Top 28 Rarest Fortnite Skins List

Rarest Fortnite Skins List: Fortnite, an international gaming phenomenon that has captivated millions of players, is widely recognized for its exhilarating combat, perpetually changing virtual environment and copious collection of skins available for purchase or acquisition. Although every new update introduces a brand-new selection of skins, certain anomalies have been removed from the game, causing collectors to compete for the most coveted items.

The game features an extensive selection of skins from Creed to the numerous Star Wars character tie-ins. However, a limited number of these skins are rare, with some being absent from the game for years. Although the assortment of these valuable digital assets is diverse and obscure, they are united by the fact that they are highly sought after by Fortnite enthusiasts around the world. We have compiled an exhaustive list of the rarest Fortnite skins from the game’s inception in 2017, including the most recent Chapter 4: Season 1. Our research has combed through the charts.

Top 28 Rarest Fortnite Skins

1. Xander

Rarest Fortnite Skins

Fortnite first featured the exceedingly rare Xander skin on July 19, 2022, as a reward for the Refer-A-Friend program in Season 5, Chapter 2. Players were required to acquire 60 levels during the season in a group with a companion they were referred to to obtain this illusive ensemble. The task proved quite formidable, given the restricted options for referring peers and the prohibition of exploiting the system by creating false accounts.

Due to the time-consuming nature of the Refer-A-companion program and the requirement of a valid companion to play with, only a minority of players managed to acquire Xander. In Fortnite, it is among the rarest and most exclusive skins due to its limited availability and stringent requirements. Observing a Xander skin in-game immediately indicates that a player worked diligently throughout Season 5 of Chapter 2. Unlike other skins that are subject to change from the Item Shop, Xander’s reputation as an exceedingly rare ensemble is solidified by its status as a Refer-A-Friend reward.

2. Aerial Assault Trooper

Rarest Fortnite Skins

During the initial stages of Fortnite, before the notorious Battle Pass, the Aerial Assault Trooper skin debuted in conjunction with the renowned Renegade Raider. Nevertheless, its acquisition was restricted to the Item Shop throughout Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1. Players were required to attain level 15 and expend 1,200 V-Bucks to acquire it. Although attaining the necessary level for the Aerial Assault Trooper was not as arduous, most players chose to acquire the Renegade Raider instead, facilitating her emergence as a revered and considerably more recognizable character within the Fortnite universe.

3. Chief Hopper

Rarest Fortnite Skins

Due to its incredibly restricted supply, the Chief Hopper costume is one of the rarest Fortnite skins. This skin was created based on the character Hopper from the popular TV series Stranger Things. It was introduced to the game in July 2019 to commemorate the premiere of season three of Stranger Things. During that time, Chief Hopper was only available in the item store for a brief duration. It has been absent from the store since November 2019, more than three years ago. Numerous fans have anticipated its return, but whether Epic Games will restock this skin in the shop is still being determined.

Because it was a crossover skin for a popular TV series and had a limited availability window more than three years ago, Chief Hopper is an exceedingly rare item in Fortnite. Exclusive to players who acquired this skin within the limited weeks it was available for purchase in 2019 are those who are entitled to its ownership. One of the rarest Fortnite skins, the Chief Hopper, is donned by a player who was fortunate enough to acquire it in the first place, so seeing one in-game or in your lobby is a special delight. Chief Hopper is one of the most coveted skins in Fortnite due to its scarcity and high demand.

4. Renegade Raider

Rarest Fortnite Skins

Although the Renegade Raider’s aesthetics may appear mediocre compared to more contemporary skins, seasoned Fortnite players hold this skin in high regard. Season 1 of Chapter 1 featured this coveted item shop-exclusive skin; only those who attained level 20 and spent 1,200 V-Bucks were granted access to add it to their arsenal. By donning the Renegade Raider skin throughout an encounter, you convey to your fellow players that you have developed into a seasoned combatant who has performed admirably on The Island since its inception.

