12+ Best TeamViewer Alternatives 2022 To Try

TeamViewer Alternatives 2022 To Try: TeamViewer enables remote connections to many workstations and devices. The software has over 2.5 billion installs and over 600,000 clients worldwide. With TeamViewer, you may connect remotely to a computer, mobile phone, server, or even a robot and use it as if it were present. Using end-to-end encryption, the software is very secure. TeamViewer is accessible for free for non-commercial and private usage. However, to use TeamViewer in a public or commercial setting, you must pay a subscription fee, and the pricing could be more attractive.

Single users pay up to $23.90 per month for the commercial version of TeamViewer, while business teams pay up to $93.90 per month. One of the primary reasons why consumers choose TeamViewer alternatives is the pricing. Other factors include the maximum file transmission size and proxy constraints. If TeamViewer does not fulfill your needs, you might use alternative remote access and control software. I will list 12+ best TeamViewer alternatives.

12+ Best TeamViewer Alternatives Software To Try

TeamViewer Alternatives Tools to try in 2022.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

TeamViewer Alternatives

The Chrome Remote Desktop enables you to safely access your computer from anywhere, including your phone, tablet, or another computer. It is accessible as an app on Android, iPhone, and iPad. You may download the app or use the Google Chrome web browser for Windows, Linux, Mac, and other desktop operating platforms. As previously said, Chrome Remote Desktop is incredibly easy to use. Navigate to the site’s setup instructions on the computer you wish to remotely access and follow them.

Open the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your mobile or desktop device and input the PIN from the remote computer you wish to access. Chrome Remote Desktop’s PIN and Access Code restrictions make it a great similar tool to TeamViewer for security. It is best for remote viewing and control, though. It is inferior to TeamViewer for file transfer since you cannot drag and drop files across devices. Chrome Remote Desktop can only transfer files between devices using Google Drive.

Chrome Remote Desktop Pricing: 

The Chrome Remote Desktop is a free and straightforward TeamViewer alternative from Google.

2. AnyDesk

TeamViewer Alternatives

Next on the list is AnyDesk, a similar tool to TeamViewer that is incredibly fast. AnyDesk provides users with high frame rates (up to 60 fps on local networks), low latency, and optimal bandwidth utilization. This tool enables you to view the screen, control the mouse and keyboard, and handle the data and files of other devices. The Mobile Device Manager also allows you to remotely access and control Android and iOS devices. This similar tool to TeamViewer lets remote screen share.

Thanks to the unique DeskRT codec, the sharing experience is fluid and effortless. The platform is user-easy. You can interact with other platforms via the REST API and manage clients via a central management console. You may create a customized version of AnyDesk using unique client settings. AnyDesk is compatible with Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, macOS, FreeBSD, and Chrome OS. This is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives.

AnyDesk Pricing: 

It, like TeamViewer, is free for personal use. The commercial pricing plans include:

Essentials Plan – $9.90 per month for one user and one device. 

Performance Plan – $19.90 per month; each user can use up to three devices. 

Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing.

TeamViewer’s Essentials plan for specific users and Performance plan for teams is significantly less expensive than AnyDesk.

3. GoToMyPC

TeamViewer Alternatives

GoToMyPC is one of the numerous remote working tools offered by LogMeIn. Like TeamViewer, it allows secure remote access to your files and data on a separate device. GoToMyPC is a premium and proprietary Windows and Mac software. It is recommended as a TeamViewer alternative for teams. It is an extremely secure platform with 256-bit AES encryption, a host-level access code, and multi-factor authentication.

This software is simple to install and deploy. Similar to TeamViewer, it offers file transfer across devices, and if you’re using a PC, you can hear audio on the remote device. Multi-monitor support is an unusual feature of the GoToMyPC software that allows you to view the screens of all computers you visit simultaneously. This is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives.

GoToMyPC Pricing: 

GoToMyPC isn’t a cheap TeamViewer alternative. Nevertheless, its pricing plans remain more affordable, and they include the following:

Personal Plan – $44 per month; yearly pricing of $35 per month (1 user). 

