5 Best RLCraft Server Hosting Providers For Everyone

A competent RLCraft server hosting service that provides performance, speed, and responsiveness may improve your Minecraft game experience. If you’re a video game fan, you’ve probably heard about Minecraft. It has remarkable features, elements, characters, topic, and setting. You enter a dangerous world where you must combat adversaries, make shelter, gather food and resources, and survive under harsh conditions. In addition, RLCraft adds new features that make Minecraft gaming even more enjoyable. So, let’s go through what RLCraft is and how it can multiply your gaming experience.

What Is RLCraft?

RLCraft is a modpack for Minecraft, a popular sandbox computer game. RL stands for Real Life or Realism in RLCraft. It is made up of about 120 mods that have been adjusted and compiled by its author Shivaxi. Minecraft is already a high-adventure game full of excitement and thrills. RLCraft adds elements such as pure survival, RPG and adventure, and immersive experience to make it even more exciting and challenging. This mod will transport you to a world of dragons, dungeons, castles, new crafting systems, skill systems, and updated Minecraft mechanics. RLCraft modpack version 2.8.2 is currently compatible with Minecraft version 1.12.2. RLCraft has the following key features:

1- Disabled F3 debug 

2- Randomized spawning 

3- Powerful RPG skills 

4- Randomized dungeons, structures, and ruins 

5- Sound Engine Overhaul to offer a realistic, immersive gaming experience 

6- Thirst bar, temperature, and heat 

7- More realistic torches and more tools and weapons 

8- Healing when food is removed 

9- Enhanced compass and map

And much more…

RLCraft has made Minecraft much more exciting with all of these features. Fighting, building weapons and houses, sleeping, and food will all be more realistic. Furthermore, in a dangerous world, players might die in addition of ways. You may also customize the game to get the most out of it.

And if you want to discover and explore it without interruptions, RLCraft server hosting may be your best choice. It’s because you’ll face a lot of problems there, and if your server goes down for a second, you’ll lose your virtual life in the game. And you’ll have to start from scratch. When this happens repeatedly, you may eventually lose interest in the game.

At this time, if you have solid RLCraft hosting, you will not have to face downtimes, lags, or other individuals consuming large amounts of data owing to spread resources.

Furthermore, you may enjoy Minecraft alone or with your friends in a multi-layer game. As a result, if you wish to play a multiplayer game, hosting it on your normal server will become much more difficult. Therefore, the game necessitates a large lot of server resources and devoted features, as well as security to provide you greater control over the server and game, as well as customization possibilities.

As a result, rather than self-hosting, investing in a strong and secure RLCraft server hosting makes sense. If you still need additional reasons, offer the benefits of RLCraft server hosting.

Abundant Server Resources

You won’t have to worry about someone else using the data because you’ll have control over your server. RLCraft server hosting provides an abundance of server resources, including high-quality SSDs and powerful CPUs, ensuring that you never run out of resources. It will allow you to play the game more efficiently and will multiply the fun factor.

Better Performance

You may have the whole server available to you with dedicated RLCraft server hosting, allowing you to play your game with unequaled performance and speed. Furthermore, it will ensure that other programs operating on your computer do not interfere with your game’s performance. In addition, you will benefit from a speedier network from top-tier data centers placed around the world, allowing you to play multiplayer with friends located anywhere in the world.

More Control

Having an RLCraft server hosting service allows you to have more control over your server and game. You may use Minecraft software plugins to customize the server, improve its look, and accomplish a variety of other things that are not feasible with self-hosting.

Higher Security And Privacy

Online gaming entails security and privacy threats such as DDoS attacks, data theft, resource theft, and so on. When you use your ordinary internet connection to self-host Minecraft, you share resources with a large number of other people on the same network. They may offer security issues and use a large time of resources, causing your game to slow and cause downtimes.

However, adopting RLCraft server hosting will provide tight security with a secure data center and preventative techniques like DDoS protection, in addition to protecting your data. So, are you ready to play Minecraft in RLCraft mode and have a blast as you’ve never had before? First, let’s take a look at some of the top RLCraft server hosting companies.

5 Best RLCraft Server Hosting Providers

RLCraft Server Hosting Providers you can use.


1. Apex Hosting

RLCraft Server Hosting

Apex Hosting will help you set up a Minecraft server for any version, such as RLCraft, and begin playing realistically. It will supply Java and Bedrock version servers, as well as specialized hardware that supports high-speed CPUs and SSD storage.

You will receive lag-free, and high TPS servers, and the networks will be completely protected and guarded against DDoS assaults so that you may stay online with high uptime. It also includes free server transfers, readymade Minigames, plugin support, mod support, over 200 1-click mod pack installers, premium hardware, low latency, complete FTP access, MySQL database access, and other benefits.

