19 Best PrimeWire Alternatives To Watch Movies and TV Shows

This article is regarding PrimeWire, down?, PrimeWire alternatives Reddit, and sites like PrimeWire Reddit. The rise of streaming services is evidence of a shift in content consumption. The shift from traditional to digital mediums has resulted in a complete rethinking of how we watch movies, TV shows, sporting events, and other forms of entertainment content. Unfortunately, while premium streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu have taken center stage, many free streaming services have been a real pain for them.

Why? Because netizens do not want to spend $40-$50 on various streaming services when they can get HD content for free. PrimeWire has made a name for itself as one of the most popular free streaming platforms. Users enjoy streaming on this platform because they have free access to all of the best content in the highest quality. Viewers can watch the latest titles from popular franchises such as Transformers, Star Wars, Avengers, Fast & Furious 7, Terminator, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

What Is PrimeWire?

PrimeWires is an online streaming site that allows users to watch the most recent movies and TV shows. In contrast to its sibling, which is well-known for its music streaming services. PrimeWi is one of the most comprehensive platforms available, providing users with a complete media streaming experience.

How To Access PrimeWire?

You can gain access to PrimeWires in a variety of ways. If you search for the term ‘PrimeWire,’ you’ll most likely find the website on the first page of results. It’s recommended that you use a VPN before accessing the website. A VPN will assist you in protecting your data from hackers.

Why Should You Stream On PrimeWire?

PrimeWires is popular because it is jam-packed with content. On this platform, you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows. PrimeWi literally has it all, from trending content to top-rated IMDb content. In addition, the website is kept up to date and updated every other week, so you can discover thousands of titles while still discovering new content every week.

Content Filter

Sure, as a new streamer, the sheer number of titles available on the homepage can be overwhelming. However, with user-friendly features like the Content filter, you can quickly sort content. The content filter can be used to sort content in a variety of ways. Using options such as ‘Last Added,’ ‘Most Viewed,’ ‘Name,’ ‘IMDb,’ and ‘Release Year’ is one example. Not only that, but you can also sort by ‘Quality,’ ‘Content-Type,’ ‘Subtitles,’ ‘Genres,’ and ‘Countries.’

Mesmerizing Aesthetics

One of the best dark-themed websites I’ve come across in a long time. PrimeWires is not only visually appealing, but it is also technically sound. You certainly get off to a good start with a mesmerizing Thor banner in the hero section. The red and white color scheme is unremarkable, but the crimson red helps this website stand out from the ‘blood-red’ used by many popular free and premium streaming networks.


This website’s design has piqued my interest. The dark theme and the sharp Thor banner immediately catch your attention when you visit the landing page. The crimson red, and white color scheme complements the dark layout nicely. The menus, content sections, and other elements all contribute significantly to your overall browsing and streaming experience.

Rating Based Search Option

While many websites scream the latest movies on their homepage, only a few are capable of providing a genuine experience. With PrimeWire, you can watch all of the critically acclaimed movies and TV shows by referring to the website’s ratings. In addition, you can check various titles, sort them using filters, and then start streaming with ease using the built-in player.

Hero Section

In the background of the hero section, there is an intriguing static banner, as well as seven sliding banners. These are mostly made up of the most recent movies and are updated on a regular basis. Unfortunately, when you visit the website, you will most likely come across various offers and banners that are hideous because they do not match the visual tone of the website.


The website’s header section has nine options to the left: ‘Home,’ ‘Genres,’ ‘Release,’ ‘Country,’ ‘Last Added,’ ‘Movies,’ ‘TV-Series,’ ‘Top IMDb,’ and ‘Top Watched.’ You’ll find two more options and a CTA button to the right, titled ‘Feedback,’ ‘Filter,’ and ‘Buy Premium.’


The footer section of is the most basic. There is a newsletter bar at the top, followed by four navigation options: ‘Home,’ ‘Sitemap,’ ‘DMCA,’ and ‘Other Brands.’ It looks spotless because of the black-and-white background-text combination, which is complemented by a crimson red accent.


Thumbnails abound in the body section. A single row can contain up to nine thumbnails. Under the Most-Watched section, you can select between ‘TV Shows’ and ‘Movies.’ If you want to check at different titles, you can click the ‘More’ button on the right. Overall, there’s a lot of content in this section, but it’s been organized very well, so it doesn’t feel crowded.


On, there is no shortage of content. If you were to judge the content strength based on the homepage, you would be quite pleased with what it has to offer. So let’s take a glance at some of the most popular content on this site.

Inner Pages, unlike EuropixHD, has a player that appears to be modern. There is a large in-built stream player that pulls content from credible links. Various server options can be found under the stream. In addition, there are options such as ‘Episode,’ ‘Season,’ and ‘Schedule’ under that.