5. Galaxy

Rarest Fortnite Skins

Fortnite was introduced on mobile by Epic Games, and proprietors of Samsung Galaxy devices were granted early access to the application. Although exclusive cosmetics linked to new Samsung products were produced as part of this partnership for a time, none were as coveted as the Galaxy skin. Players had to buy either a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 in order to obtain this rare promotional skin. Regrettably, this cosmetic collectible has been discontinued as of 2019, to be replaced by the more recent Glow skin. Desperate fans have given up hope that they will ever obtain the Galaxy skin again.

6. Omega

Rarest Fortnite Skins

Omega, the renowned skin that made its Fortnite début as the capstone of the Chapter 1 Season 4 Battle Pass, became an immediate classic among Fortnite enthusiasts. Individuals who devoted themselves to diligently advancing through the Battle Pass rankings were granted access to the skin’s assortment of five distinct styles and colors, which bestowed Omega with an aura of unmatched elegance. Omega’s acquisition gained greater prestige as Fortnite’s ongoing surge in popularity transpired; possessors were bestowed with a sense of “original gangster” status.

The limited availability of this renowned skin, ideal for displaying in virtual arenas, merely augmented its allure within the game’s ardent community. A possession of Omega during its initial release and the ability to access its highly sought-after designs constitutes an extremely valuable asset. These fortunate individuals possess a digital product that is both intrinsically valuable and a sign of exclusivity, demonstrating that they possess one of the rarest Fortnite skins and earning them a badge of honor among the game’s legions of devoted fans.

7. Travis Scott

Rarest Fortnite Skins

Travis Scott, a mysterious musician and enigmatic rapper, is a member of the esteemed Icon Series crew for the perennially popular video game Fortnite. Since its last appearance for purchase in Chapter 2 of Season 2, this highly sought-after virtual garment has been noticeably unavailable in the Item Shop for 995 consecutive days. Conversely, there have been speculations that the unfavorable circumstances at one of Travis Scott’s performances last year may have permanently disposed of the highly sought-after garment.

There were reports that purchasers of the skin were offered refunds, which sparked speculation that a permanent ban may be imminent. Nonetheless, the Travis Scott Icon Series apparel has never been more valuable to the restricted few who retained it. Due to its purportedly prohibited status, it possesses an air of exclusivity and scarcity, rendering it an exceedingly sought-after item that is traded and admired among members of the Fortnite community. The mere 1500 V-Bucks it is valued at demonstrates the profound cultural influence that this virtual collaboration between two of the most ardent fandoms in the world has had.

8. Trilogy

Rarest Fortnite Skins

As one of the most elusive skins in Fortnite, the Trilogy ensemble is exceptionally rare. Trilogy features a streamlined appearance in PlayStation-inspired black, grey, and blue. The tactical military appearance resembles that of an elite special forces combatant and consists of a helmet, armor plating, and night vision binoculars. In December 2019, this skin was exclusively available via the Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack bundle. Sony provided PlayStation Plus subscribers with this bundle as a time-limited incentive, granting them access to the Trilogy skin for a few weeks.

Subsequent to that time, neither the Celebration Pack nor a re-release of it has occurred, depriving players of the opportunity to acquire Trilogy. Due to its brief availability over three years ago, a limited number of Fortnite players could obtain the Trilogy skin. It symbolizes pride for PlayStation enthusiasts who grasped the opportunity in late 2019. The Trilogy remains one of the rarest Fortnite skins despite no indication that it will ever be available again. Observing this covert tactical soldier in battle verifies that an elite group of Fortnite participants is using the skin.

9. Blue Team Leader

Rarest Fortnite Skins

A rare skin known as Blue Team Leader, distinguished by its military-style design and white and blue color scheme, is exclusive to Fortnite and can be obtained by a limited number of players. For a limited time, this costume was available through a promotion in collaboration between the renowned gaming phenomenon and PlayStation. PlayStation Plus subscribers who acquired it as a component of the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack, which was exclusively available on the PlayStation Store, are filled with joy. Blue Team Leader, a distinctive Fortnite skin featuring a helmet, spectacles, and knapsack that personify the tenacity of a combat veteran, is an absolute anomaly in the vast universe of skins. Individuals who possess this invaluable assortment of digital products do so as a symbol of distinction and an indication of their exclusive collaboration with PlayStation. As such, it evokes both admiration and longing within the community.