Apex Hosting’s infrastructure is housed in several data centers across the world, allowing you to select a local location for low latency. Once your registration is complete, you may begin configuring your server right away. In addition, it offers automatic backups, ensuring that you never lose data due to hardware problems or incorrect setups.

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Furthermore, you can control your server with ease using Apex Hosting’s unique web-based Multicraft 2.0 interface, which can be accessed through a computer or mobile device. In addition, Bukkit, Sponge, Paper, Spigot, World Edit, Permissionsex, Essentialsx, and other plugins are available. You may also utilize famous mods such as ATL, Voids Wrath, Feed The Beast, Technic, and so on, or you can use Forge to merge your mods. The pricing for 2 GB RAM starts at $7.49 per month for the first month.

2. ScalaCube

RLCraft Server Hosting

ScalaCube focuses on bringing realism to a Minecraft game by providing RLCraft server hosting with a single-click install option for over 1000 distinct mod packs. It modifies the gameplay by merging custom and mod scripts. If you live by the phrase “hardcore survival,” you’ll enjoy the hardcore gameplay mod, which is more difficult than vanilla Minecraft.

There are several mechanics in the game that make the stages more challenging. Prepare to die repeatedly during the game while exploring features such as DDoS protection, server monitoring, fast setup, snapshot support, and much more. Install the RLCraft server from the control panel (servers>> pick your server>> game servers>>add game server>> RLCraft) and have fun. Are you still deliberating? Today is the day to rent your RLCraft game server.

3. ServerMiner

RLCraft Server Hosting

With ServerMiner’s RLCraft server hosting, you can put your survival abilities to the ultimate test. Set up your base with the temperature mechanics with caution, and pick the correct stuff for the proper spots to survive. Isn’t it cool?

ServerMiner is a fantastic service provider for hosting an RLCraft server. Enter the server address to which you want to connect, and you’re ready to go. Install RLCraft with a single click and use ServerMiner to automatically update the server as the latest version is published. With a single click, you may install any version of RLCraft on the server, such as CurseForge or Overwolf.

After you complete your order, the server will be set up automatically within a few seconds. ServerMiner will take care of all technical aspects, such as port forwarding. Get complete control and access to SMpicnic, the world’s most powerful server control panel with a slew of features.

You don’t have to worry about disc space because the world is infinitely large. Instead, use the automated game installer to install your favorite mod packs and game versions. You may also track your players’ geographic locations and daily behaviors, which are unique to ServerMiner.

Also, You will receive a 10 slot Mumble Voice Server, a 45-day Enjin Advanced Tier Website, BuyCraft premium, and a database for free. In addition, you can rapidly restore your server for up to 7 days, including your world data, plugin data, mods, and other settings.

4. BisectHosting

BisectHosting offers high-quality RLCraft server hosting as well as extensive support. It provides everything for you, whether you want something inexpensive or a lot of features. RLCraft server will be ready immediately after you place your order, allowing you to play with your friends within minutes. It is recommended that you have at least 4 GB of RAM in order for the mod pack to run effectively.

In the premium packages, you may provide your players with the choice of playing infinite slots. In addition, you will receive benefits such as a free dedicated IP address, a free Modpack installation, a free Sub-domain, complete FTP access, a free MySQL database, and more.

BisectHosting runs all game servers on SSDs and NVMe, which speeds up loading and reduces I/O time. In addition, it provides free protection against minor to major DDoS attacks. On any server, you may also utilize customized JARs. Furthermore, it hosts its infrastructure in eight different locations across the world, allowing you to select the nearest site to your location to have better latency.

Every morning, BisectHosting does a backup scan and backups complete server files such as plugins, plugin configs, and worlds. Its simple control interface allows you to administer your server. So what exactly are you waiting for? Take the cooler decision of customizing your plan today and play your game without a hitch.

5. ZAP-Hosting

ZAP-Hosting provides an RLCraft server, which is designed as a survival game in which you will frequently die. It has various features that add to the realism. For example, you may rent a server that is protected against DDoS assaults and can be administered via a web interface. It also provides free FTP access to professional players.

ZAP-Hosting is distinct from the competition in that it offers prepaid alternatives, automated setup, powerful hardware, and its own web interface. Furthermore, it provides an SSD server for quicker processing and optimal performance. In addition, it contains Intel E5-2650v4 CPUs, which enable high-performance servers for lag-free gaming.

Furthermore, the 328 GB DDR4 RAM provides sufficient power for the plugins. With a mouse click, you can install the most recent updates and adjust and understand server settings using an online configuration editor. In addition, use the InGame console to submit orders and so forth. Make backups of your server files and import them in the event of a data loss. You may also configure your server, pay for it, and have it online in minutes.

The Bottom Line:

Minecraft is a thrilling video game, and RLCraft mode makes it much more engaging. Thus, if you want to play the game without lags or downtimes, use one of the RLCraft server hosting companies listed above.

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