16 Best PowerPoint Alternatives For Presentations

We utilize presentation software daily to represent our thinking. When we weary of developing with the same template and design, we look for some new, free PowerPoint alternatives. It will break up the monotony of work and stimulate greater performance in the particular subject. When you utilize cloud-based presentation software, you can collaborate with your colleagues. A single representational image is equivalent to millions of words. You will aid your audience’s comprehension if you represent your works with infographics, photographs, charts, and maps. Therefore, we will review various free presentation tools as alternatives to PowerPoint.

16 Best PowerPoint Alternatives

Microsoft PowerPoint has various restrictions, but cloud-based free presentation software has added a new dimension to solve this issue. Therefore, we will investigate free alternatives to PowerPoint.


1. Prezi

PowerPoint Alternatives

Prezi is the proprietor of the amazing presentation software utilized online. It is easy, free presentation software that offers a million customizable layouts. Converting Microsoft PowerPoint to Prezi is simple. Due to the online visibility of any topic, it is the ideal choice for many online designers and educators. It is cloud-based, free presentation software that permits panning and zooming of every page without creating the impression of a slide change.

People choose Prezi as an alternative to PowerPoint due to the software’s frequent updates. Students and teachers are the primary users of class tutorial preparation. The most captivating and wide canvas makes teaching more engaging and applicable. Similar to PowerPoint, you may add any text, video, and audio. Prezi is a popular presentation tool. This presentation software is utilized by the teacher, keynote speaker, organizations, students, and online marketers to make collaboration.

2. Visme

PowerPoint Alternatives

Visme is an exceptional software for accomplishing the same function as Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a fantastic tool for creating visually captivating narratives through presentations, infographics, etc. This specialized productivity tool may be used to create your portfolio, product design, class presentation, and lecture. The software aims to make design effortless for everyone. Graphs, maps, and infographics are its primary features. In addition, Visme enables the online creation of professional infographics and presentations.

Visme can meet your presentation design needs by customizing over 1000 presentation templates. Then, you may change the configuration within a minute to match your style. The UI is comparable to other PowerPoint alternatives. The best alternatives to Visme software include Prezi, Keynote, Slides, and Slidebean.

3. Adobe Spark

PowerPoint Alternatives

Adobe Spark is a great presentation software that transforms your ideas into a visually captivating narrative. It is an excellent tool for creating social images, web pages, and short videos in less than one minute. In social graphics, you may rapidly design your work using filters, images, designs, and text, among other features. You may create a magazine-style presentation with a beautiful introduction to amaze your audience. You may add video clips, symbols, voice, and professional quality to the short video to make it more professional.

Adobe Spark’s goal is to create simple creative, and beautiful results. It is not necessary to be a designer to design this software presentation. This free presentation software’s structural plan is free for inexperienced users. In addition, this software may be utilized as a style by business students and teachers.

4. Keynote

Apple keynote is another excellent free presentation software that may be useful for creative people. With this impressive presentation tool, you can create diagrams and graphics on an iPad. This original PowerPoint alternative is a component of the iWork suite. It is readily customizable, and more than 30 themes are available.

Keynote is renowned for its beautiful and simplified templates. Your design may be integrated with iCloud. It offers the most convenient sharing function; you may share this presentation with anyone. The alternatives to Keynote software are Microsoft PowerPoint, Slides, Slidebean, Zoho Show, and Google Slides.

5. Slidebean

Slidebean is a free alternative to PowerPoint for creating slides with a professional appearance. It designs the presentation with the use of artificial intelligence. You may utilize this software if you wish to bypass the complicated procedure of creating slides. This free presentation software allows the user to effortlessly add images, create titles and graphs and text, and make the outline. On the other side, you can select a free template from Slidebean to do your work.

Slidebean offers an innovative presentation for creating presentations. It is really quick and time-saving. The presentation software is appropriate for busy users such as business professionals, organizations, and portfolio creators. The best Slidebean alternatives include Zoho Show, Google Slides, Canva, and

6. Slides

It is cloud-based, user-friendly presentation software considered one of the best PowerPoint alternatives. It permits adding background images, themes, and rapid collaboration using the available features. In addition, you may utilize the template of another individual. However, you should not mistake Slides with

Slides is for creative designers and users who wish to create a position with flexibility and independence. Because it is open-source, you can access JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for your presentation. In addition, since this is an open-source and cloud-based online presentation, any team member can collaborate and edit the presentation. Canva, Slidebean, Zoho Show, and Google Slides are the best alternatives to Slides.

7. Google Slides

The majority of people consider Google Slide to be one of the best alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint. It is completely free to utilize G Suite. It is accessible everywhere and at any time, but only with your Gmail ID. The Google slide design is straightforward and user-easy. Hundreds of team members in various colors will fulfill all of your specifications.

Google slide’s user interface is friendly and adaptable. It is the best method for enhancing your cloud-based online presentation. You may pick the usual themes and easily enter text and images. Moreover, it is a Google product. Anyone who needs a free cloud-based online presentation can utilize it. Therefore, it is one of the best free alternatives to PowerPoint that supports real-time collaboration.