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10. Fable

Rarest Fortnite Skins

A Fortnite skin that was only accessible via the Season 6 Battle Pass, the Fable ensemble is exceedingly rare. At Tier 47, players could obtain Fable among the season’s last skins. Her gold and teal attire exudes an air of sophistication and fantasy appropriate to her name. Unlike some other skins, Fable lacks unlockable back jewelry, special emotes, and additional styles. Since Season 6, she merely exists as an uncommon female skin. Fable, which debuted more than two years ago, has yet to be reintroduced to the Item Shop or re-released in any capacity.

Fable has become one of the rarest Fortnite skins thanks to her exclusive access to the Season 6 Battle Pass and her absence from the Item Shop following the conclusion of Season 6. Presently, Fable is held by a select few devoted players who amassed sufficient experience throughout Season 6 to ascend to Tier 47 before the expiration of time. Observing the Fable skin during combat is an extremely rare occurrence. It indicates that you are observing one of the adolescent players who had the good fortune to activate her during her limited availability. A prestige symbol for those in possession, Fable continues to be an exceedingly rare Fortnite skin for this reason.

11. Astro Jack

Rarest Fortnite Skins

The Astro Jack skin became one of the most coveted and rarest Fortnite skins based solely on its cosmetics. The Astro Jack Fortnite skin is an international phenomenon that has captivated players with its breathtaking cosmic aesthetics. But don’t take our word for it—when it was released in April 2020 as part of the Travis Scott event during Chapter 2 Season 2, the now-rare Fortnite skin was an absolute smashing success. However, Epic Games’ prospective prohibition on the Travis Scott team sparked controversy and cast doubt on the likelihood of Astro Jack’s revival.

Astro Jack is, after all, intricately linked to Scott’s persona and music, rendering its independent marketing challenging. Consequently, a considerable number of individuals have accepted the possibility that the mesmerizing Astro Jack skin is no longer available in the Item Shop or has been removed entirely. A few fortunate individuals who acquired this skin for 2000 V-Bucks continue to cherish it as a rare and valuable Fortnite accessory. Its rarity has only increased its appeal, solidifying its status as an indispensable component of the Fortnite experience for a select few.


Rarest Fortnite Skins

Although Fortnite skins come and go, only a select few have ever attained the status of IKONIC—an exceedingly rare and valuable ensemble restricted to the most devoted and privileged players. It was not simple to obtain this coveted item; it never simply materialized in the Fortnite item shop. To obtain it, one was required to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10 device, but only before September 2019. Motivated by the acclaimed K-Pop group iKON’s Jung Chanwoo, the ensemble featured an exceptional design that was visually captivating, rendering it one of the most sought-after skins in history due to its aesthetic appeal.

Regrettably, the reign of IKONIC was to be brief. It was superseded in September 2019 by Glow, a new ensemble that was comparatively less remarkable, much to the dismay of numerous Fortnite enthusiasts. The immediate impact of the iconic skin’s absence was palpable, and its unavailability has persisted ever since. However, IKONIC will perpetually be regarded as a badge of honor for those fortunate enough to acquire it; it is regarded as one of the most illustrious exclusive skins in the game’s history. IKONIC is one of the rarest Fortnite skins available, and its elegance and distinctive design make it an irresistible addition to any collection.

13. Special Forces

Rarest Fortnite Skins

The Fortnite Special Forces skin, exclusive to the Item Shop during Season 1 Chapter 1, has a rich and eventful past. Its 1,200 V-Buck price tag elevated it to the status of a collectible. Since its fleeting resurgence in January 2019, the Special Forces skin has been noticeably absent from the game. Although followers have observed the Special Forces character in various capacities, including a recurring appearance in Season 7 as a quest-granting NPC in Chapter 2, its return to the item shop still needs to be discovered. The skin’s cult status continues to increase, and enthusiasts maintain a positive outlook regarding its imminent triumphant return.