Pro Plan – $41.5 per month; yearly pricing of $33 per month (2 to 50 users). 

Corporate Plan – $28 per month for 5 to 500 users.

GoToMyPC is a suitable TeamViewer replacement for teams, as the pro and corporate plans support up to 50 and 500 users, respectively. The top TeamViewer plan supports 30 licensed users.

4. DWService

TeamViewer Alternatives

With DWService, you may access your devices remotely with a web browser. Not only is DWService a free replacement tool like TeamViewer and also open source. DWService is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspberry Pi. Nothing must be installed on your device as web-based remote access and management software. Nevertheless, you must install the agent software on the computer you wish to access and control remotely. Open source gives DWService a significant advantage versus TeamViewer. As a developer, you may link DWService with other apps; numerous APIs are currently available.

DWService Pricing: 

DWService is free; however, subscriptions can be purchased to support the project. If you pay for a subscription, you receive increased bandwidth limitations, although it is not required. The plans consist of:

Entry Plan – 2 GBP per month and/or 20 GBP per year. 

Lite Plan – 5 GBP per month and/or 50 GBP per year. 

Basic Plan – 10 GBP per month and/or 100 GBP per year. 

Advanced Plan – 25 GBP per month and/or 250 GBP per year. 

Professional Plan – 50 GBP per month and/or 500 GBP per year. 

Premium Plan – 100 GBP per month and/or 1,000 GBP per year.

5. UltraViewer

TeamViewer Alternatives

UltraViewer is a free remote support tool. Therefore, if your business requires a TeamViewer Alternative to connect with and resolve client concerns, UltraViewer is an excellent choice. UltraViewer lets remote control and access client computers. While controlling the computers, you may easily talk via an easy chat window and share files between the computers. Notably, you may simultaneously control numerous client computers using UltraViewer.

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As previously stated, UltraViewer is available for free, but if you wish to share huge files, you must pay a subscription fee. However, one disadvantage of using UltraViewer is that it is only compatible with Windows. Therefore, you cannot access client computers remotely if they employ Mac, Linux, or other devices. However, UltraViewer is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server.

UltraViewer Pricing: 

The pricing plans for UltraViewer include:

Lite Plan – $3.99 per month. 

Standard Plan – $5.99 per month. 

Premium Plan – $7.99 per month.

If you purchase an UltraViewer subscription, you will pay significantly less than TeamViewer.

6. NoMachine

TeamViewer Alternatives

This TeamViewer alternative allows you to accomplish a lot for free and much more with a paid subscription. This freemium software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac and enables remote desktop sharing and server management. NoMachine is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. If you place a premium on speed, NoMachine is an excellent TeamViewer replacement to consider since its NX technology is among the quickest available.

Using NoMachine, you may remotely control connected devices such as printers, scanners, and USB flash drives. Inversely, you may connect devices to your PC and use them on the other computer. Well, this TeamViewer Alternative encourages collaboration. For example, sharing your desktop with others and sharing files between devices is possible. This is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives.

NoMachine Pricing: 

It is similar to TeamViewer in that private and individual use is free, but public and commercial use incur a fee. However, the NoMachine Enterprise pricing plan is significantly less expensive than TeamViewer’s. The plan begins at $44.50 annually, with a 30-day free trial. In addition, the NoMachine Enterprise plan offers an infinite number of users.

7. UltraVNC

TeamViewer Alternatives

Here is a TeamViewer alternative that is open source and free to use. UltraVNC links two devices — the viewer and the server — for remote file access. Therefore, this TeamViewer alternative lets remote access to a device and rapid file files. It is reliable for transferring huge files; folders may even be moved. UltraVNC for remote support is reliable. This is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives.

You may do various operations on the computer you’re visiting, and the chat system enables real-time communication between the viewer and the server. To use UltraVNC, the VNC server must be installed on the computer you wish to access. You will install the VNC client on the computer from which you will access the server. UltraVNC, unlike TeamViewer, does not support mobile devices. However, it is compatible with Windows versions ranging from Windows 95 to the most modern Windows servers.

