18 Best Rabbit Alternatives To Watch Videos with Friends

Rabbit (aka TV) was a fantastic platform where people could meet up with friends and watch movies and videos together. In addition, it allowed them to be dispersed while still watching the same shows together.

Kast acquired with the rights to the software stack, intellectual property, and patents in July of last year. Rabbit TV had ceased operations in May, and nothing had forced it to do so. Its investors have simply withdrawn from it. Originally, it was a web-based group chat app with video streaming capabilities. enabled the sharing of anything that could be played by web browsers such as Chrome or Opera. It is now closed, but don’t worry because there are many similar apps like Rabbit.

Why Did Rabbit Shut Down?

According to sources, the Rabbit video streaming service has ceased operations due to a lack of funds. The Rabbit will cease operations due to a lack of funding and other issues, according to CEO Amanda Richardson. However, if you need to catch up with friends or watch a movie, you can use any of the best Rabbit alternatives listed in this post.

18 Best Rabbit Alternatives – Alternatives

Let’s get started and look into the best Rabbit alternatives for a smooth watch-party experience.


1. Netflix Party

Rabbit Alternatives

Netflix Party, a popular alternative to, is a Google Chrome extension. Before you can begin sharing, you and your friends must first install the extension. After you’ve installed the extension, go to Netflix and choose a video to share.

Create a Netflix Party using the extension, and then invite your friends. You can chat in real-time while watching videos. However, this extension only works with Netflix and does not work with local videos or any other platform. This is a website like Rabbit, but it is not an app like Rabbit in many ways.

2. Kosmi

Rabbit Alternatives

Well, Kosmi is the best Rabbit alternative you can use to virtually hang out with your friends for free (without any limit). Further, You don’t need to install anything or even sign up. Also, You can easily create a room where you can communicate and chat using a webcam. You can share a browser tab or a screen to share whatever is happening there.

Kosmi, as a Rabbit alternative, lets you watch synced YouTube and local video streaming services like Rabbit. You can play NES and SNES emulators with friends or play Quake 3, Texas Holdem Poker, and other games. Anyone with a URL can instantly join the room. Strangers can also request to join your room.

3. Watch2gether

Rabbit Alternatives

Another good alternative to Rabbit TV is Watch2gether. It enables you to watch content and videos in sync with your friends. In addition, you do not need to sign up to start your chat room. Instead, you can invite anyone to join the chat room after you’ve created it. However, the only video streaming platforms that are supported are Amazon, Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook.

You can also listen to music on Soundcloud and watch live Twitch streams. Unlike Rabbit, all users can search for and play videos. One disadvantage is that you cannot log into third-party accounts, which means you cannot watch Hulu or Netflix. However, you will still have access to a massive library of free videos via the platform it supports. It does not, however, have screen-sharing websites like Rabbit.

4. StreamParty

Rabbit Alternatives

Do you require a video clubhouse? You can end your search right here at StreamParty – the best alternative. You can start your StreamParty right away by selecting from an up-to-date video database of over 100.000 movies and episodes.

Users have the option of choosing between public and private StreamParties. Public StreamParties are free to attend and can accommodate up to 50 enthusiasts. Here, The event is listed on the dashboard, and interested members can join in to share the experience—a great way to meet others who share your interests. Also, You won’t be alone for long, as the community already has 50k members worldwide.

5. TogetherTube

Rabbit Alternatives

TogetherTube, like Rabbit, supports various websites similar to Rabbit, such as Dailymotion, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Vimeo. These platforms allow you to listen to music and watch videos in real-time. The best part about this alternative to Rabbit is the ability to create private or public chat rooms. In addition, it enables all users to add videos from the supporting platforms to the playlist.

The videos are then voted on by the users, and the one with the most votes is played next. In addition, TogetherTube has a slew of other features that set it apart from similar apps. For example, you can change the name of your chat room and prevent other users from voting on the videos by configuring the settings in your chat room.

6. Metastream

Rabbit Alternatives

For binge-watching with friends, Metastream is a great alternative to Rabbit. It has an excellent live synchronization playback because it uses its proprietary technology to provide an enhanced streaming experience to a large number of people with little to no latency. Aside from that, it provides on-screen chat, quick user management, and video queuing, similar to apps like Rabbit.

Metastream also works with almost every major streaming platform, including Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube. However, it lacks the ability to stream or download media, as well as audio and webcam support. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind that, Metastream is one of the best Rabbit alternatives.

7. Surge Live

Rabbit Alternatives

Surge Live is a top-rated free alternative for watching movies, Netflix, Hulu, TV shows, anime, and other content. It provides the best watch party experience possible by utilizing powerful tools. In addition, it employs proprietary software to connect all clients to the same video stream, allowing users to watch their favorite videos with family and friends from the comfort of their own homes.

8. Rave

Rabbit Alternatives

Rave, another alternative to, is a web-based media platform that also aspires to be a social media hub. It allows you to share the music and videos you’re listening to and watching with your friends. You can also send it to a mobile device. It is one of the Rabbit alternatives that provides streaming services like Rabbit.

Videos from Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo, and Viki can be shared. You can also share music and videos from your Dropbox account. This app like Rabbit, is compatible with almost every device. Rave is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.