14. Rue

Rarest Fortnite Skins

The Rue skin for Fortnite is a mystery within the gaming community. Despite making two appearances in the item shop, this item has been unobtainable for an astounding 965 days, disappearing virtually overnight. However, there are more explanations for Rue’s enigmatic aura. The skin was recently prohibited due to its unsettling undertones and references to symbols reminiscent of specific apparel worn during wartime regimes. It is improbable that Rue will ever return to the Item Shop victorious. This has only increased its desirability among Fortnite enthusiasts, who were fortunate enough to acquire it for a meager 1200 V-Bucks initially. Due to its extreme rarity, the Rue Skin has become a highly sought-after asset, valued by those who are fortunate enough to possess it.

15. Black Knight

Exclusive to dedicated Fortnite players, the Black Knight skin could only be obtained by fully using the inaugural Chapter 1 Season 2 Battle Pass. Acquiring this skin was an exceedingly rare feat, as it also necessitated the purchase of the Battle Pass and the attainment of level 70. Although the Black Knight level requirement was comparatively lower than the 100-level modern Battle Passes, it is important to remember that this achievement occurred in 2017, when the player population was considerably diminished. After four years, the likelihood of confronting another participant in a Battle Royale match donning the Black Knight skin is exceedingly low. Individuals who possess this extraordinary cosmetic treasure may be regarded as genuine unicorns within the Fortnite community.

16. Double Helix

Once more, an expensive device was required to obtain a blue-ribbon skin exclusively accessible to Fortnite players. Players who purchased the Double Helix skin as part of a Nintendo Switch x Fortnite bundle also received 1,000 V-Bucks and a DLC code for additional cosmetics. Although the console itself was already prohibitively expensive to acquire, the Nintendo Switch x Fortnite bundle is no longer a standard offering from the majority of retailers. Obtaining this rare Fortnite collectible from a third-party vendor is the best option for collectors; however, be warned: this is a costly endeavor. Acquiring the Double Helix skin necessitates a monetary investment and the perseverance and fortitude to peruse online marketplaces and message boards in search of valuable items.

17. Golden Peely

Unlocking the enticing Golden Peely Skin, a dazzling gold variant of Agent Peely is exclusive to those players who have devoted countless hours to investigating the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass in Fortnite. Attaining the mandatory level of 300 necessitated unwavering determination and a well-defined approach to surmount obstacles and advance in rank consistently. The Golden Peely may have become a symbol of prestige for the privileged few who have obtained it due to its challenging nature. Holding this uncommon skin is comparable to carrying a rare jewel; it is a discussion starter not only among Fortnite enthusiasts but also within the gaming community as a whole.

18. Psycho Bandit

A special promotional item, the exceedingly rare Psycho Bandit skin, was exclusively available for acquisition through pre-order or purchase of Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store before December 2020. Exclusive to devoted Borderlands and Fortnite fans, this illusive adornment was only available for a restricted time during the promotional period. Psycho Bandit is undoubtedly one of the most visually arresting skins in Fortnite, given its peculiar psycho mask and vivid patchwork ensemble.

Due to its scarcity, it is also a highly coveted prestige symbol among collectors and diehard participants. Psycho Bandit is still one of the rarest and most exclusive skins in Fortnite, even though there is always a possibility that it will return with the forthcoming Borderlands 4 release. Individuals fortunate enough to obtain it during the initial promotion undoubtedly possess a highly valuable item distinguishing them from the rest. Due to its incredible design and limited availability, The Psycho Bandit has earned a reputation as one of the rarest Fortnite skins of all time.

19. Honor Guard

The Honor Guard skin has established itself as one of the most costly skins available for purchase in Fortnite. What is the catch? Having a restricted availability for purchasers of the Honor View 20 smartphone, this skin ranks among the most costly in the history of Fortnite. Although Honor Guard skins are still obtainable, they are among the rarest in the Fortnite universe due to their exorbitant cost of entry and the fanatical brand loyalty that rivals that of Apple and Samsung. Whether due to rarity, scarcity, or both, this coveted ornamental collectible remains unattainable to a select few. In addition, the Honor Guard skin is extremely rare, if not nonexistent, when encountered during intense combat. Have you had the good fortune to encounter a player in the game donning this exquisite outfit?

