SkyTorrents Proxy & Mirror Sites + 12 SkyTorrents Alternatives

SkyTorrents, unlike the torrent sites that provide trackers, has its own metasearch engine that indexes torrent files available on various download sites such as, Torrent9, and The search engine index offers thousands of files, but for the geeks among you, it can be difficult to find torrents in French because most of its files, especially films, are in VO or English Subs.

What Is SkyTorrents?

The (not to be confused with is a clean, privacy-focused torrent search engine that was launched in February 2018. Similar to Google/Yahoo, but only for torrents (at least for now). This project is still in its early stages (Beta version).

SkyTorrents UI

Intelligent software keeps the entire project up to date. Manual intervention is limited, but it exists. Every day, hundreds of new torrents are discovered and made available for research.


  • Privacy aspect is free with unlimited access (no cookies)

An extensive directory of torrent files simple and easy to use interface SkyTorrents top 100 list: which offers a ranking of the top 100 most downloaded files.


  • Pop-up advertising is deficient. French language files. Seeds/leechers indicators are not always accurate.

For torrent enthusiasts who have used SkyTorrent. For the first time in a long time, there is still hope. These best SkyTorrents alternatives will allow you to continue enjoying torrents.

Is Watching Movies On SkyTorrents Safe?

Using SkyTorrent entails a number of risks. Obviously, their success is almost entirely due to massive piracy, and downloading pirated content is illegal in almost every First World country. There are other risks to consider if you don’t mind. SkyTorrent has been around for a long time, which should not be comforting.

Because of the site’s age and legal issues, you can assume that they have a target on their back when it comes to the MPAA. However, today, we can find several copies/clones of Sky Torrents on the web, which is used daily to watch movies and series in free streaming. In this article, we will look at free alternatives to SkyTorrents.

Working SkyTorrents Proxy List

Some of the SkyTorrents proxy sites that are currently active are:

12 Best SkyTorrents Alternatives – Sites like SkyTorrents

The authority of the following sites has been verified, and their administrators are proud of their quality and reputation. The quality of the files, the number of seeders, the variety of content. Here is our list of the 12 best SkyTorrents Alternatives or Sites like SkyTorrents.


1. The Pirate Bay


The iconic Pirate Bay ship continues its journey, and all new pirates are welcome to join. The Pirate Bay or TPB is more than just a torrent site. It embodies the spirit of file sharing, and its creators could write books about the consequences of believing in digital liberty.


2. Torlock


The site provides some of the most dependable downloads. The majority of its references are made at a time when users are paid $1 for every false link they report—though we will not see any evidence that the offer is still valid. Torlock also claims to have a strict privacy policy in place. Developers do not take your actions and do not track you across the web. Other torrent download sites cannot make the same claim. Finally, Torlock appears to be one of the few free torrent sites that are concerned about legitimacy. It promises to respond within three days to all notices of DCMA’s reduction.


3. Torrentz2


The entire torrent community was taken aback when Torrentz2 first appeared on the scene in 2016, indexing over 60 millions torrents. We agree that the Torrentz2 search engine (not to be confused with and is one of the best alternatives to SkyTorrents, even though it was only launched two years ago. is a carbon copy of the original website that indexes over 60 million torrent files. It offers the same experience as Torrentz but does not yet allow users to bookmark, comment or vote.


4. IsoHunt


One of the best sites like SkyTorrents is IsoHunt. It is another popular torrent indexing site that offers a wide range of torrents in various categories. Here, You can easily search for torrents, browse different sections, download, and download torrents of your choice on isoHunt. Unfortunately, in 2013, after a lengthy legal battle with the MPAA, isoHunt agreed to pay $ 110 million in a settlement. However, isoHunt is backed up and operational under a different domain name, and it can be used as one of the best SkyTorrents alternatives.




RARBG has demonstrated one of the most established areas in the tropics. The site focuses on high-quality video releases and has a lot of content. It also offers an unusual but effective method of discovering new files thanks to its “Top 10” list in various categories. This site’s popularity has led to it becoming one of the most visited domains on the web. On Alexa, it is always in the top 350.

