15 Best Time Killing Games For Android And iOS

Sometimes you don’t want a game that requires all your attention and days to complete. The best action in these situations is to download a game you can play while on the go. It won’t require all your attention or numerous days to master – you can hop right in and start having fun. Games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Subway Surfer, and Fruit Ninja have big fan bases because they are fun and addicting. Yet, there is a vast world of more Time Killing games to explore. Take your time with the best-known ones since you could find you appreciate more odd picks. These are the contenders for the best Time Killing games you can play to pass the time without further ado.

15 Best Time Killing Games For Android And iOS

Time Killing Games for Android and iOS to play.

1. Cut the Rope

Time Killing Games

Om Nom, a charming tiny creature who desires candy, is the main character of Cut the Rope. The challenge is that the candy is suspended from a rope, and you must cut the rope at the precise moment. Om Nom gets to eat the candy if you do. Various types of environmental dangers make feeding Om Nom more challenging. Electric charges, floating bubbles, or spikes may obstruct your progress. With 150 levels to play through, you’ll be able to waste lots of time making sure your little companion receives all the food he wishes.

2. Mini Metro

Time Killing Games

Mini Metro is a subway simulator in which you arrange lines between stations. As new stations open, it can alter the Metro’s overall trajectory and make it less efficient. As a result, you must continuously rethink and redeploy your resources to maintain on-time train service. Twenty cities from the actual world are represented in the game. There are many game modes, including severe, infinite, and normal, each of which uniquely impacts your score. If you want to have some mindless fun, try endless mode.

3. Monument Valley 2

Time Killing Games

Monument Valley 2 is a nice little puzzle game. You guide your character and her daughter via geometric landscapes to reach your goals. Characters are employable and may be used to assist in completing the puzzles. Vibrant hues and engaging logic puzzles should hold your attention even in noisy situations. While the game is a sequel, you don’t have to play the original one to understand and appreciate this installment in the series.

4. Desert Golfing

Time Killing Games

Desert golfing is the epitome of mindless fun. You touch the screen to hit the ball and attempt to get it to the goal. It’s an extremely basic game with no soundtrack, few choices, and nothing beyond the clubs, the balls, and the sand. You could occasionally be given a choice to challenge another player. Occasionally an impediment will occur. There are thousands of levels, little shocks, and much mobile zen golf.

5. Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure

Time Killing Games

Board games include both Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure. You guide your character through snow or sand, avoiding obstacles and traps. For players of any age, they are both simple and upbeat games. Wear your headphones and crank up the volume for the full experience. Alto’s Odyssey is set in the desert, whereas Alto’s Adventure is in the mountains. Apart from the structure, these two have a few differences; both feature a similar gameplay style. But, it might be fun to start with Adventure and master its moves before moving to Odyssey, which exposes some new actions and challenges.

6. Brain Dots

Time Killing Games

Brain dots is a clever problem-solving game with a simple goal: bring a blue and pink ball together. Obstacles will make it challenging to gather the balls together. While you play, you sketch a path for the two balls to converge on the screen. As you progress, you may gather various pens to make the game seem slightly different. Brain Dots kill hours with more than 100 levels.

7. Beat Blade

Time Killing Games

Beat Blade is the mobile counterpart to Beat Saber. Although you won’t need to exercise your arms to play the game, your thumb will likely develop muscle. The game may start simple, but certain levels take a lot of work. For a blast of excitement, remember to plug in your headphones. You may save your progress using your Facebook account. Also, Beat Blade offers many musical tracks from which to choose.

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BADLAND is an action-adventure platformer wherein the player navigates from one side of the screen to the other while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Unfortunately, something is wrong in the magical woodland that serves as the scene. There is a compelling narrative to follow and unique power-ups to add variety to the game’s numerous levels. You can spend time with others in BADLAND, which is a nice feature. Up to four players can compete against one another for victory.

9. Crossy Road

Why did the chicken cross the road? Crossy Road can assist you in finding the solution. Play as various characters, such as a chicken and a penguin, as they attempt to cross a busy road littered with obstacles. Make your way across the road without taking forever. There are dangers you might not anticipate if you take too long since the world is always moving.

10. Hungry Shark Evolution

You are a voracious shark that must consume food to survive. Hungry Shark Evolution is a fun game with customizable sharks, tasks, and secret riches. The variety of settings in the game is fascinating, and you are not constantly submerged in water. You may play the game without an online connection if needed.

11. Bubble Shooter

Aim your blaster and burst bubbles to clear them away. Make careful you employ color matching to get rid of them. For example, green bubbles eliminate yellow bubbles, and yellow bubbles explode yellow bubbles. There are several modes to select from, including arcade mode, levels mode, and classic mode. Even after hours of gameplay, the many methods for popping bubbles keep the game interesting.

12. Smash Hit

If you’ve ever wanted to create wanton devastation, you must download Smash Hit. The game is set in a futuristic 3D world where you must destroy obstacles to the next world. Music helps guide the game’s pace because the levels are linked. Smash Hit is all about reflexes. When you have time to kill, it will hold your attention.

13. Words with Friends 2

Words with Friends 2 is an excellent way to pass the time while expanding your vocabulary. You challenge your friends to use their tiles to build words, hoping to hit specified places offering extra points. In the end, the player with the most points wins. Words with Friends 2 features a variety of game modes. It also provides public matchmaking if you want to play with people you don’t know to prepare for your friends.

14. Antiyoy

You own land that produces resources, which you may employ to protect your property. This turn-based strategy game demands you to manage both your offensive and defense. If you are cautious with your strategy, your people may avoid starvation. Maps are randomly created to keep each game new. Antiyoy allows you to group with up to seven iOS friends or ten Android friends.

15. 2048

Puzzle games might assist in diverting you from hectic situations when you need a mental break. 2048 could be ideal for you if you enjoy number games. In the tile-sliding game 2048, players combine numbers to create larger numbers until they hit 2048. (However, the game can continue once you’ve reached that goal.) As simple as the game may sound, it is simply too addicting. There are several board sizes and shapes that you may test.


This is the list of the best Time Killing Games for Android and iOS that you can play. Please let us know if you know of Time Killing Games for Android and iOS.

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