12+ Best Quora Alternatives 2022 To Try

Quora Alternatives 2022: What do you do when uncertain about the answer to a question? You might inquire with a member of your family, a close friend, a coworker, or anybody else you believe may know the solution. However, they may not have a complete understanding of your needs. According to Pew Research, 96 percent of people make major decisions based on their research, which may entail asking others or consulting print media. However, just 25 percent ask family or friends, and only 8 percent consult print media. Forty-six percent of the population researches online using Google, social media, reviews, apps, podcasts, and online forums. Curiosity regarding the latter? We’ve answered this guide to assist you in finding answers to your questions. Quora is one of the most popular forums for answering your questions. The question and answer site feature a huge community of people prepared to assist with any question you can imagine.

Most responses may be based on personal opinions rather than experience or expert knowledge. There are several additional sites where you may ask a random question and receive an answer, particularly if you have a specific question and the online results are unclear, leaving you with more questions than answers. Quora is huge, and users may even build social networks, follow topics of interest, and vote on answers that include the most accurate information. The primary disadvantage of using Quora is that anybody, regardless of their knowledge, may answer your question, and their answers may be of dubious veracity. In addition, the site’s social nature makes it open to misuse by provocateurs and bots. If you want to move from Quora to other platforms for finding and sharing information, we’ve compiled a list of 12+ of the best Quora alternatives to help you find the knowledge you want.

12+ Best Quora Alternatives 2022 To Try

Quora Alternatives 2022 to try.


Quora Alternatives is a one-of-a-kind platform for the exchange of internet-based knowledge. Formerly known as WikiAnswers, the platform mixes community-driven answers on various topics with instructive articles produced by qualified experts, compared to Quora, where experts and non-experts are intermingled. assists people of all ages in learning, studying, and interact in a pleasant and secure online forum or community. You may add images to your question to make it stand out and receive faster responses than other questions. In addition, anyone who responds to your question receives confidence votes that indicate the number of times others have acknowledged that their response was helpful. Someone having a large number of votes of confidence assures that they know what they’re talking about.

You can ask various questions on the platform per the community norms, and you can also interact with the questions and answers of others. The crowdsourcing platform offers wiki-style community answers to any question, and it is easy to use; input a question and hit the Go button. Well, if the question has already been asked on the site, the link will open the question’s page; if not, you may submit it and give it a category so others can find it fast. Like Quora, an account is not required to ask or answer a community question, although it is suggested for a more customized experience. This is one of the best Quora alternatives.

2. Stack Overflow

Quora Alternatives

Have you ever had technical or tech-related questions for which you did not know where to obtain reliable answers? Stack Overflow was built just for users like you. Stack Overflow was designed with programmers in mind, compared to Quora, which has a more general character by allowing questions on any topic to be answered by anybody, even experts. Thanks to the huge online community, programmers can learn from other experts in the area, share their knowledge, and progress in their careers. It is a knowledge sharing and collaboration management platform where small, agile, or big teams, as well as scattered teams in companies, may ask questions and receive answers from peers or those more qualified.

You will never again have to fight to find high-quality technical information. The go-to platform for programmers prioritizes openness and transparency and offers a free solution for teams of up to 50 users at any time. Since 2008, developers and engineers have used the public platform in their professional and personal lives to assist more than 100 million people every month. This question and answer site are suitable for professional and amateur programmers, who are permitted to upvote or downvote questions and answers as they would on Quora and edit them as they would on a wiki. For receiving upvotes on questions or answers to those questions, as well as for making valuable contributions, users can earn reputation points or badges. In addition, they can unlock new rights and comment on the posts of others. A job area is offered to assist programmers in finding new possibilities, while employers receive tools to promote their organizations, post job openings, and find qualified, open-to-contact applicants.

3. Blurtit

Quora Alternatives

Blurtit is another excellent alternative to Quora. This social question and answer community may not be as popular. Still, it is easy to use and answers questions across various topics, including health, education, science, and technology. After registering, similar to Quora, you may ask questions, comment on other users’ answers, and/or browse questions in various categories. Well, compared to Quora, which is huge and can be perplexing for new users, the site has a simple layout, and the topic categories are easy to find. This is one of the best Quora alternatives.

