22 Best Pinterest Alternatives – Apps like Pinterest To Try

Pinterest is an excellent platform for sharing and following similar ideas. However, why limit yourself to a single image-sharing platform? You must provide alternatives to Pinterest to extend your idea. Therefore, we strive to develop an app like Pinterest for the inspiration of your art and design. Are you a photographer? Entertainer, designer, marketer, content developer, or food lover? You have your idea and will share it on social media sites like Pinterest. The more publicity you produce, the more you will share. Therefore, you should compile a collection of social sharing websites and apps. This article will inform you about websites and apps similar to Pinterest.

22 Best Pinterest Alternatives – Apps like Pinterest

This article will discuss the 22 best Pinterest alternatives to enrich your social sharing experience. Additionally, you may acquire intelligence from the most influential community. These are not similar to Pinterest; however, there is a brief description of other options. None of the apps like Pinterest are based on ranking; we create them randomly.


1. Tumblr

Pinterest Alternatives

Tumblr lets you instantly share text, images, quotes, links, chat, audio, and video. Pinterest-like microblogging and social networking service based in the United States. Tumblr is an easy-to-use platform for apps that cannot be represented in the text. It hosts more than 500 million blogs and has more than 500 million monthly visitors. Similar to Pinterest, Tumblr is an immediate photo-sharing app. Therefore, the parallel will provide you with several ideas for knowledge. It has gained popularity due to its simple sharing capabilities. To share content, you must first log in as a user.

2. We Heart It

Pinterest Alternatives

We Heart It is one of the best alternatives to Pinterest. The user can post pictures in numerous categories, like cuisine, entertainment, creativity, travel, etc. College students and adolescent girls dominate app and website usage. Additionally, young women enjoy this app. The We Heart It app is for you if you appreciate art and culture. However, this app like Pinterest, lacks the pin function. Instead, you will receive a heart button in State of the pin. The heart button on Android and iOS smartphones will help you discover your image. The magnitude of this image-sharing app’s community is tremendous.

3. PearlTrees

Pinterest Alternatives

PearlTrees offers similar apps like Pinterest, with little distinction. On Pinterest, you receive a board pin. However, here, you will receive pearls and trees. It allows you to investigate various forms of content. The user interface is functional but outdated in appearance. Other than pearls and trees, it is one of the best alternatives to Pinterest. PearlTrees is a platform for free image sharing. However, you may utilize the premium version for a monthly cost of $2.99. It may serve as all of your learning centers. With the browser extension, it can view various photos of URL documents and snippets. The free edition will have 1 GB of free storage space.

4. DudePins

Pinterest Alternatives

We Heart It is aimed at women, whereas DudePins is aimed at males. This alternative to Pinterest concentrates on men’s fashion and style, fitness inspiration, sports, and fashion. Its motto is “discover everything masculine.” The app is user-friendly, neat, and adorned with flowery motifs. DudePins is an intriguing website for males. The collection’s richness will entice guys. In addition, unlike We Heart It, DudePins wins the hearts of guys. However, it is not limited to women. You may use this image-sharing app as a woman.

5. Google Photos

Pinterest Alternatives

Google Photos is the world’s best photo sharing and storing service. You may store unlimited photos at no cost on our site. Well, it is considered one of the best alternatives to Pinterest because of its image hosting capacity. You can save up to 16-megapixel photos and videos with a 1080p quality. The number of users reached 1 billion in 2019. This app is accessible via Android, iOS, and all other platforms.

6. Dribbble

Pinterest Alternatives

Dribbble is a community of professional app designers. But the general public may also utilize this image-sharing alternative to Pinterest. This community is quite active in responding to any inquiries you may have. Dribbble is one of the best apps like Pinterest. Designers post various graphics, logos, and images in this forum. It has web, Android, and iOS apps.

7. Hometalk

Pinterest Alternatives

Hometalk is an app like Pinterest with a focus on the home. Here you will find a blend of DIY and design. There are several categories: yard, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. For each category, you will receive unique suggestions. In addition, the community will answer all your queries based on the subject of your post. Hometalk is one of the best alternatives to Pinterest for decorating your home. However, if you believe you require suggestions from the community, you will quickly reap the rewards. It will boost your efficiency and reduce your workload while developing homes.

8. FoodGawker

Pinterest Alternatives

FoodGawker is an app similar to Pinterest and a safe website for foodies. It provides several cuisine ideas and preparation techniques. In addition, they will find the internet cooking ideas for beginners to be beneficial. On the app, anybody may post their meal, but it will only be published after being reviewed by editors. FoodGawker is the largest app with incredible food ideas that have been overhauled. You can find a selected photo collection of culinary recipes, ingredients, and techniques. In addition, it contains several meal recipes compiled by food experts from throughout the world. The entirety of this site’s content is organized as breakfast, lunch, supper, vegan, etc.

9. Juxtapost

Pinterest Alternatives

Juxtapost is a site like Pinterest, although its features differ. Here you can find the button to obtain your collection of similar items. After obtaining membership, you will access several private forums to promote your content because the Juxtapost community is growing stronger. Juxtapost develops categories and communicates each idea with the precise person who needs it. You may save any content similar to Pinterest bookmarks. It has many other beneficial features that you may not be aware of.

