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How to Fix Twitch Black Screen Issue

Try the techniques listed in this article to resolve your Windows PC’s Twitch black screen error quickly.

Twitch is among the most useful sites for professional gamers. The platform enables the streaming of live and pre-recorded gameplay for the viewing pleasure of others. In addition, artists can use the platform to demonstrate their abilities and gain fame. The site is indirectly owned and controlled by e-commerce titan Amazon.

Even though the platform is pretty good and helpful for many gamers, it is rendered useless in the event of problems. For example, what would a game, creator, or user do if the platform showed a black screen instead of streaming? Unfortunately, this Twitch black screen reddit error frequently occurs without explanation from the platform’s administrators (unless the error is with the server).

The ways for resolving Twitch black screen loading issues are also pretty simple. It is what this article will communicate. Here you will find the most popular fixes for Twitch Showing Black Screen issues. Then, let’s proceed to the solutions for a deeper and more comprehensive understanding.


Twitch Black Screen Fix: The Easiest But Working Solutions

Twitch black screen 2022 solutions are now available, so you no longer need to be concerned. Instead, try the below-described solutions to resolve the Twitch app black screen PC issue in minutes.

Solution 1: Clear Browser Data

The most prevalent cause of this error is browser data accumulation. As the data from unwanted websites interrupts Twitch’s playback, it may result in a black screen. Therefore, you must remove this information and reset the browser and streaming platform.

If the Twitch feeds are dark, the procedure to clear the browser’s history is extremely straightforward and will resolve the issue immediately:

  • Shut all browser tabs, start a new blank tab, then hit the Ctrl+Shift+Delete key combination.
  • Click Advanced, select the time range (All time is best), and check all the history choices.
  • Click the Clear Data button.

Solution 2: Configure Your Network Device

Secondly, if the issues remain, you must modify the settings for your network device. Finally, a poor Internet connection is likely to cause performance and streaming issues with Twitch. To reconfigure the network, you disconnect the router or network adapter from the computer and its power source.

Wait at least three minutes before replugging the device and attempting to reconnect the platform. Then, if the black screen in Twitch issue persists, try the next solution.

Solution 3: Turn Off Other Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are beneficial technologies that help us to use and operate the browser more effectively. However, these add-ons may cause issues on Twitch. Therefore, to resolve the issue, you must disable the browser extensions. You can begin by removing one extension at a time and eliminate the probable offender when Twitch starts working normally.

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When the Twitch black screen is eliminated, you can allow other extensions.

Solution 4: Update the Domain Name System Settings

Next, the most effective method for fixing a Black Screen Issue on Twitch is to reset and reconfigure the Domain Name System or DNS settings. If the DNS settings are wrongly set up, you may have trouble running Twitch because the internet will be slower.

Follow the instructions below to correct the DNS settings and eliminate the black screen on Twitch:

  • Tap on the Windows search bar, type Network Status, and enter.

  • After that, tap on Change Adapter Options to proceed.

  • Right-tap on the primary network device you use and launch its Properties.

  • Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and open its Properties.

  • Under the DNS section, set the Preferred DNS server to and the Alternate DNS server to

  • Tap on Ok and close everything.

Now, you’ll not face this issue when you run the streaming platform.

Solution 5: Update the Network and Display Drivers

The final and most effective fix for Twitch black screen loading problems is to update the network and graphics drivers. These drivers are responsible for properly operating your network adapter and graphics card. A problem with these devices may cause such Twitch and other platform issues.

If the Twitch app is not working on the black screen, you must use the Bit Driver Updater tool to proceed with the updates. The tool is convenient and lets you update all types of drivers with a single click. In addition, the program will enable you to schedule updates, ignore updates, generate driver backups, and restore backups, among other features.

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Follow the instructions below to learn how to use the program to update drivers and indirectly correct issues if Twitch streams are black:

  • Tap on the Download button provided below.
  • Install the tool by using the downloaded setup. Then, run the software to proceed.
  • Tap on the Scan Drivers option if the scan doesn’t start automatically.

  • Once the updates appear, tap on Update All and install all kinds of outdated drivers within a few minutes.

Thus, this is how a smart driver updater such as Bit Driver Updater may resolve this problem.

Twitch Black Screen Loading Issues: Fixed

Thus, these were the basic fixes for the black screen on Twitch. One or more of these options will undoubtedly resolve the error. Now, the live streaming platform is straightforward and effective to use. Additionally, these solutions may help address additional potential difficulties.

Use the comments section below if you have queries about a specific Twitch black screen fix. Write your questions or make ideas as desired.

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