20. Frostbite

Frostbite, an armored frigid warrior, remains one of the most enigmatic Fortnite skins. Alongside the Frostbite skin, this legendary ensemble was exclusively accessible via the tangible Deep Freeze Bundle edition of Fortnite. This edition also comprised the Frigid Foregoer pickaxe, Cold Front glider, and Freezing Point back jewelry. Frostbite elicits the unyielding icicle-and frost-adorned armor, icy headgear, and ice-covered footwear that symbolize the season.

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Frostbite is an exceedingly rare occurrence in the game, as this emblematic bundle is no longer available for purchase, much to the dismay of the majority of players. Although a limited number of Deep Freeze Bundle codes remain available via reseller websites, they are typically sold at a premium price point owing to the scarcity of Frostbite. Due to its exclusive availability and epitome of icy sophistication, Frostbite remains one of the most coveted and esteemed Fortnite skins. Whoever acquires this illusive ensemble will undoubtedly differentiate themselves from the rest.

21. Sledge

On July 14, 2019, for 1,500 V-Bucks, the rare Sledge costume became available. It is a stylish Fortnite skin. Sledge, a component of the Heavy Hitters set, has been absent from the Item Shop since October 2019. Sledge adorns himself in a dark combat uniform that he has appropriately named, which features armor plating, knee padding, and a tactical helmet. Yellow and gold embellishments on his headdress and attire provide striking decorative details. Sledge’s rough exterior is accurately reflected in the sledgehammer pickaxe he carries by his back.

Sledge, unavailable in the Item Shop for over three years, has emerged as a prestigious and coveted skin in Fortnite encounters. His distinctive militaristic design distinguishes him from the rest. At this time, only devoted players who acquired Sledge during his limited tenure in the Item Shop have this skin. Due to his distinctive dark armor and uniform and the limited availability window that occurred years ago, Sledge has acquired his reputation as a rare skin. Observing a Sledge in-game or in the lobby is a unique experience, as it is a skin that Fortnite veterans exclusively possess.

22. Surf Strider

Unquestionably, among the rarest Fortnite skins is the Surf Strider skin. A limited-time promotion in collaboration with Intel made it available exclusively from November 2020 to July 2021. To obtain Surf Strider, participants must possess an Intel processor of the qualifying 9th or 10th generation and redeem the skin via the Intel website or the Intel Gaming Access application. Surf Strider, previously available exclusively as Fortnite skins such as Black Knight and Aerial Assault Trooper, is now available once the promotion concludes.

The sophisticated design of this blue and white wet suit epitomizes the essence of surfing style. Surf Strider is now exclusive to devoted Fortnite players who upgraded their PCs during the limited redemption window. It continues to elude all others as an enigmatic prize. Surf Strider appears doomed to remain a remarkably rare sight in Fortnite matches, given the lack of indication that this Intel promotion will return. Its brief promotion period and restricted availability solidify its status as one of the rarest Fortnite skins ever introduced.

23. Demogorgon

On July 5, 2019, the extremely rare Demogorgon skin was first introduced in Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 9. This skin empowers users to assume the persona of the menacing creature from the Upside Down dimension, drawing inspiration from the humanoid monster from the critically acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things. The Demogorgon skin was initially available for purchase in the item shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. Nevertheless, its availability was exceedingly restricted, and it has been absent from the item shop for more than 1,400 days.

In Fortnite history, this makes it one of the rarest and most difficult to acquire skins. Possession of the Demogorgon skin has become an exceedingly rare artifact for the fortunate few who managed to acquire it before its demise. The Demogorgon skin has earned its status as one of the rarest and most coveted cosmetics in Fortnite Battle Royale due to its intriguing design, affiliation with a well-known TV show creature, and extremely limited availability.

24. Sparkle Specialist

Acquiring the exceedingly rare Sparkle Specialist skin required completing the Season Two Battle Pass and appearing for the first time in Fortnite Chapter One, Season Two. Sparkle Specialist distinguished herself as one of the Fortnite Fever skins featuring a disco motif by donning a lustrous blue ensemble adorned with stars. Her scarcity is because she was exclusively accessible throughout Season Two, as skins from previous Battle Passes are not restocked in the Item Shop. Sparkle Specialist is an authentic original skin, signifying that the player has been a Fortnite fan since the game’s infancy.