10. Fancy

Pinterest Alternatives

Fancy is the platform for pricey personal items. It displays all items with an emphasis on current technology. Without leaving the center platform, you may purchase anything from this location. In addition to contemporary electronics, many more categories such as apparel, home, and art are accessible. If you are unable to resist the need to spend money and do not have the funds, you should switch to this app. Due to the categorization of its items, it might be considered a Pinterest alternative. However, it cannot substitute for reason. Instead, it may be used as a source of inspiration and knowledge. For example, if you want to give your significant other a gift, you may use this app to present information based on your budget.

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Pinterest Alternatives

NOTCOT is not comparable to the Pinterest app, but it will provide you with unique information about your ideas. We can make accounts and board pins on Pinterest. However, this app does not support account registration or creation. You will receive a large lot of ideas that are brilliantly classified. NOTCOT lacks all of Pinterest’s features, yet users adore it. It is an image-sharing site that will provide a sufficient number of suitable suggestions. You may find your desired topic after scrolling through many pictures.

12. Everplaces

Pinterest Alternatives

Everplaces is an excellent tool for trip planning. The users share their lodging, experience, hotel, and transportation experiences at various tourist destinations. Therefore, before reaching the actual area, you will get a great lot of experience and authentic knowledge that will qualify you as a tour guide. This app like Pinterest, allows you to find your desired holiday destination. Like the community, Everplaces use Pinterest to share their favorite cuisine, lodging, and sightseeing suggestions. On the site, you may discover famous destinations from across the globe. You can save the websites to your bookmarks if you like to learn more about each location. It will provide you with extensive social experience.

13. Godinterest

Godinterest Pinterest cannot be compared to anything else, yet it has some remarkable topics to discuss. It is a pretty new sharing platform. After registering, you may share your ideas and knowledge. Additionally, you can collect knowledge from this location. Discover the activities of other users to enrich your understanding.

14. 500px

500px is one of the best photo-sharing websites. As a Photographer, you may instantly grow here following your initial submission. To advance your career, you might professionally present yourself. Using statistics and pulse, you will gain insight into your performance and be able to compare it to that of the community. It is an app that connects over 15 million photographers. 500px is comparable to Pinterest in terms of functionality and user base. In the web app, users receive unique pictures selected by the editor. It will motivate you to take more photos. As a photographer, you must utilize an app like Pinterest.

15. Flipagram

Flipagram is an image-sharing app similar to Pinterest. You may easily share your knowledge, photos, videos, and contemporary music. It also provides community cooperation for the exchange of knowledge. Android and iOS apps are used to determine the web app.

16. Instagram

Facebook owns Instagram, the largest image-sharing social networking site in the world. This site’s Alexa ranking is 30. Almost all Instagram users have accounts to share images. Here, you will find numerous groups with whom you may share similar ideas. The app can be compared to Pinterest, but in reality, Instagram is superior.

17. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is one of the planet’s best and most extensive image-sharing websites. It is also considered an app like Pinterest because of its superior image collection. You will receive all photos under the based category. As a result, more children will be captivated by cartoon-like images. We may call this image WatchCartoonOnline. After logging in, you may join the most major community. Furthermore, it might be a source of inspiration for sharing your ideas.

18. Path

Path is a popular social networking website for sharing images and thoughts. If a buddy posts anything on this platform, you can quickly determine who is doing anything. It is a community-based knowledge-sharing platform that may be useful for expanding your knowledge. It is accessible in other languages, including English, Arabic, Nigerian, and French. This Pinterest alternative can be added to your collection.

19. Flickr

Flickr is one of the best free online photo storage services for preserving your image and sharing your online identity. In addition, it serves as a source of inspiration for those with similar views. This app, similar to Pinterest, allows users to showcase their knowledge in various categories. On this platform, the largest community trades their skills. More than two million individuals utilize this image share platform.

20. is an all-inclusive bookmark manager designed to preserve your knowledge. We may call it an alternative to Pinterest because of the bookmarking feature. It is a website built specifically for creative builders and developers. You can efficiently organize all of your pictures, similar to Pinterest. In addition, it is an amazing app for cooperation.

21. Piccsy

Piccsy’s brilliance can be summed up in three words: it’s like Pinterest. You may perform the same while searching for innovative, motivating, and attractive art images. Piccsy has a superior reputation in terms of content since its user base has an extraordinary preference for high-quality content. Piccsy likewise does not require registration before searching for artistic inspiration.

22. Designspiration

Designspiration is aimed at folks who are actively seeking design-related images. It is a site like Pinterest in the form of a feed that covers all areas of design for individuals in the creative industry. You may discover new artists on the web, share your ideas, and discuss your favorite works. This website’s dynamic search is one of its greatest advantages if you seek anything specialized. You may also create collections of your favorite products, similar to Pinterest boards.

Wrapping Up: Pinterest Alternatives

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for sharing and gaining community knowledge. As Pinterest alternatives, there are a great lot of websites and apps that are similar to Pinterest. However, finding a truly informed community is difficult. In addition, none of the apps offer image-sharing capabilities. Therefore, we sought out an app like Pinterest. Unfortunately, we could not elaborate on each app but have provided an accurate list. If you find the article useful, I will be satisfied.

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