PrimeWire TV Shows

Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, The Walking Dead, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Supernatural, The Flash, The Blacklist, How to Get Away with Murder, Transplant, Harley Quinn, Top Chef, Super Dragon Ball Heroes, The Profit, Bloom, Brew Brothers, Ocean Girl, Tommy, and Station 19 are among the PrimeWire TV shows.

PrimeWire Movies

My Spy, Bloodshot, The Invisible Man, The Gentleman, Like a Boss, Underwater, Sonic: The Hedgehog, Birds of Prey, Bad Boys for Life, Dolittle, 1917, The Gentlemen, Jumanji: The Next Level, Gretel & Hansel, Sonic: The Hedgehog, Birds of Prey, Bad Boys for Life, Dolittle, 1917, The Gentlemen, Jumanji: The Next Level, Gretel & Hansel Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Red Dragon, Smiling Friends, The Hand Bag, 8 Slices, Shaft, Troll 2, and Knives Out are among the PrimeWire Movies.

Plans & Pricing

While is a free streaming website, it also has a premium package if you want to avoid ads. There are four different plans available: $5/month, $13/quarterly, $25/half-yearly, and $45/yearly.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

The developers did not throw hundreds of links at you but rather provided you with 3-4 of the best working links. I tested the majority of the links for multiple titles, and they all appeared to work properly. As a result, let us give credit where credit is due: PrimeWire has commendable streaming capabilities.

My Suggestions For PrimeWire

While I agree that charging a premium fee for an ad-free experience is a good idea, the current browsing experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. There are a plethora of misclicks and notifications protruding from every nook and cranny. All of this is sufficient to irritate a user.

Is PrimeWire Illegal?

Is PrimeWire legal? No, PrimeWire is not legal in the majority of countries (there are some exceptions, though). This is because streaming services frequently facilitate illegally downloading TV shows or movies, which violates copyright laws.

What Happened To PrimeWire?

What happened to PrimeWire? PrimeWire is no longer accessible via its unique domain name. The good news is that there are numerous other fantastic online streaming destinations where you can watch the most recent movies. LetMeWatchThis was founded more than five years before PrimeWire.

Is It Safe To Use PrimeWire?

Most countries consider sites like PrimeWire to be illegal. This is because malware, such as adware and viruses, is frequently found on PrimeWire and similar websites. In addition, these websites are frequently only accessible via mirrors, which means you could be tracked or your data were stolen.

PrimeWire Unblocked 2021: What Are PrimeWire Proxy And Mirror Sites?

The PrimeWire Proxy and mirrors are the best options to get PrimeWire unblocked 2021.

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19 Best PrimeWire Alternatives – Sites like PrimeWire

Due to illegal content, PrimeWire, like many other free movie streaming sites, may be blocked in some countries by ISPs or governments. Well, As a result, you may not be able to find them, which is why we have listed PrimeWire Alternatives – Sites like PrimeWire that you can use to watch movies and TV shows online for free if down.

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1. Niter

PrimeWire Alternatives

Niter, great PrimeWire alternatives, has a very friendly and easy-to-use user interface. It has the most recent collection of movies in all genres. All movies are available for free. The site also includes categories for the most recent news and the most recent site movies, making it one of the best sites like PrimeWire.


2. Peacock

PrimeWire Alternatives

Peacock TV is NBC’s new streaming platform, which has exploded onto the scene since its debut in July 2020. This streaming service has it all, whether it’s movies, TV shows, or live TV! Peacock TV offers an excellent free plan as well as premium tiers with additional content options.


3. Putlocker

PrimeWire Alternatives

You’re going to adore this site! The Putlocker allows you to stream TV shows and movies for free and even download your favorites in HD quality. You can find your favorites by categorizing them according to the genres. Putlocker is a completely free movie streaming site with no signup required and few to no ads so that you will have an amazing experience streaming movies. Movies are streamed in high definition, with some even in full HD 1080p. It has a large collection of movies and TV shows, as well as a large collection of Chinese movies. It is one of the most effective PrimeWire alternatives.


4. 123Movies

PrimeWire Alternatives

The 123Movies is a popular online movie streaming site that offers movies and TV shows. Well, The content is not hosted on the 123Movies website but is instead made available through third-party websites. It makes a wide range of genres, including cartoons, anime, and Asian dramas, making it an excellent PrimeWire alternative. Similar to PrimeWire, if your favorite content is not available there, then you have the option to request it from its developers.


5. Vumoo

PrimeWire Alternatives

Vumoo has an excellent user interface and is an excellent resource for watching movies and TV shows. In addition, the Vumoo is a great addition to our list of PrimeWire alternatives due to its lower ad frequency and smooth playback.