On Blurtit, you may ask any question, explore different topics based on your interests, and obtain the opinions of people from all over the world on knowledge of subject areas. Since 2006, Blurtit has revolutionized how people find online answers. This platform allows you to discuss any topic, whether it’s a pressing issue or you have a wealth of knowledge to impart. You have free, round-the-clock access to information and millions of friends who are experts in many disciplines. In addition, you may make friends with other users and share information, thoughts, and opinions, so it’s not only for receiving or giving answers.

4. Just Answer

Quora Alternatives

Quora’s voting system is built on confidence votes, although it is not always assured that the answers are from qualified experts. Just Answer responds to professionals, including attorneys, technology experts, physicians, mechanics, and home repair experts. You may write out your entire narrative and provide every detail to support the question. A professional can always evaluate your case and provide the counsel they propose. The website takes a specialized and professional approach to its sector, permitting only verified and licensed professionals to respond to your questions.

Select a specialized kind and submit a question to navigate the platform. Every nine seconds, a unique question is answered, and experts often respond within a few minutes of your question being posted. You may be obliged to pay the specified fee if you are completely pleased with the answer. This form of payment is based on the honor system; therefore, it is up to you to choose if the expert’s response merits payment. This is one of the best Quora alternatives.


Quora Alternatives

It is a question and answer site, but it takes a different approach: is more social and links you with friends on current platforms so you can ask them questions – usually anonymously. You may still use the platform to find answers to more important topics, despite the platform’s light and humorous tone, which facilitates getting to know people better. However, it is more socially biased than Quora, which is more generic across several topics. You can add photographs, videos, and GIFs to your questions to make them more engaging. In addition, you have safety and privacy features that protect you from cyberbullying if you are a younger user, as it is popular among teens.

6. Fluther

Quora Alternatives

The name of the question and answer website Fluther is derived from a school of jellyfish. The platform has four primary categories: general, meta, specifically for you, and social. Instead of receiving ambiguous answers from any platform, Fluther guarantees you will receive them from a genuine person. When you ask Fluther a question, they route it to individuals they believe can provide accurate responses. Quora does not handle this for you; instead, it allows you to tag the person you want to respond to your questions, but there is no assurance that they will do so. The webpage contains two sections: general and social.

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The general portion has stringent standards and focuses on giving you the necessary answers. Still, the social section has looser guidelines, allowing people to express their opinions and display their sense of humor. When posing a question, Fluther examines the types of responses you might benefit most. Fluther’s tagline is “tap the collective,” therefore similarly to Quora; you can refer questions to others who may have answers. This is one of the best Quora alternatives.

7. Reddit

Quora Alternatives

Reddit is the Internet’s home page. It is an online community and forum where people can find responses to their burning questions regardless of the topic. The popular online community and message board are divided into subreddits or niche-specific discussions. These may include cellphones, operating systems, parenting, politics, and any other subject imaginable. Most users in these subreddits will gladly respond to pertinent questions posted in the appropriate ask-me-anything subreddit. In addition, you may search on the platform to find subreddits based on the topic you desire or your area of interest and enthusiasm.

Reddit requires that you create an account before you can post a question. You can respond to responses made by other users by posting a comment directly in the same thread. Reddit, unlike Quora, divides questions into particular categories and has an infinite number of users who provide comments and opinions based on truth, opinion, or experience. Once you get the hang of it, though, Reddit is an addicting area to hang out with other Redditors and enjoy a wide variety of content. This is one of the best Quora alternatives.

8. Snippets

Snippets is a question and answer website created by Conjecture Corporation to allow users to produce and share valuable and simple content. You may ask 20-word or fewer questions, and those who want to answer will restrict their responses to 50 words (or less). Snippets favor shorter answers because they want to keep things simple and encourage users to get to the point, compared to Quora, where people can post lengthy responses. This is one of the best Quora alternatives.

When someone responds to a question you’ve posed, you’ll receive an email message. Like Quora, users may also upvote answers, elevating them to the top. You may mouse over the names of other users to obtain a summary of their Snippets activity in a pop-up bubble. The voting mechanism screens for quality answers, and users’ activity and reputation are constantly visible. It is easy to browse and go through questions and answers rapidly.