UltraVNC Pricing: 

UltraVNC is free for individual users, teams, enterprises, eLearning platforms, Help Desks, and IT departments.

8. ISLOnline

Well, this remote desktop and support software is primarily designed for corporations and teams. It is not suggested as a TeamViewer Alternatives tool for private and individual use. ISLOnline is a paid app similar to TeamViewer; after 15 days of free use, you must purchase or pay for a subscription. With ISLOnline, you can provide remote support for your clients by controlling their mobile and desktop devices.

Install a remote agent onto their device. Notably, ISLOnline provides many remote client connections, clients. Clients can join your support session using the mobile app, website, email, or LiveChat. Two-factor authentication and symmetrical AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption make this platform just as secure as TeamViewer. This is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives.

ISLOnline Pricing: 

Your remote desktop or support platform may either be self-hosted or hosted in ISL Online’s cloud. You may pay as you go. Consequently, there are many pricing plans, which include:

Pay Per Use – $145 per year. 

Cloud – $469 per license (one-time payment). 

Self-hosted – $990 per license (one-time payment).

ISLOnline’s pricing plans may be more expensive than TeamViewer’s, but the software is purchased for a lifetime rather than on a monthly subscription basis. Instead, a yearly subscription is required for the Pay-per-use plan.

9. MeshCentral

This is a straightforward TeamViewer alternative; install the software on the agent’s computer, and you can monitor it from anywhere on the web. You can self-host MeshCentral or use the public server, although self-hosting is the superior option. MeshCentral is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. However, MeshCentral only supports Android for mobile devices. After installing MeshCentral on an agent’s computer, it will appear under My Devices when you log in to your account using a web browser. Intel AMT support is an intriguing feature of this TeamViewer replacement.

MeshCentral lets the creation of device groups simplify management. You can monitor and manage an unlimited number of devices, and device groups make it simple to differentiate devices. Once you have established a connection with the agent computer, the Desktop and Terminal tabs connect you to do remote operations. Similarly to TeamViewer, MeshCentral’s Files area lets you easily share and transfer files. This is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives.

MeshCentral Pricing: 

MeshCentral is a free and open source remote desktop monitoring and management software.

10. RemotePC

This software from IDrive is a well-known premium remote desktop and remote access software. Individuals, teams, businesses, and help desks may all use RemotePC. Features-wise, RemotePC, and TeamViewer are extremely similar. With RemotePC, you may fully control remote devices and grant people access to your computer. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. RemotePC is available over the web; therefore, there is no need to install any software. The remote support files of the platform include, among others, remote reboot, live chat, remote printing, drag-and-drop file transfer, and file transfer. RemotePC uses TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption.

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RemotePC Pricing: 

There are five distinct pricing plans available for RemotePC. They consist of:

Consumer Plan – $29.62 for the first year and $59.25 for two years. 

Soho Plan – $44.62 for the first year and $89.25 for two years. 

Soho Plan – $59.62 for the first year and $119.25 for two years. 

Team Plan – $224.62 for the first year and $449.25 for two years. 

Enterprise Plan – $449.62 for the first year and $899.25 for two years.

RemotePC has expensive pricing, but you pay annually instead of monthly for TeamViewer. In addition, the pricing depends on the number of computers used; the greater the number, the cheaper the cost.

11. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist software enables remote assistance and unattended access. The free plan of this software lets access to five computers and one remote support professional. Zoho Assist is a suitable TeamViewer Alternatives for remote support. Cloud-based and user-easy, the software is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Integrations are a benefit of this software over TeamViewer. Zoho Assist allows interaction with many apps, OEM partners, and developer APIs.

Zoho Assist Pricing: 

If you want additional features from this TeamViewer Alternatives, you can subscribe to one of the following plans:

Remote Support Plans

Standard Plan – $10 per month ($8 per month with the annual payment). 

Professional Plan – $15 per month ($13 per month with the annual payment). 

Enterprise Plan – $25 per month ($21 per month with the annual payment).

Unattended Access

Standard Plan – $10 per month ($8 per month with the annual payment). 