Rabbit Alternatives

So far, is the best alternative to Rabbit. allows you to stream videos from platforms such as Dailymotion, YouTube, and Vimeo together in real-time.

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Here, You can watch the videos directly on the website or share the URL with others and watch them together. It has emoji support in chat but no webcam or audio support. Overall, it is a promising platform and a viable Rabbit alternative.

10. Parsec

Rabbit Alternatives

Parsec is a game streaming app like Rabbit, but you can stream videos on it. Further, It allows you to invite your friends and stream videos in real-time with them. You will also not have any latency issues with Parsec. While watching videos, your friends will be able to comment in real-time, and you will be able to interact with them.

Other members cannot control the videos because it is not designed for video streaming. To compensate, it provides superior synced playback, which is the main feature of Rabbit. You can also group chat, but it lacks a webcam and audio support and only allows one-way control. Nevertheless, it is one of the better alternatives to Rabbit.

11. Airtime

Rabbit Alternatives

Well, Airtime is a mobile app like Rabbit that works with both iOS and Android. So you can use Airtime to share all of the content on your mobile device with your family and friends, no matter where they are. Here, You and your friends can listen to music and watch videos together. Aside from that, you can send messages.

Airtime is only compatible with the platforms it supports. You can listen to Spotify music and watch YouTube videos. Airtime also allows you to play games and share GIFs. It is one of the fantastic apps like Rabbit.

12. Synatop

Rabbit Alternatives

Here, Synatop is another web-based app similar to Rabbit that allows you to watch videos with your friends and family using a remote connection. Also, Using Synatop with other options is free, but you must first create an account. You can add apps to your account after you’ve created it. You can watch movies, listen to music, play games, and work on projects with others.

Because Synatop is a complete remote desktop platform, you can share any type of content with it. In addition, it provides streaming services like Rabbit. It’s entirely web-based, so there is no need to download anything. However, it has the drawback of only allowing you to watch movies from the titles available on the website.

13. TwoSeven

Rabbit Alternatives

Well, TwoSeven is a video streaming and sharing website similar to Rabbit, and it also allows you to interact with them via chat. It does not; however, support live audio commentary, unlike Rabbit. TwoSeven focuses on 3 main things- live reactions on webcams, real-time experience without latency, and supporting maximum video streaming services like Rabbit.

TwoSeven works with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, and many other services. It also has a Chrome extension that allows you to watch videos from any website. Further, TwoSeven is a solid alternative for Rabbit that allows for indefinite streaming without interfering with your live viewing experience.

14. Together TV

Through a web-based interface, you can access synchronized video playback files on Together TV. It’s one of the few alternatives to Rabbit, where you can watch Hulu, Netflix, and other paid streaming services.

Because this web-based app can share a remote desktop screen from your browser, you don’t need to share your login information. Instead, you can either let the site play random videos for you or stream video and music files directly from your computer. The excellent part about this app, similar to Rabbit, is that you can audio chat with your friends for free on Together TV.

15. Animeparty

Well, AnimeParty is a no-frills website like Rabbit, which is dedicated only to streaming and watching Anime content. Here, You can make a private room and then invite your family and friends to use it. It has an anime library from which you can choose any content and begin watching it immediately.

You can use the group chat feature in this app like Rabbit TV, to stay connected. Aside from that, Animeparty has a commendable sync playback, and there will be no major issues when streaming videos. This is an anime-watching platform in the shape of a rabbit.

16. SyncLounge

Well, If you use Plex, SyncLounge is a good Rabbit alternative because it allows you to play synced media flawlessly. Here, This platform isn’t a complete alternative for Rabbit, but it does have a Plex-specific co-watching app. In addition, it enables you to connect to your Plex library as well as create a private room for you and your friends and family.

SyncLounge uses its server rather than Plex’s to distribute data to multiple users, and yet its synced playback is quite good. As an app similar to Rabbit, it allows you to chat with other members. You can also make your video viewing experience more social and interactive.

17. TeamFlix

Another popular alternative is TeamFlix, which allows you to share your PC screen with friends and family to watch online videos. Videos from Netflix, Streamable, Reddit, Instagram, Vimeo, Imgur, Facebook, LiveLeak, WorldStarHipHop, and direct video links are all supported.

You also get a shareable room link without having to sign up for TeamFlix. Friends can enter your chat room and begin watching the video you’re playing in the browser after you share the room link with them. You and your friends can also chat and share your thoughts while watching the video, which doubles the fun.

18. TogetherJS

TogetherJS was created by Mozilla Labs and includes features such as real-time collaboration for websites and applications, as well as watching movies and videos together. It enables you to add a real-time collaboration system to their websites instantly. Because it is free, this application differs from most real-time collaboration platforms. It’s one of the websites like Rabbit.

TogetherJS also has an open-source JavaScript library for adding tools and a collaboration system to use websites. It also allows them to watch videos and movies together. After installing TogetherJS, you can send the link to your friends to invite them to join the app and interact in real-time, similar to apps like Rabbit.

The Bottom Line:

So, fellas, that concludes our quick guide to the 18 best Rabbit alternatives. In this digital age, there is no greater joy than watching your favorite movies, shows, and videos with your friends, even if they are scattered across the country. You can use any of the Rabbit alternatives listed above to co-watch content, chat with long-distance friends, and connect with them instantly while sharing your screens remotely.

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