15 Best Steam Alternatives For PC Gamers

Today’s article is regarding Steam alternatives for PC gamers. Steam is an early pioneer in the video game industry, founded by Valve and boasting one of the largest user databases. If you can’t take my words seriously, you’re welcome to ask any of the 96 million gamers. Since its inception two decades ago, the platform has set all of the new trends in the gaming industry. The platform has steaming games, is a safe platform, and offers some excellent deals for gamers. But nothing is perfect, and neither is Steam. Being one of the most well-known in its field does not stop many users from looking for Steam alternatives. And from switching to some of the best customer service gaming platforms.

One of the most noticeable disadvantages of Steam is that it takes 30% of developer revenue, which, as far as I can tell, is quite a lot. In addition, its indie game collection is also not very current, so if you are an indie game fan, you will be disappointed. So, in order to provide you with safe, large gaming theme collections and admirable customer service gaming platforms, we created this article and attempted to gather only the best Steam alternatives.

15 Best Steam Alternatives For PC Gamers

With 96 million users, Steam is the most well-known name in PC gaming, but it is not the only option. There are numerous alternatives to Steam for purchasing PC games, some of which are objectively superior. In this article, we’ll look at 15 of the best online stores to help you get your gaming fix. Always keep an eye out for deals, as many of these alternatives, like Steam, have great sales.


1. Humble Store

Steam Alternatives

The Humble Store is best known for its Humble Bundles, which are themed collections of games that are usually available at a steep discount. Humble Bundles began as a pay-what-you-want system in which all purchases went to charity, and a large number of games could be obtained for pennies. The Humble Store, on the other hand, is a traditional storefront. You can purchase any of the currently available bundles (many of which include eBooks, royalty-free music for creators, and a variety of software), but you can also purchase individual games. The Humble Store holds sales on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for potential savings.

When you purchase a game, you usually get a Steam key, though there are some direct downloads. If you prefer the traditional monthly Humble Bundle, it’s still available: a pay-what-you-want system that costs between $15 and $20 per month. You can also access the Humble Trove, which contains over 90 DRM-free titles available to subscribers. Simply download them and keep them forever, even if you cancel your subscription. Overall, Humble Store is one of the best sites like Steam.

2. Origin

Steam Alternatives

Origin caters to the needs of players who can only afford so much; at a time, Origin is one of the Steam alternatives that constantly have offers and discounts on games. Well, It allows you to shop for all of EA’s released games under one roof, eliminating the need to search for another gaming platform that carries all of the exclusive EA titles. In addition, FIFA and SIMS fans can expect monthly discounts on its franchise.

Playing alone does not appear to be as enjoyable as playing with teams and getting a feel for consoles with live chat and audio, which all contribute to Origin becoming a more advanced gaming marketplace. In addition, Origin is aggressively expanding its game library. To top it all off, you can test the waters by going for the free trails or even the demos. Origin is one of the Steam alternatives that provide a subscription package that includes access to all newly launched games.

The EA creation offers a 10% purchase on game purchases as well as information on upcoming game projects. I’m not sure if you had a problem canceling a plan, but from personal experience, it’s quite inconvenient. Origin provides an easy way to cancel your subscription in order to remove this impediment. Because of its features, Origin has positioned itself among the best Steam alternatives.

3. GOG

Steam Alternatives

The GOG, formerly known as Good Old Games, is a CD Projekt subsidiary. Yes, the company responsible for The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077., like CD Projekt, has a slew of consumer-friendly policies. For old-school gamers, the site is a gold mine. It offers updated and modernized versions of classic games, many of which previously required DOSBox to function properly. All of the games are also DRM-free. This means you can download them to a CD and put it in a drive 50 years from now, and they will still work.

The platform’s management system, GOG Galaxy 2.0, enables gamers to connect their accounts from various platforms to a single source. Well, Any compatible Steam, Epic Games Store, and even Xbox and PlayStation games are all available in one place. GOG also has frequent sales, with many of them offering discounts of up to 90% off. is worth a look if you’re looking for classic games (and prefer DRM-free titles).