9. The AnswerBank

AnswerBank lives true to its moniker by providing answers to your questions. The UK-based website offers a similar experience to the defunct Yahoo! Answers; however, you must register as a member before asking questions. As with Quora, there are several categories, ranging from travel and news to crosswords to gaming. In addition, however, The AnswerBank includes a unique ChatterBank function similar to old-fashioned chat rooms where you may discuss life and other things with other people. In addition, moderators check the site’s submitted questions and comments and remove those derogatory or break the community’s or site’s rules and regulations.

10. was an established website in 1996 under the moniker Ask Jeeves before being bought and rebranded. However, it still serves its original purpose – giving people to ask questions and quickly receive responses. You may put your question into the search bar and see results immediately. The site functions as a search engine and provides numerous articles and resources to obtain an answer. This is unlike Quora, where you may receive instant responses from other users, who are not necessarily experts, on various topics. is intended to assist you in gaining clarity on your query using simple language. The search engine technique to give answers enables the site’s more than 100 million users globally to find the answers to their questions. It is easy to navigate and comes with Android and iOS mobile apps.

11. Ask Me Help Desk

Ask Me Help Desk is a rapidly expanding question and answer platform with over one million users and climbing. Regularly, users of the platform ask questions and receive answers. To participate, you first register and become a member; then, you may browse questions, ask your questions, and answer questions asked by other users. You may search for questions to determine whether they have already been answered. Ask Me Help Desk, unlike Quora, simplifies the search for questions and answers by arranging them into categories and subcategories. It lacks Quora’s social-like style, making it less open to bots and provocateurs.

12. wikiHow

wikiHow is an additional popular question and answer website that provides an abundance of how-to content to assist you in solving the issue. The website was established in 2006, at the same time as Yahoo! Answers but before the 2009 introduction of Quora. You may search through questions asked by other users, read helpful how-to articles, or ask your questions on wikiHow. If you ask a question, you will be shown a list of accessible content that includes answers. For example, you may ask how to pressure-wash a car, and wikiHow will return a list of results pages with the top-ranked responses marked with various indicators. For example, you can find indicators such as Quality Tested or Expert Co-Authored, which Quora does not offer. However, Quora often displays a summary of the respondent’s biography. You will see advertisements at the top of the results created based on your question, but this is standard, just as when you find a Google search.

13. Answerbag

This question and answer platform enable you to find answers to various questions in many categories. Well, you must register in the same manner as on Quora to ask questions, browse through areas of interest, or read questions and answers made by other users. It is an old website that allows you to obtain an answer, ask humorous questions about memes, GIFs, and more, and ask job and relationship-related questions. This is one of the best Quora alternatives.

14. Experts Exchange

This platform differs from Quora in that it is mostly comprised of experts, as indicated by its name. Expert Exchange enables you to find answers to any technical question from the experts themselves. More than 3,900,000 tech-related questions are answered by the community’s numerous experts, ensuring you will find the information you want. Well, you can find answers from everything, including computer programs, DevOps, and databases, but you must pay to access this specialized level. This indicates that the answers you receive are superior to those on Quora, which experts do not necessarily handle.

15. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a rapidly expanding alternative to Quora that provides answers to questions submitted on varied topics ranging from gaming and photography to culinary and software development. In comparison to Quora’s broad and general approach to answering pressing questions, Stack Exchange positions itself as a knowledge exchange where academics and programmers may converse. This is one of the best Quora alternatives.

Photographers may share knowledge with other experts regarding how to improve their work. The online network’s reputation system lets it to self-regulate, and it likes that questions go swiftly from being asked to being answered and then closed. Compared to Quora, which enables more responses long after you’ve received the desired response, there is no need for additional responses once you’ve had the desired answer. Stack Exchange maintains brevity and conciseness.

Conclusion: Quora Alternatives 2022

Whether you’ve a question or want to start a discussion thread, question and answer sites provide a platform to ask your concerns and receive responses. The advantage is that it is much faster than looking for information through books and other platforms because you can always ask for more answers and receive more responses from a larger community. Of course, Quora has restrictions, but these 12+ Quora alternatives may accomplish the same, if not more, to assist you in obtaining all you want. In addition, you may demonstrate your abilities, make new friends, and exchange knowledge with experts.

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