Professional Plan – $15 per month ($13 per month with the annual payment).

The pricing above demonstrates that Zoho Assist is one of the most affordable TeamViewer Alternatives tools.

12. Splashtop

Splashtop is a next-gen remote access software. It is a secure, fast, and affordable TeamViewer alternative; it lets remote access to your devices from other devices with support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook, among others. TeamViewer Alternatives, the primary features of Splashtop are file transfer, remote control, remote printing, audio, and logging. There are many versions of Splashtop software for people and teams, IT, support and help desks, and managed service providers.

Splashtop Pricing: 

Splashtop features several pricing plans for various use cases. They consist of:

Business Access Solo Plan – $5 per month ($60 annually). 

Business Access Pro Plan – $8.25 per month ($99 annually). 

Splashtop Remote Support – $40 per month ($479 annually for 25 devices). 

SOS Plan – $17 per month ($199 annually). 

The SOS+ Plan – $19 per month ($219 annually). 

SOS Unlimited Plan – $34 per month ($399 annually). 

Splashtop Enterprise – Custom pricing.

For the business pricing plans, the greater the number of users, the greater the savings.

13. Parsec

Parsec, now part of Unity, is a TeamViewer Alternatives for remote desktop control with the highest video quality. You can control devices remotely in interactive HD and up to 60FPS UHD. Popular among gamers, Parsec may also be used for business and support apps. Popular firms such as EA, UbiSoft, Remedy, and Bizzard use this TeamViewer replacement. Thanks to the software’s exclusive technology, you’ll experience remarkable speed with nearly no latency. In addition, a P2P connection that uses encryption is secure.

Parsec Pricing: 

Individual, team, and enterprise customers can access easy pricing plans with Parsec. The plans are far less expensive than TeamViewer, and you may pay monthly or yearly. They consist of:

Individuals Plan – $9.99 per user per month ($8 per month with the annual payment). 

Teams Plan – $35 per user per month ($30 per month with the annual payment). 

Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing.

14. RemoteUtilities

If you only use Windows, you may want to explore this similar tool to TeamViewer. Additionally supported on macOS, iOS, and Android, RemoteUtilities performs optimally on Windows. RemoteUtilities grants complete control of a remote computer. The full control and view mode allow you to view the agent device’s screen fully and execute actions using the tools bar and remote control window. The File Transfer option lets you transfer files across devices. The traditional two-pane file manager interface makes this easy, and several remote computers may be managed in tabs. TeamViewer Alternatives, you may drag and drop files. Security-wise, RemoteUtilities supports self-hosting, MSI, active directory, and 2FA.

RemoteUtilities Pricing: 

RemoteUtilities is priced differently than TeamViewer since there is no subscription fee. Instead, you buy the software outright. The pricing plans consist of:

Endpoint Plan – $29 per unit. 

Starter Plan – $99 per unit. 

Mini Plan – $249 per unit. 

Pro Plan – $499 per unit. 

Site Plan – $12,000 per unit.

Pricing options range from single users and team pricing for businesses and large enterprises.

15. Radmin

Radmin is an excellent TeamViewer alternatives if the absence of certain features is the cause for your decision. This is a powerful remote desktop software for IT professionals only. It’s a very secure software now used by over 100,000 enterprises globally. With Radmin, you may not only remotely control and monitor devices but also execute sophisticated activities such as server maintenance. Radmin is highly quick, secure with AES256-bit encryption, and user-friendly.

Radmin Pricing: 

The Radmin doesn’t need subscriptions like TeamViewer. Instead, you buy a lifetime license to use the remote desktop software, with the following licenses available:

Standard License – $49. 

50-license Package – $1490. 

100-license Package – $2490. 

150-license Package – Custom pricing. 

Volume License – Custom pricing.

The Bottom Line:

The ability to remotely access your and your clients’ devices for support is crucial. This is possible using TeamViewer, although at a very hefty price. As a TeamViewer alternatives, you can easily use any other remote control and support platforms described in this article. However, AnyDesk is generally the best alternative; it’s quality yet reasonably priced.

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