6. SolarMovie

PrimeWire Alternatives

The SolarMovie has been considered as one of the best PrimeWire alternatives, with features that have helped it become one of the most popular movies streaming sites, among others. This site also includes all of the important information about the movie, such as its IMDB rating, keywords, description, and more. In addition, it has a simple interface that allows you to easily search for and download your favourite movies and TV shows from the site. All in all, SolarMovie is one of the best sites like PrimeWire.


7. Hulu

PrimeWire Alternatives

The Hulu is an online media streaming platform that provides unlimited instant streaming of the most recent and classic TV shows and hit movies. Hulu gives you access to the world’s largest streaming library with no advertisements. In addition, you can watch movies offline by downloading them. Hulu offers live TV with over 65 top channels. In addition, it offers 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage and the ability to record movies of your choice.


8. Cineb

PrimeWire Alternatives

Although Cineb is a newer streaming option on this list, it is a great PrimeWire alternative. Our expectations were exceeded by the content selection, link quality, and playback experience!


9. IMDb TV

PrimeWire Alternatives

IMDb TV is Amazon’s most popular and free streaming service. They do not charge the user to watch, and it shows a minute of display advertisements throughout the movie. Before you can stream anything from this movie streaming site, you must first register. IMDb TV is another one of the best PrimeWire alternatives.


10. Vudu

PrimeWire Alternatives

Vudu is a Chromecast app that helps you access a library of free content, allowing you to watch any Signup. It is popular because you only have to pay for what you see. Well, This PrimeWire alternative movie streaming service is only available in the United States. It offers free titles that are rotated every week. Vudu users can scan their Blu-ray or DVDs and convert them into digital movies. You can even watch a slew of blockbuster movies for free. In addition, it connects to a cloud-based digital locker, allowing you to keep all of your movies in one place for easier management.


11. Tubi TV

PrimeWire Alternatives

Tubi TV is yet another free PrimeWire alternative that allows you to watch movies without requiring a subscription. You can look for your favorite movies in high definition. In addition, it enables you to watch live channels such as BabyFirst TV, Dove Channel, CONtv, and others. The collection section contains classic movies.


12. Moviefone

PrimeWire Alternatives

The site is intended for those who are not looking for a specific movie to watch but rather for a platform that recommends something interesting and new to watch. It has a simple and easy-to-use user interface. The Moviefone website is a fun streaming site that will recommend a random title to watch. There are also new TV shows and movies available.


13. Netflix

PrimeWire Alternatives

Netflix is a well-known Chromecast app that is available all over the world. Another strong competitor of PrimeWire, it provides dedicated users with high-quality Web series and movies. Netflix provides high-quality original content in a variety of languages. In addition, it allows for ad-free streaming.


14. Vmovee

PrimeWire Alternatives

The Vmovee offers a large number of free movies and TV shows without requiring you to sign up for a subscription. Movies and TV shows are also regularly updated in this app. No registration is required. Movies, TV shows, and TV series are updated with the most recent and most-watched updates. Vmovee gives you access to the most recent movies and TV shows.


15. Popcornflix

It’s one of the most popular PrimeWire alternatives among users. Popcornflix is well-known for regularly updating its titles and TV show episodes, and it offers some of the highest quality streaming available. In addition, it has a large selection of free movies and TV shows. There is no need for a login or subscriptions. Here, The application can be used on multiple devices. Popcornflix features the most recent shows and movies. It’s available in over 60 countries. Overall, one of the best sites like PrimeWire.


16. Crackle

Crackle is a streaming service that allows users to sign up for a free account. It gives you access to hundreds of popular movies and TV shows and helps you to easily add titles to your watchlist. By entering a code, users can activate it on any new device. Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Xbox One, Roku, and PlayStation devices are all supported.


17. Youtube

YouTube reigns supreme as the most popular video-sharing platform. It has a large audience that watches, likes, comments on, and uploads videos. It also allows you to access the video on your desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. These platforms provide access to a wide range of content. For example, it shows live sports and popular shows. In addition, users have access to an unlimited amount of DVR storage space.


18. YesMovies

YesMovies, with millions of visitors each month, is one of the most popular streaming sites for watching movies and TV shows online. Because of its content selection, playback, categories, updates, and other features, this is an excellent PrimeWire alternative.


19. GoStream

GoStream Movies is one of the best PrimeWire alternatives that provide the most recent movies based on genre, number of views, and IMDB rating. It also offers copyrighted content available to people all over the internet for free. All in all, GoStream is one of the best sites like PrimeWire.


Final Words: PrimeWire Alternatives

With so many PrimeWire alternatives, there is no way you won’t find your favorite free online movie streaming site! All of the providers have slightly different options and qualities, so try them all and see what works for you before deciding which one is the best for you! The best thing about all of these movie streaming sites is that they are all free and secure to use. The only drawbacks could be slow loading times and advertisements! Well, The only thing left to do is decide what to watch tonight, pop some popcorn, and enjoy yourself!

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