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10 Best Review Management Software for Online Business

Regardless of how much you promote your goods, a potential customer will read internet reviews before making a purchase. You shouldn’t let this industry go unregulated because it has grown to be a crucial component of marketing strategy.

You can use online review management Software in place of manually keeping track of all the online reviews on different platforms.

What Is Review Management Software?

Review management, as the name implies, entails controlling the internet evaluations of your brand or business (websites or social media.) It alludes to the procedure of tracking, evaluating, and responding to reviews.

Small and large organizations can encourage positive ratings and address bad ones with efficient review management.

1. ReviewInc

Are you seeking a tool to manage the internet reviews you receive so you can build a better online presence? If so, choose ReviewInc.

Additionally, it facilitates communication with more than 600 review sites for thorough coverage. Online customer reviews can be simply tracked and addressed from a single platform.

Multiple team members can use ReviewInc thanks to its multi-level access. This software has military-grade security features like double-encrypted passwords and full data encryption.

You can access the crucial data to your organization by customizing its dashboard with various filters.

2. Brand24

Brand24 provides cloud-based media monitoring marketing solutions. It also assists huge businesses and offers ideal solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, marketing firms can use it to keep track of numerous initiatives for one or more brands.

Users can utilize its comparison tool to compare the project performances. Once you add the pertinent keywords, this application will track every instance of them being mentioned online, including blogs, social media, discussion forums, and Google reviews.

Various periods by users can filter the obtained data. Positive, neutral, and negative mentions of your brand can be segmented using its sophisticated sentiment identification capability.

3. Podium

Utilizing Podium will help firms rise to the top of the ratings. Your monthly review volume may significantly grow thanks to the online review management software.

Additionally, this technology places your ratings and reviews where consumers and potential buyers find the most interesting. Customers can respond to your text-based review invitation by leaving comments, and you can automate the process of inviting their reviews.

Additionally, this platform’s single dashboard makes managing your reputation across several websites a breeze.

4. Sprout Social

You may track comments on social media and online reviews on the consolidated platform known as Sprout Social. It supports Meta, GMB, Yelp, Glassdoor, and TripAdvisor for managing internet reviews.

This tool is a single hub that keeps you updated on what people are saying about your business or brand. By sorting and filtering review data, businesses can handle reviews in a specific way.

Additionally, Sprout Social provides information on neighborhood business operations that your company may use to enhance client satisfaction. Additionally, its engagement technologies can foster closer connections with clients and customers.

5. BrightLocal

An established online reputation management tool called BrightLocal can handle review tracking on your behalf. Any desktop, laptop, or tablet may easily utilize this cloud-based tool.

It monitors over 80 review sites, including Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot. BrightLocal not only generates reviews for you across 200+ websites but also highlights them.

It offers a one-click response option for responding to Google and Facebook reviews. This tool can show all data on a single dashboard thanks to the connection with Google Analytics, Meta, and Twitter.

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6. Sprinklr

With the help of Sprinklr’s robust software, you can manage the comments you receive on your own. Utilizing this tool will provide you with a clear understanding of when and how to provide assistance and feedback to your clients to uphold positivity.

By effectively managing real-time negative comments across all digital and social channels, it manages your company’s reputation. Through the sharing of insightful reviews and increased review response rates, this technology also works to enhance your customer experience.

In addition to gathering positive feedback, it examines product performance to offer insights for creating better business plans.

7. BirdEye

BirdEye is a powerful customer Review Management Software with business-level features. It has no geographic limitations and can be used by any number of team members.

Large companies can benefit the most from this solution because of its role-based dashboard and bulk review management capabilities. For monitoring reviews, the programme covers more than 150 websites.

Additionally, it facilitates updating company listings on more than 50 websites. For efficient review administration, BirdEye’s auto-response templates are always helpful. It can also be used to delete spam or negative reviews.

8. Yotpo

Businesses may generate real online reviews using Yotpo and display them in strategic locations to have an impact. Customers may give comments on your business more easily thanks to our data-driven online review management tool.

After every transaction, it sends email and SMS notifications to remind customers to post reviews. Additionally, clients receive inquiries that are specific to the goods they bought.

Throughout the purchasing journey, Yotpo additionally shows the top ratings at touch points that are important for conversion. If they so choose, users can also search and sort reviews. Additionally, its official collaboration with Google and Facebook enables you to increase social media traffic.

9. Swell

Swell is an online Review Management Software that uses your reputation to help your business grow and become more visible online. Small and medium-sized firms that lack the resources for reputation management can benefit the most from it.

The tool is smart enough to recognize when and how to ask a consumer to give feedback on your service or product. Customers are encouraged to submit reviews on sites like Facebook, Google, and others by Swell through automated and customized SMSs. To swiftly respond to reviews, you can use its pre-built templates.


The reputable solution meets the requirements of international digital marketing organizations. With this end-to-end review platform, you may manage and respond to online reviews on more than 165 review sites.

It offers a simple dashboard that is great for monitoring the entire review gathering and response process. This web-based solution runs SMS, email, and direct mail campaigns to gather evaluations for your website.

The white-label features of enable businesses to produce reports, whitepapers, and widgets with their branding. You may programme recurring reports and automatically manage your business listings.

Wrapping Up

Before making a purchase, many buyers read product reviews online. Your company needs a strong online reputation management approach incorporating software because fake reviews are rising.

Depending on your company’s demands, you can select one of the described online Review Management Software from the list above. It will guarantee better client satisfaction and increased online visibility for your business or product.

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