4. Green Man Gaming

Steam Alternatives

Next on our list of the best sites like Steam is Green Man Gaming. It is a well-known source for Steam keys, but you may be surprised to learn that you can also obtain keys for services like Origin and Uplay. Despite frequent sales, many titles on Green Man Gaming (or GMG) adhere to standard retail pricing. On the other hand, you can join their XP Program, which is a loyalty program. When you buy games, you’ll get rewards or XP. Earn enough XP, and you will be able to level up into different tiers such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level grants different discounts, free games, and other benefits. Well, One thing to keep in mind is that GMG is not DRM-free unless the game is DRM-free. The company follows the anti-piracy rules established by publishers. Because there is no dedicated client, any purchases made through Steam or another platform will be downloaded.

5. G2A

Steam Alternatives

G2A is one of the best sites like Steam. It is an all-in-one store that serves as a complete gaming hub for players. On this platform, you can sell, buy, and trade gaming keys. G2A is in the same category as GreenMan Coming because they both have the same design as Good Old Games (GOG) and Origin. G2A’s most popular feature is its random key offers, which imply unlimited Steam keys. Allowing you to play games that are chosen at random. To say the least, the option is intriguing. Users can jump from genre to genre in this manner. This Steam alternative uses PayPal for billing, which is a more safe method. To me, winning money by playing games is akin to hitting the jackpot. The pay can be great if you have a large number of friends, as some of the platform’s functions rely on social media tools.


Steam Alternatives

Are you fed up with the current state of the games industry? Are you looking for more creative titles that defy the rules, possibly because they don’t know what the rules are? is all about independent titles. Well, there are thousands of games available on this alternative to Steam, many of which are completely free. Sure, you might end up wading through a waist-deep sea of shovelware, but there are plenty of hidden gems to be found that defy expectations and offer never-before-seen experiences. The is what happens when developers are given complete freedom to create whatever games they want.

Further, many of the games that first launched on have since made their way to more mainstream platforms, including Night in the Woods, A Short Hike, and even Celeste. Give the site a shot if you’re short on cash or want to try something different from traditional gameplay formulas. You can sort by categories such as Popular, Top Sellers, Top Rated, and more, and then further filter games by tags such as “Cute,” “Romance,” and “Anime.” Many games are free, but others cost $20 or more.

7. GamersGate

Steam Alternatives

GamersGate, which competes with GreenMan Gaming in providing PC and Mac games, could be another stop for GreenMan Gaming users. It’s a gaming destination where players can go all out and buy all kinds of games. Boredom is not welcome in GamersGate because there is a perfect blend of indie games and games from large corporations. It is also following the path of a straightforward rewards program, which is an added bonus for gamers.

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GamersGate allows gamers to earn money by doing what they enjoy, so blue coins can be earned by playing games and participating in the tutoring area. It creates a gaming environment in which gamers from all over the world can work to host their winning flags in the games’ most difficult levels. You’ve gone ugh! When you have to pay additional charges even after you have paid for the game, but this is not the case with GamersGate because there are no additional charges. When it comes to being a Steam alternative, GamersGate offers one of the better deals.

8. Microsoft Store

Steam Alternatives

The Windows Store is built into Windows 10, but it can also be accessed via the website. Microsoft has curated the list of titles, which is more limited than many of the other entries on this list. However, exclusives such as Gears of War and Forza Motorsport are available. Some titles, but not all, support cross-play with Xbox and share saves and achievements. The majority of the best options in the Windows Store are also available through Xbox Game Pass, but if you prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard rather than your phone, you can also find PC versions of popular mobile games.

9. Epic Games Store

Steam Alternatives

Epic has a lot of issues as a company, and there’s a lot to be said for anti-consumer exclusivity deals on the platform. On another hand, no one can deny Epic’s breadth of options and a large number of free titles. It’s the industry’s newest alternative to Steam, but Epic has a lot of clouts thanks to the Unreal Engine and games like Fortnite. Because of its youth, the Epic Games Store’s interface hasn’t been refined to the same extent as its competitors. The store’s navigation can be a little obtuse, and some users claim it has massive privacy issues that raise concerns. Epic has enough exclusive titles and regularly distributes high-quality free games that it’s worth a sort if only to see what kind of free games you can get. It’s unlikely to compete with Steam anytime soon, if ever, but it’s a good Steam alternative for budget-conscious gamers.

10. Fanatical

Steam Alternatives

Fanatical began in the same way that Humble Bundle did: it offered large collections of games at unbelievable prices. It was originally known as Bundle Stars, but it was later renamed Fanatical—but it still has the same great prices. It sells game bundles at steep discounts of up to 99 percent off the original price. Individual titles can be found at steep discounts. Fanatical also sells eBooks and educational materials in addition to games. Fanatical also offers a Star Deal, which is typically a specially featured game at a reduced price. When you buy a game, you’ll get a key for it in whatever store you buy it from. DRM-free games are also available here.