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6. 1337X


1337x appears to be a more refined version of the Sky Torrents search engine at first glance. It has a distinct dark appearance and an easy-to-use design with large buttons for individual stream categories. Here, You can see which torrents are currently trending, the top 100 most downloaded torrents, or simply search for torrents using the Sky Torrents search engine.


7. KickassTorrents


Kickass Torrents is a non-existent site. It’s been a long site since Pirate Bay, and Kickass Torrents claimed to be the first torrent sites on the web. Indeed, Kickass Torrents was the most popular torrent site in the world in 2014. Unfortunately, the site was demolished in 2016 after it was seized by US authorities, but it has since risen from the ashes. Although the torrent file library in the site directory has declined since its peak, KickassTorrents remains a trustworthy site that is easy to use and download the files you require.


8. YTS


The YIFY group (also known as the YTS) was a group dedicated to releasing streams of popular movies. Video is well-known for its high quality and small file size. Perhaps by chance, the group was forced to close in 2015 due to legal action from the Motion Picture Association of America. Having torrents, such as the best sites, can provide you with the opportunity to download your favorite content for free online. ensures that you can easily find games, music, software, and movies to download. Well, This site’s appealing design ensures that you can get a good look at torrents of all kinds. Here, You don’t have to worry about navigating and searching for streams within this program because of its visual interface. On this site, everything is filtered and well managed.


9. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents, another site that gained popularity a few years ago, is worth a look if you can’t find the torrent you’re looking for. There are filters for Movies, Music, TV Shows, Games, Apps, and Anime, as well as expert tools like a top torrent, cloud search, and torrent health trackers. Well, When it comes to lime torrentz, LimeTorrents has long been the league’s most popular game torrenting site. However, it does not stop there in terms of astonishment. LimeTorrents allows you to download music, movies, eBooks, software, and a variety of other items from the internet. In addition, it contains content that you and your family can enjoy together. Despite the fact that it is prohibited in some countries, a VPN can allow you to access the site for free and without much difficulty.


10. EZTV

Torrentz2 is also available as an onion site via Tor router for added security. EZTV, like the YIFY team, created torrent files and made them available on other popular torrent sites. While KickassTorrents was dealing with legal issues, EZTV decided to take the project in-house and set up one of its own routes to Pirate Bay.

From a design standpoint, the site is not as easy to use as some of its competitors; however, the quality and variety of the streams keep people coming back. Well, When it comes to downloading television collections, EZTV is a well-known name. For years, EZTV television Torrent has been providing full TV shows and anime series, and EZTV users have been unable to find an alternative to this torrent community for finding such fantastic TV torrents so quickly. For years, the online website has been improving itself by adding new features, filters, and better torrents, among other things.


11. Zooqle

Zooqle is a newcomer to the list of the best SkyTorrents alternatives, but it has quickly gained popularity thanks to its 4.2 million verified streams, 6.9 PB of data, and strong integration of software and video content. Perhaps the Zooqle user community, in particular, has had a significant impact on how the site looks and behaves. The end result is an easy-to-navigate homepage, as well as RSS feeds and subscriptions for anyone who creates an account.


12. iDope

The last on our list of the best sites like SkyTorrents is iDope. It is a torrent search engine that includes advanced security features to ensure a secure and untraceable experience. It is one of the most powerful and comprehensive torrent solutions, capable of downloading any size and type of file without restriction. One of the best features of this solution is that it suggests all of the most recent content, which includes movies, TV shows, games, and so on.


Wrapping Up:

However, if you were a loyal user and were online after its closure to enjoy other sites like SkyTorrents or SkyTorrents alternatives, don’t be sad because you are having a great time under the BitTorrent agreement. I was hoping you could show me some ways in where you could try to figure out which one you like best. So now, do a search on your countermand and enjoy the above-mentioned sites in the article.

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