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8. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is wonderful, free presentation software that enables you to collaborate, broadcast, and create presentations. A presentation hosted in the cloud also offers an offline option. It is between Microsoft PowerPoint and LibreOffice. Similar to LibreOffice, it is completely free, but if you want to utilize the more complex features, you must pay, like with Office 365. Therefore, it is a linear PowerPoint alternative.

Zoho Show is flawless presentation software. Online collaboration with your team can increase its efficiency. Zoho Show is a broadcasting presentation software that needs expert-level knowledge. This cloud-based presentation software may be used for large corporate deals, online instruction, and teamwork. Microsoft Sway, Google Slides, Canva, and are the best alternatives to Zoho Show.

9. lets you create a more effective presentation in one minute. If you are in a rush and have no time to design your presentation, you may use this free presentation software to create and present your work efficiently. In a twist, we might refer to it as one of the best alternatives to PowerPoint. Designs are controlled with the use of artificial intelligence. This cloud-based online presentation provides minimal customization options. offers more than sixty intelligent templates. As with PowerPoint, you may design your template, add images, and change the arrangement of boxes and margins. In addition, intelligent models will assist you in communicating more information than any free online presentation software. The best alternatives to include Microsoft Sway, Powtoon, Haiku Deck, and LibreOffice Impress.

10. Canva

Canva is a good and easy-to-use PowerPoint audit software that can be used for simple design, picture design, and presentation design. It provides many free features, animations, and images. In addition, you will receive more than one hundred free templates that may meet your needs. However, the pro version is required for advanced features like premium layouts, icons, and images.

It is the best alternative to free photo editing software due to its ability to edit and design various types of photographs. Canva allows users to create book covers, magazine covers, posters, resumes, and menu cards. This free cloud-based online presentation software may be utilized to create image-centric presentations. Microsoft Sway,, Powtoon, and Haiku Deck are the best alternatives to the Canva presentation.

11. Powtoon

You may create animated presentations, stories, and videos for your audience with Powtoon. This will make your presentation more vibrant and professional. Numerous large corporations, like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks, utilize this free online presentation software to create their designs. Due to the drag-and-drop functionality, you can create a presentation within twenty minutes.

Powtoon is used to collaborate online with teammates. This portal’s design and modification are straightforward. Powtoon is one of the best alternatives to software for a whiteboard animation. Haiku Deck, LibreOffice Impress, Swipe, and Deckset are the best Powtoon alternatives.

12. Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is the best free alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software. It forecasts your content more than your design. Similar to PowerPoint, you may intelligently add images, links, and text. In addition, it is easy to transform a couple of notes into more insightful information.

Microsoft Sway is the better alternative for Microsoft PowerPoint. You may collaborate with your Hotmail and Outlook accounts using this cloud-based online app. With an Office 365 account, you will receive this software for free. Students, teachers, and company owners may use this PowerPoint alternative. Powtoon, Haiku Deck, LibreOffice Impress, and Swipe are the best Microsoft Sway alternatives.

13. LibreOffice Impress

LibreOffice Impress is cloud-based presentation software that may be online for you. You may include charts, maps, texts, objects, and other elements in your design. It might be considered one of the best Microsoft Office alternatives. Over the years, it has vastly improved. It was designed for Linux operating systems but supported all platforms. LibreOffice Impress is cross-platform, open-source software. Swipe, Deckset, PowerPoint Online, and SlideDog are the best LibreOffice Impress alternatives.

14. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck enables you to make and design a simple presentation using the iPhone, iPad, and other Apple-enabled devices. All the best tools for students to use to simplify their messages. This presentation software includes numerous optimization tools; however, it is not as productive as PowerPoint. You may represent your data using the pie and bar charts. Elegant presentation software that is free and based on templates is Haiku Deck. More than 35 themes and 35 million stock photos are available inside the model. The best alternatives to Haiku Deck are LibreOffice Impress, Swipe, and Deckset.

15. Vyond

Vyond allows you to create animated video presentations in a way that has been shown to boost learning retention. In addition, its animated components will convince consumers to attend your presentation rather than the latest celebrity news. Vyond is browser-based presentation software that is accessible on both Windows and Mac.

16. Swipe

Swipe is one of the most feature-rich PowerPoint alternatives for advanced features. You may add a PDF report, Vimeo or YouTube video, GIF, images, and text within one minute. The software is very customizable and measures your time. In addition, Swipe offers features not seen in any other free online presentation software. The best alternatives to Swipe include Deckset, PowerPoint Online, SlideDog, Sozi, and Emaze.

Conclusion: PowerPoint Alternatives

After reviewing several PowerPoint alternatives, you’ve identified the software that best meets your needs. However, before purchasing any solution, you should examine the best free presentation software. In addition, you may make the monthly package scheme, which eliminates financial risk. Nonetheless, which one is your favorite? Please leave your comments.

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