11. Blizzard

Blizzard is another Steam Alternative launched by a large video gaming company called The platform acts as a go-between for gamers and the games of Activision and Blizzard Studios. You can find any game from either studio. It includes exclusive PC games such as Overwatch, Starcraft, Call of Duty, Diablo, and others. The creators wanted to give Blizzard new touches so that it could be fully-fledged digital distribution, so they included social interaction in the mix. And with this new feature, you can interact and chat with your friends while playing games, as well as learn about their current favorite game.

Also, And if you don’t believe me when I say that some games are free, you’re welcome to look into the alternative. And if you enjoy Call of Duty, it is completely free. It is an all-in-one feature pack Steam alternatives because it includes everything, including music, themes, trailers, and previews. If you can’t find a game from the previous year, you know where to look. Who doesn’t like Warcraft, The Lost Vikings, or Diablo? All of these games can be yours to play. For those looking for titles from another franchise, the platform might not be the best platform. But it doesn’t get any better for those who are only interested in the titles of these two studios.

12. Uplay

Every major company appears to want its own digital storefront, and Ubisoft is no exception. Uplay functions as a social hub and storefront in one, rewarding players with Club Units for purchases or completing “Classic Challenges.” These units can then be traded in for in-game items such as character outfits or discount codes for future purchases. You most likely already have an Uplay account if you play Ubisoft games. Most games, including those purchased through Steam, require you to create one in order to play. Although Uplay integrates well with Steam, it is required to play any Ubisoft game because many anti-cheat clients use Uplay. Nevertheless, Uplay is worth investigating because it frequently offers discounts not available on other storefronts and occasionally has free-to-play periods for popular titles, allowing players to try the game before deciding to purchase.

13. Kartridge

If the name Kartridge reminds you of Cartridge, then the entire purpose of naming this distribution platform has been fulfilled. It is one of the methods for having a sequence of indie games, a service provided by Kongregate to its users. The platform is still in its early stages, but it is rapidly expanding its collections, badges, rewards, and chat features. In addition, it includes all of the features found in other Steam alternatives.

This Steam alternative is not on the same level as Steam, but Kartridge is doing everything it can to give Indie games the same recognition as any other genre. In addition, it provides a platform for gamers to play with their friends. can be seen in Kartridge because it allows developers to create their own game pages and control everything in the game and its interaction with gamers. At the time of our investigation into the best Steam alternatives to try out.

14. Game Jolt

One of the best sites like Steam is Game Jolt. If you’re looking for new indie games, Game Jolt is a good place to start. Yes, Steam has a large catalog of exclusive and new games, but Game Jolt makes up for what they lack. Again, Game Jolt has separate categories for different themes so that you can see some of the looks of Steam there. You can easily find horror, action, RPG, platformer, and many other types of games. There are also some genre-defining categories, such as FNaF games. The variety may not be as great as on Steam, but it can quench gamers’ thirst.

There aren’t many good restaurants Tiles games in the gaming industry, but Five Nights at Freddy’s is one such best pizza restaurants. And, like Blizzard, you can communicate with your friends in Game Jolt. Also, You can expand your social circle by making friends with Minecraft and 3D art fans and players. To summarise, you are getting the best out there in the form of Game Jolt, and it can be considered one of the best Steam alternatives.

15. Direct2Drive

Direct2Drive is following in the footsteps of IGN’s previous game store, with the path of purchasing and then streaming. The platform is now a self-contained gaming marketplace that offers users to download games directly from the web interface. The company is doing well by offering exclusive games that are not available on Steam, Origin, Uplay, or any other major Steam alternative. You may find substantial discounts on games, but they do not provide a secure platform. Overall, It is also one of the best sites like Steam.

Wrapping Up: Steam Alternatives

Steam may be the gold standard in gaming services, but many competitors are steadily emerging and demonstrating that they can be just as competitive as this magnificent service for gamers. All of this can only mean one thing: it means a fantastic time to be a PC gamer in today’s world. The more services there are, the better the experience, and the more title options, pricing, and even deals there are. We hope you found the Steam alternatives you were looking for, and if you have any popular ones in mind that we missed, please let us know in the comments section.

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