Although a Sparkle Supreme remix was featured in Season X, the original Sparkle Specialist must be frequently encountered in matches. During Season Two, players who demonstrated unwavering commitment by diligently pursuing their way to Tier 56 were awarded this dazzling Epic ensemble. Because Sparkle Specialist has never been featured in the Item Shop, she continues to be an exceedingly rare skin. Thanks to her understated yet captivating design, Sparkle Specialist is one of the rarest and most sought-after skins for aficionados and devoted Fortnite players.

25. Ragnarok

Among the rarest and most coveted costumes in Fortnite is the legendary Ragnarok skin. Ragnarok debuted in Season 5 and was the last skin to be unlocked through the Battle Pass. It was exclusively accessible to players who diligently ascended to Tier 100. Ragnarok personifies an ardent Viking warrior adorned in armor and fur pelts; his body bedecked with radiant Nordic tattoos. The individual’s formidable stature is enhanced by the capacity to acquire XP and thus access further designs, including even more menacing helmets and armor pieces. Ragnarok’s complete cosmetic enhancement collection has only been accessible to the most devoted Fortnite players.

The Season 5 Battle Pass made it difficult to reach level 100, and gathering the 500,000 XP needed to activate the final stage of the skin took a lot of work. Ragnarok is now an extremely rare spectacle in Fortnite due to this. Observing a player adorned in Ragnarok’s armor indicates their proficiency with the Battle Pass for Season 5 of Fortnite. It signifies the innumerable hours passed on the island, battling to the finish of each match to earn sufficient XP and attain Tier 100 before the season’s conclusion. Due to these factors, Ragnarok continues to be one of the rarest and most coveted skins in Fortnite history.

26. Royale Bomber

The Royale Bomber skin for Fortnite is one of the original illusive cosmetic contenders that most players will likely never encounter. This skin was initially released in 2018 in conjunction with a PlayStation 4 x Fortnite combination and subsequently again as an exclusive component of a DualShock 4 controller bundle. Although it is still possible to obtain this obsolete skin if one is prepared to invest additional effort, doing so will undoubtedly incur significant expenses. Nevertheless, some may argue that the Royale Bomber skin is not worth the exorbitant price, particularly compared to the superior skins Fortnite has produced in the subsequent years. Although the Royale Bomber may not be aesthetically pleasing, its scarcity may convince some to consider it a valuable collectible.

27. The Reaper

The Reaper skin, obtained through the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass, held significant prestige within the Fortnite community. It was exclusively obtained by the most devoted players, who achieved the pass’s maximum level of 100. The skin indeed displayed an uncanny similarity to John Wick, the character portrayed by Keanu Reeves in the notorious movie franchise. Nonetheless, the situation became peculiar in 2019 when Epic Games released an authentic John Wick skin for Fortnite. This action had profound repercussions; it introduced two skins that were virtually identical to one another into the game. Concerning this, the John Wick skin remains available in the item store and has gained popularity over time. In the meantime, The Reaper skin, which was once highly sought after, continues to be among the rarest Fortnite skins. Consequently, it has evolved into a recurring jest within the community.

28. Dark Voyager

The exceedingly rare Dark Voyager skin is a true jewel that signifies unwavering commitment since the inception of Fortnite. A tier 100 reward in the Chapter One, Season Three battle pass, this vivid adornment symbolized high prestige. Distinguishable is Dark Voyager’s elegant black space suit with eye-catching orange accents. Its distinctive design is a tribute to legendary space explorers and draws inspiration from vintage science fiction. Although an altered rendition titled Eternal Voyager was featured in Season X, the original Dark Voyager continues to elude observation.

Its retro-futuristic, vivid appearance is instantly recognizable. This skin indicates that a player has been a Fortnite member since the game’s early seasons and has completed the battle pass for Season Three. Despite the passing of other skins, Dark Voyager’s position among the top 100 ensembles of the first stratum solidifies its prestige. Dark Voyager is among the rarest and most coveted skins in Fortnite due to its daring design and exclusive nature. Devoted players continue to display their OG status with pride by donning this skin years later.

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