The Autodoc App: What Is It And Does It Deliver?

With the world asking for more and more convenience, and around 6 billion people now owning a car, we’ve been waiting for an app that offers convenience directly to that specific market.

That’s why we decided to take a look at the AUTODOC app, which allows you to browse a huge list of auto parts and also provides video tutorials to make repairs.

The AUTODOC phone application can be downloaded quickly and easily, and that is just a sign of things to come. Here’s what we thought:


Straight off the bat, we were interested in what the AUTODOC claimed to deliver. For customers, it gives them a way to browse a catalogue of auto parts, place orders, and also engage with video tutorials that walk you through repairs from the most common to the not-so-common. It also provides an assortment of payment methods – 15 in all – to ensure every customer is catered for and secure in their purchases.


The first thing we saw when we logged into the app was the “day bonus”. This essentially allows the user to collect a bonus every day they check into the app. Starting with £0.10 and then an extra bonus on the seventh day. We thought this was pretty clever, as not only does the app offer this bonus, it also gives the user incentive to log on with regularly updated tutorials and video content in the “AUTODOC club”.


The other feature to immediately catch our eye was the search bar. Here, you can search for an item with keywords, part numbers, product codes or OEMs. This might seem small, but it’s incredibly helpful for people who want to find the specific part quickly, and without scrolling around for hours. Along with this, the app offers 1-click ordering after the first purchase and a variety of deals and offers – such as 27% off Autumn gear. All of this makes the app incredibly convenient, fast, and – to put it bluntly – simple for customers.

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The process from searching to delivery is, quite simply, off the charts. We calculated it – bearing in mind we had no prior experience of the app – after only using the app for a few minutes. We decided to get SACHS grease delivered to our door.

So we logged in, went straight to “auto detailing & car repair”, clicked “lubricant”, and then a pop-up gave us the option to filter our search from “grease”, to “high temperature lubricant”, to “copper grease” and so on. We clicked “grease” and there it was. Right at the top of the pile. We clicked “add to basket” and it was done – and with 27% off for good measure! All of this took a total of 10 seconds. The rest was just waiting for the fast delivery to reach our door, and we were all set!


In summary, we think anyone with a vehicle should find the AUTODOC app on the Apple Store and give it a good look. We’re not saying that it’s absolutely going to be for you. But it’s fast, convenient, helpful, and informative. And that’s all you need if you want to look after your vehicle properly!

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