Hosting

Take advantage of HostHavoc’s premium Valheim game server hosting and enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience. It now supports up to ten players, but they are hoping to expand that number in the future with unique slot options. All of their game servers are hosted on their own TCAdmin v2 control panel, which is a dependable and powerful suite. It’s easy to use, has file management 2-step authentication, and will soon allow you to install built-in scripts. In addition, they support and maintain your game servers so that they have a 99.9% network uptime by hosting their infrastructure in high-quality data centers with high connectivity.

HostHavoc provides free DDoS protection to defend you from UDP floods and search engine query attacks. As a result, your application and bandwidth are safe against exploitation. In addition, they give you FTP access as well as a file manager to assist you in installing and maintaining your server, allowing you to self-manage it. However, if you have any problems, you can always call their support service, who will respond within 15 minutes. HostHavoc operates eleven data centers throughout the world, each with real redundancy, dependability, and constant performance. They charge $15 a month for ten spots and offer a 72-hour money-back guarantee.


Choose LOW.MS as your Velheim server hosting service and play online gaming with friends and community members. They collaborate with Valheim – Iron Gate AB engineers to deliver up-to-date and stable servers wherever feasible. In addition, they link it with the Steam Workshop. Currently, 4806+ suggestions are accessible on Steam, and users adore them. LOW.MS handles all of the technical aspects and provides a variety of tools to assist you in managing, installing mods, and backing up your server.

They offer a quick server setup, allowing you to start playing your games sooner. LOW. MS hosts its servers on cutting-edge technology such as Intel E and i9 CPUs, SSDs, and DDR4 RAM for high performance. Your servers are protected by cutting-edge DDoS protection that can withstand attacks of up to 10 Gbps. In addition, they have servers in a variety of cities and countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. LOW.MS partners with FCA-compliant providers such as PayPal and Stripe to allow secure payment processing and protect your information. Their cost begins at $13.70 per month, and you may add more resources like CPU, IP address, SSD type, and RAM.

9. 1GServerHost

1GServerHost is one of the best options available, with outstanding features and great performance. Manage your servers easily using TCAdmin’s user-friendly control interface, which includes easy configuration editors and customization choices. Once you’ve paid, they’ll set up your server using an automated onboarding system. If you don’t like their services, you can request a refund within 24 hours. By utilizing their game switching option, you can avoid annoyance and save time.

FTP tools such as FileZilla FTP client provide complete server access. To maximize power, their servers are hosted on top of high-performance hardware with cutting-edge server specs. In addition, they back your server every hour and restore your data in case of an emergency. Your servers will be hosted in their cutting-edge data centers, which are protected with enterprise-level DDoS protection. In addition, with 16 high-quality server locations globally across Europe, Canada, and the United States, they assure you receive the lowest ping and quickest connections regardless of your current location. 1GServerHost’s Valheim server hosting starts at $14/month with optional add-ons.

10. Bisect Hosting

Choose Bisect Hosting to host your Valheim game server and play with your friends without lags or hassles. They provide all premium features at reasonable prices and are committed to making every second of your game experience extraordinary. After you pay, they give an easy and rapid set up so you can start playing in a matter of minutes. They give you complete access to your dedicated server, allowing you to install server mods like ValheimPlus.

Bisect Hosting’s team performs daily backups and stores them for 7 days so that you may restore the data if something goes wrong. In addition, they will maintain your server to ensure peak performance and keep it up to date to avoid problems and security breaches. Bisect Hosting operates ten data centers in the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil. Pricing begins at $12.99 a month for 4 GB of RAM, a 50 GB NVMe SSD, and limitless slots.

The Bottom Line: Valheim Server Hosting

Video games like Valheim have grown in popularity in recent years because they can be played with anybody in the world who has an internet connection. Choose a high Valheim server hosting service, such as the ones described in this post if you want to play it quickly and without interruptions or frequent delays.

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